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Birthday Boy

PAIRING: Peter Parker x Reader (Female)

(ANONYMOUS) REQUEST PROMPT: Reader spends time with Peter on his birthday.

WRITTEN BY: @spiderlingy / Krystal W.

WARNINGS: Extreme cuteness and fluff overload.




     “Happy Birthday, Parker.” you whispered from behind Peter’s ear, causing him to turn around from his school locker to face you with a radiant smile. You rose onto your toes to leave a red-lipstick print on his cheek, soon satisfied with his giggles.

     You brought the bouquet of lavish roses that were hidden from behind your back. “These are for you, birthday boy.

     Peter reached for the bouquet in your hands and brought it to his face, the heavy fragrant scent filling his nostrils.

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STICKERS LIST JANUARY 27, 2017 / heart / sunglasses / the eyes of dr. coppy / fancy advertisement / terrible scream / tumblr brand / speech bubble / slime bubble / thought bubble / “cringe” / “feeling this” / “feels” / “no” / “omg” / “?” / “same” / “the real me” / “us” / “what is reality” / “yes” / alien friend  / corgi dog / cat / jellyfish / tall fish / long fish / alien eyes / pretty hair / pretty eyes / cat ears / golden ring / satan cones / fancy bow / powdered wig / tall-hat / sobby eyes / drug glasses / vr helmet / friendly drone / secret file  / falling graph / rising graph / accusation / snow home  / chakra man / money stack / assorted moons / palm frond / eye of providence / rainbow / scented candle / spacetime continuum / garbage holder / webring / yin-yang / tombstone / banana / coffee cup / pizza slice / sushi roll / ramen bowl / food box / long bread / cupcake / egg / sparkling water / teapot / zodiacs of the sun / sky flare / geode flare / swimming pool flare / dreamer flare / rainbow flare / southwestern flare / red objects / blue objects / violet objects / yellow objects / aqua glow / indigo glow / ruby red glow / salmon glow / lemon glow / slime glow / charcoal glow / confetti (diagonal thrust) / confetti (vertical thrust) / web of ectoplasm / victory pennant / defeat pennant / math tunnel / wobble grid / impossible box / bubbles / FOR PHOTOS, FOR GIFS, FOR EVERYONE

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Hey everyone I have two services I run now the Witchery Cafe && My New Plant Shop. I will put both options in this post. They will be separated by a dotted line. Which ever one interests you just message me and let me know. Or if both interest you. PLEASE Read the rules for both services thank you !

Picture is mine for attention.
My New Plant Shop 🌱

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Types of mushrooms 

Flat Mushroom
Skinny Mushroom
Round Mushroom
Elegant Mushroom
Rare Mushroom
Famous Mushroom


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Please have your pockets completely empty
Please do not venture off on your own

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The Witchery Cafe ✨

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✨ Welcome to The Witchery Cafe ✨

Where you can order all of your food/sweets needs. -still partly under construction but allowing visitors for pre opening- adding more soon.

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This is how it works
I’ll post a menu of what you can order if anything interests you just comment/message what you want and your friend code (unless I already have you added) I will get it ready for you. May take me a few minutes to get it ready but you must pick up the item or items on the same day you comment/message.

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❤️Please do not run or steal anything !

New Items added to the menu please take a look <3
New And Updated Menu <3


- Tonkotsu Ramen
- Tantan-men Ramen

- Carbonara
- Peperonico
- Cod Roe
- Pesto genovese
- Squid Ink
- Regular pasta ( spaghetti ) 🍝

Whole pizza’s
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Different kinds you can get
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Shaved Ice
Types of shaved ice:
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- Caprese
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- Loaf

First Steps

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Chris Evans   

Pairing: Chris x Reader

Warnings: Death of a parent (mentioned) Death of Grandparents (mentioned), Implied smut, mostly it is just lots and lots of fluff.  

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: This is my second time writing for Chris and I am sure it won’t be the last. This is my entry for @paigeinastory’s Country Song Fic/Sentence Prompt Challenge. I had two prompts. The first was the song Dan + Shay - From the Ground Up and the other was the sentence: “Would you like children someday?”

Thanks a billion to @emilyevanston for being a sweetheart and betaing this for me.

DISCLAIMER: I honestly have no idea if Chris grandparents are still alive but for the sake of the story they passed. If they are alive and well I meant no disrespect nor do I have any ill will towards them.

A huge smile slide across your face as you pulled up in front of the small Boston house. Well it wasn’t exactly small, but it certainly wasn’t huge either. You loved it either way. You loved that it was a little outside the city, but this close to your husband’s family. You loved it was cosy and warm, filled with love and hopes for the future. More than anything you loved it’s history.

You hadn’t know it when Chris had first taken you here. You hadn’t even known his plans when he did.

“Chris, what it this place?” You asked with a confused frown gracing your features. “I thought we were staying at your mom’s place?”

“We are. I just want to show you something,” Chris smiled at you before getting out of the car. He ran around the vehicle to hold the door open for you. He always did that and still it never failed to make you smile. He was the only guy you had ever known that did that. Actually he did a lot of things for you, that no other guy had ever done for you. Like holding open doors, pulling out chairs, standing when you left the room. He was a gentleman. He was a huge goofball, but he never made you doubt how important you were to him. No matter if he showed you with his actions, small surprises he left for you in the morning when he went to the gym, with his words or with his touch. Chris made you feel loved and special. Hell he made you feel like the one woman in a crowded room filled with gorgeous actresses. He only ever wanted you and the feeling was mutual.

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Dreamy star sign aesthetics
  • Aries: fireflies emanating a warm soft glow, intricate golden jewelry boxes lined with velvet, sparkling rubies
  • Taurus: a bouquet of foxgloves violets and daisies, pollen illuminated by the gentle sunlight, turkish delights
  • Gemini: carpets of snowdrops and bluebells dancing in the breeze, soft rosy cheeks, a string of exquisite pearls
  • Cancer: sleeping in on rainy days, rose scented parchment, picnics by the river's edge where willows grow
  • Leo: marigolds basking in the golden sunlight, fiery red hair tied back with ribbon, reading dusty old tomes by candlelight
  • Virgo: collecting buttercups in a straw basket, delicate fairy wings, a golden crown adorned with opalescent gemstones
  • Libra: a glistening drop of dew falling from a rose petal, silk hooded capes, a silver necklace encrusted with emeralds
  • Scorpio: the bright stars reflecting on a still pond, a silver treasure chest filled with pearls and a magical spyglass, a lock of golden hair tucked into a small envelope
  • Sagittarius: a mysterious rose gold locket, roasting chestnuts on a roaring fire, wax sealed letters filled with secrets
  • Capricorn: a mossy glade bordered by toadstools and wildflowers, wishing on a shooting star, a crown of woodland flowers and leaves
  • Aquarius: the soft scent of violets after a sun shower, tiny envelopes filled with glitter and flower petals, a vial of fairy dust
  • Pisces: a silvery silk pouch brimming with sapphires and garnets, iridescent mermaid scales, stargazing on a chilly winter's night

anonymous asked:

How would Kuroo, Asahi, and Tanaka propose to their girlfriends?

i got a nasty cold that i was hoping would just be allergies, but that wasn’t the case. ε-(>.<;; hence, why updates were slower this week. sorry, about that, folks. i needed a little pick-me-up and used this for that reason

totally based tanaka’s on how my cousin recently proposed to his girlfriend, which was much cuter than his original plan, if you ask me


  • Basically, he pulls a Jim from The Office where he does something purposefully to make you think he’s going to propose but doesn’t to build suspense for when he actually proposes (i.e., getting down on one knee while saying your name, looking you in the eye, and then going to tie his shoe)
    • But he’s not going to propose at a gas station mini-mart, rest assured.
  • No, you’re at the monthly trivia night at your usual bar. As always, the two of you are way more into it than any of your friends are and you’re tied for first against the one team you always lose to at the last question of the night.
  • You’ve never been more pumped to write down the answer on the dry erase board at a moment’s notice. The game host gets his question card ready and makes everyone wait on baited breath.
    • “Last question of the night. For twenty points: ___…”—You look up at the host clearly confused—“will you marry, Kuroo Tetsurou?” And sure enough while you’re processing that this is actually happening Kuroo’s still sitting right beside you with the ring out.
  • While your giggling uncontrollably, you write down “Yes” on the white board and hold it up for everyone to see.
    • While everyone else is applauding the two of you and cheering, he’s sure to ask again in his own voice and you respond all the same.


  • You’re sure he’s already bought a ring, so it’s only a matter of time. Every time you think it might be the perfect chance, though, it doesn’t happen. But you know he’s not the spontaneous type; he’s going to have everything planned and do it in a very romantic setting.
  • It’s after a rough day at work and texting him the whole time, he offers to take you somewhere that will cheer you up once you get home. He doesn’t specify where, but when you ask him he answers with a, “Uh, it’s a… surprise…”
  • This and how clammy his hands are when you hold his on the way there is assurance enough that it’s happening now. Now you just have to wait and see how he does it.
  • It’s so simple, but beautiful: a picnic already set up at sunset into early evening at your favorite park.
  • You can tell he’s incredibly nervous, but he’s keeping it together very well. He takes your hands and thinks over what he’s going to say before slowly saying it. He’s not going to trip over his words and ruin the mood he’s set for the evening.
    • “I know I took longer than I should have to do this, but I needed the weather to warm up enough so that it didn’t get too cold after sunset. So, please, ___, will you marry me?”
    • And god, it’s so cute and sweet and that you start laughing and crying and that makes him start laugh and crying too. Somewhere in there you’ve managed to squeak out a yes.


  • He’s got this planned to a T. He’s going to propose while you’re at lunch with your parents—who are in on the plan—that afternoon.
  • He keeps the ring in his back pocket from the moment he gets dressed in the morning, which ends up being early for him. His excitement woke him up earlier than usual.
  • Tanaka’s ready for the day before you’ve even properly woken up. You’re still in your pajamas and somewhat sleepy while you prepare breakfast.
  • There’s no way he’s going to make it until lunch. The very sight of you makes him swell up with so many emotions. After only a few steps into the kitchen, he gets down on one knee right there despite your back being turned to him.
  • You hear his footsteps and turn to greet him sleepily only to be stopped mid-sentence by the sight of him kneeling and holding up little red box opened with a ring sparkling inside.
  • He doesn’t even say anything and you’re already nodding and trying to remember how to say yes.
    • “Will you m—”
    • “Yes.”
    • “C’mon. You’ve got to let me finish saying it first! ___, will you marry—”
    • “Yes!”
      • He can’t argue with you after that because you’ve tackled him to the ground in an embrace and keep shrieking “yes” with increasing excitement.
Three Simple Words

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Jungkook x Reader

Valentine’s Day Fluff


The Golden Maknae. That is the name given to Jungkook not only by his fellow members, but by Bangtan’s millions of fans across the world. Singing, dancing, rapping; Jungkook is good at it all. But if there is one thing Jungkook isn’t good at, it’s talking to girls. Especially beautiful girls; like you. From the moment you entered the classroom of Jungkook’s high school your beauty instantaneously captivated him. Jungkook had always hated school, but ever since he laid eyes on you he woke up each day with a smile on his face knowing he would soon see yours. The fact that the teacher assigned you to sit next to him seemed like a blessing in his eyes because otherwise, he wouldn’t have mustered up the courage to ever speak to you.

The first few times Jungkook made attempts to speak to you did not play out like they did in his mind. Before he could speak a word, he’d rehearse his lines repeatedly as if he were the lead in a play. No matter how many times he practiced speaking to you, it seemed as if the moment he opened his mouth all of the vocabulary that once filled his brain vanished from existence until a tonguetied mess was all that remained.

As the school year dragged on, study sessions, projects, and the countless assignments created an excuse for him to talk to you until it became second nature. From schoolwork to regular outings just for fun, Jungkook had the opportunity to know the real you; the one who left her friends and family behind to build a new life in a foreign country, the one who throws her head back in boisterous laughter because everything is “just that funny,” the one who goes out of her way to pet every puppy she meets on the street, the one who knows how to make the most out of every second given on this earth. With every second in your company, Jungkook fell deeper and deeper in love.

As your relationship with Jungkook blossomed, all the shyness that once consumed him melted away in your presence. Despite your foreign exchange student status, your Korean was essentially perfect due to your prior studies and having spent the summer before the upcoming school year in your new home. Jungkook knew Korean was not your first language, yet the fact that you knew Korean so well comforted him in the sense that he did not have to speak English in front of you. Grasping a new language is never an easy task. With Bangtan’s activities taking place at an international scale it was crucial for each member to know a few phrases in different languages to show their respect for the support of international fans. However, Jungkook wasn’t confident enough in his English to speak to you just yet. He knew how hard you worked to learn a completely foreign language. He wanted to be able to communicate with you in a way that would show you he cared.


Valentine’s Day. It was the perfect opportunity for Jungkook to shower you with dozens of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and sparkling jewelry. But to him, expensive gifts seemed too typical for such a special day like today. Material gifts were not enough to capture Jungkook’s true sentiments. Besides, the practice seems all too vain for his liking. He needed something true, something authentic, something as perfect as the love he feels for you in his heart. But what?

You have been best friends with Jungkook long enough to be used to his unpredictable schemes. Every day with Jungkook was a new adventure. Although you knew him better than anyone before, you still never quite knew what he had prepared for the two of you. That’s why when you opened the door to find a single red rose placed on your doorstep you knew Jungkook was up to something. You picked up the rose and opened the small note that came attached.

                                 “Papers, pencils, and tests galore

                                 Meet me at the first place we met

                                     There’s much more in store”

What are you up to now Jeon Jungkook? You grabbed your keys and coat as you rushed out into the frigid February afternoon. Starting the car, you waited a few minutes for the frost to melt off the windshield before making the trip to your old high school. The closer you got to your destination, the faster your heart began to race as your mind was sweeping with every possibility of what’s to come . As you walked into the school, the sound of your heels resonating through the empty hallways, you couldn’t help but feel as if time had stopped ticking after your graduation. You took in every last bit of nostalgia before entering your old homeroom. As you looked around at the worn out wooden desks your head became flooded with memories. Taking a step in, it was as if you could visualize the exact moment you first entered that room; the first time you saw Jungkook. The teacher had been in the middle of a lesson which induced Jungkook into a deep sleep. You couldn’t help but notice the inattentive boy as he continued to doze in and out consciousness. You giggled at his sleeping form as his head wobbled back and forth which happened to catch the teacher’s attention.

“Ya Jungkook-ah! This is no time to sleep. We have a new student in our midst” she said directing the class’s attention to you. Jungkook looked up as if the sight of you was enough to jolt him back to life.

“Annyeonghaseyo” you said timidly as you bowed to your new classmates. Introducing yourself to a large crowd made you uneasy so you kept it simple by stating your name and where you had moved from.

“Impressive Y/N” the teacher replied, “Well it seems that we only have one empty seat left in the class so you can situate yourself next to Jungkook over there.” After the teacher’s remark Jungkook was no longer the tired boy you saw when you first walked in. His nature did a complete 180 as you took your place next to him.

“I’m Y/N. It’s nice to meet you” you said to Jungkook.

“I’m uhh…Jungkook,” he said rubbing the back of his neck, “Umm….it’s nice to uh meet you too,” he quickly mumbled as he lowered his head.

You made your way to your old desk; the second seat in the third row and sat down as if to relive that exact moment. How much things have changed, you giggled at the thought.  As your mind came down from the clouds, you returned to the task at hand. Slowly, you opened the desk before you. Just as I suspected, you thought picking up another red rose. This time the card read:

                        “At this place I took a chance I could not miss

                                               A sweet, romantic walk

                                            Ended with a magical kiss”

The park, you remembered, practically jumping out of your seat. Gathering your things, you made your way to the exit for the next journey of the day. As much as you thought about it on the drive there, you were still unable to figure out what on earth got into Jungkook today. The roses were different from his previous surprises and this little scavenger hunt was unlike anything he has done before.  Still lost in thought, you exited the car and made your way to the park’s entrance. This was your go to place to relax and clear your mind when things just didn’t make sense. The cool, fresh air filled your lungs reminding you of the last time you were here. The day Jungkook broke down. You had made your way to the dorm late at night expecting to spend some much needed quality time with the boys. You knocked and knocked for what seemed to be twenty minutes and yet you were met with no answer. You tried the door finding it to be unlocked to your surprise. “Hello?” you called out but silence remained your only reply. Making your way through the dorm, you heard what seemed to be the faint sound of crying. Curious, you walked to the source of the sound and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Go away,” the familiar voice demanded.

“Jungkook?” you questioned. The heavy silence hung in the air like a cloud. “Jungkook are you alright?” You grew nervous at the ever present silence that consumed the dorm. It broke your heart to know that just on the other side of that door someone you loved was hurting tremendously. “Jungkook, I’m coming in” you said as you pushed the door open. To say you were shocked would be putting things too lightly. The always blissful boy with the bright, bunny smile was replaced with a tearful mess you couldn’t recognize. “Jungkook! What happened!?” you cried, the mere sight of his puffy, red eyes enough to bring you to tears. At the sight of you, he tried to compose himself but his rapid, shallow breaths got the best of him as you kneeled down to comfort him. “It’s okay. Shhh, it’s okay” you whispered, holding his head against your chest as you ran your fingers through his raven hair. “You’re okay Jungkook. You’re going to be okay” you continued, soothing Jungkook until he was calm. He lifted his head just enough to look at you, his eyes revealing the deep sorrow he still felt. “C’mon,” you said, taking his arms and helping him up. “I know the perfect remedy for a night like this.” Without a fight, Jungkook followed your lead as you took him to the park. You walked side by side, and for an hour not a single word was exchanged between the two of you. Without warning, Jungkook stopped walking. “Thank you,” he breathed, moving you towards him before wrapping you fully in his arms. “Thank you for being here. For always being here.” He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, and for a moment it felt like the world stopped spinning.

“I will always be here” you whispered, squeezing him just a bit tighter. Suddenly, you felt the warm touch of his soft lips against your blushing cheeks. With each tiny peck he became closer and closer to your lips until the two met.. You couldn’t deny that you hadn’t imagined this moment a billion times in your head, but the reality was better than you ever expected. Going into the night, kissing Jungkook wasn’t something you anticipated. It just happened. And for some reason you couldn’t explain, it felt right.

As you continued your walk around the park, you were once again met with the sight of a red rose.

                           “I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s day

                                            But the end is still not near

                                     I’ve got some things I want to say

                                               So meet me at the pier”

The fact that Jungkook had made you go to your old high school and the park made sense for they were both locations in which you shared some unforgettable memories. But you two had never gone to the pier. So why does he want me to go there? You questioned, but nevertheless obliged to his request. Afterall, nothing could satisfy your curiosity now, other than getting the answers to the questions you so desperately seeked. You drove for what seemed like hours, your lingering interest causing you to grow more impatient by the second. You parked the car just as the sun was beginning to set over the sparkling, blue ocean. The pier was a popular site for couples, but seeing as it was the middle of February the place was as good as deserted. The only sign of anyone being in the vicinity as of late was the trail of red roses that seemed to go one forever. You followed the trail of bright petals, little by little getting closer to the final destination.  The trail took you to the end of a dock, where a table stood covered in a silky red tablecloth, gold plated silverware and plates, glowing with the light of couple white candles. In the middle of it all was the final red rose.

                                        “I hope you were not able to

                                          See through my disguise

                                  This place is somewhat new to you

                                          But you’re in for a surprise”

The faint sound of footsteps approaching you caught your attention. You turned around immediately becoming mesmerized by the sight of your best friend, Jeon Jungkook, donning a brand new black suit with a red bow tie, matching the bouquet of roses in his hands. He continued walking towards you until you were just inches away from each other. “Jungkook” you muttered, completely losing your train of thought as he reached out his hand to gently caress the side of your face. You leaned into his touch, feeling a sense of passion consume your entire being. He watched as you closed your eyes, your reaction to his touch fueling his affection towards you. This was the moment Jungkook has been waiting for. Ever since the moment he first knew he loved you, he wanted this moment to be perfect. He was going to speak to you in English for the first time, knowing that he would make a lasting impression with these first words. Just before the final moments of sunlight that illuminated the world around you gave out, he lifted your head just enough for your eyes to meet his. After all this time he finally spoke the words he had been dying to say. 

“I love you.”

Hello! Twilight Sparkle here! I just thought I’d stop by and let you all know that the Ask Box is officially open! I’ll be doing a lot of studying this week (Divination quiz on Thursday), but my friends and I will do our best to answer any questions you might have about wizardry, guilds, the meaning of life… anything that makes you curious, really! I hope we’ll be able to help! *smiley face* 

-Wizard!Twilight Sparkle