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what y’all mean it’s already feb??

what valentINES??


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Different types of RPDR performers

The Britneys- High energy, lots of dancing/choreography, less emotional depth more feel good vibes. Full intentions are to slay you with surprising moves (death drops, splits, hair whips, ect)

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The Adeles- These performers prefer to move you in more subtle ways. They rely more on facial expressions and lyrics to keep you entertained. Every movement has meaning and they can snatch you bald with just one look.

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The Beyonces- The god tier of performers, these queens are the full package. They can do just about any type of performance and never disappoint. They will snatch you bald while also making you shed a tear.  

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The Katy Perrys- Attention seekers that think they’re better performers than they are. They will do just about anything to shock you and grab your attention. They don’t care if it makes sense or how well they execute a performance. All they care about is that, good or bad, people talked about it.

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