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Spirit workers, listen up! Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint a human spirit’s time period. Dates and years can become foreign concepts to them. A good way to find out this information is by simply asking “who is the president?” If you’re not American, asking about any country leader will work.

I’ve done this via Ouija board and spirit box. Works every time! Remember to be safe when doing spirit work 💜


What you’ll need : 

  • cinnamon
  • mint
  • clove
  • basil/cinnamon anointing oil
  • a crystal for prosperity like : malachite, citrine, moss, agate
  • a green candle 
  • paper and pen 
  • salt
  • bottle
  • cauldron or a fireproof container to burn the paper

Cast a circle if desired. (call the quarters and the Gods you might work with)

Put the herbs in the bottle, one at a time and visualize your goal while you do this.Think of the bills you need to pay, think of someone giving you money and the feelings this give you.After that write on the paper your goal or draw a sigil for prosperity and anoint it with the oil.Burn the paper in your cauldron and put the ashes on your bottle, then anoint the crystal with the oil and charge it with your intention.You can either keep it with you or put it in the bottle.Keep the bottle somewhere in your room and don’t throw it away until your spell has succeeded.


Imagine Stiles and Derek organising an eater egg hunt for all the children in Beacon Hills. Late at night or really early in the morning they hide chocolate eggs along the streets, in people’s mail boxes, on hedges, by lamp posts, on the bonnets of cars, everywhere. And when the children wake up the next day they’re ecstatic to see the eggs everywhere. Stiles and Derek never speak up about it or tell anyone that it’s them who do it every year, they keep it a surprise for the town and for the children to enjoy.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Piano

2.3k words, G rated 

This was written on an overnight train from Beijing to Shanghai, based on a prompt from @singing-fangirl. Albus visits Malfoy Manor for the first time and discovers that Scorpius is a pretty decent piano player. 

Thanks to @bounding-heart for betaing, as always. 

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Those Birthday Blues

Summary: After being let down by everyone else for his birthday dinner, Dan is downheartened but Phil is determined to cheer him up and make it a birthday to remember.

Genre: (Birthday) fluff, teenage!phan

Warnings: Occasional taboo

Word Count: 2.2k

(It sounds sad but the title doesn’t reflect it, it’s super fluffy and ends happily!)

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Today, I fucked up... by coming home late

I came home from prom around 2:30 am half asleep. Ended up getting lost as we had just moved into a new neighborhood a month before. Eventually found my way back knowing my parents would be kinda pissed cuz I told them I’d be back around midnight. I pull up into my driveway but for some reason the garage door wasn’t opening. I figure it was because I had trouble syncing the remote with the door a couple days ago so I tried the garage code. It didn’t work. At this point I was getting really frustrated especially given how tired I was. Ringing the doorbell seemed really tempting but I risked waking up my sister and making my parents more pissed. Then I remembered that my parents made me put the spare key in a box behind the hedges. The hedges seemed really big probably cuz my parents don’t give two shits about shrubbery, I don’t even think we own hedge clippers. Anyways, I crawled behind and started looking but it wasn’t there. I stood up and peered into the windows hoping to see someone still awake. Luckily, just then the porch lights turned on and I saw my parents staring at me from behind the curtains. Except they weren’t my parents. And this wasn’t my house.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

I feel FOR SURE that someone much smarter than me and with more energy/effort is going to disprove this but I just want to throw my headcanons out there for the way the Steven Universe locations are playing out!

So far it looks like the Strawberry Battlefield is somewhere in Norway (see the pink circle). The closest landmark I can think of looking at a close up map of where Buddy seemed to be aiming for is the Dekkjene Nature Preserve. Of course this is just conjecture, as we don’t know whether Buddy traveled further down the fjords inland eastward etc, however this location seems a fitting match for the sprawling green area depicted in the show!

The “Sand Castle” (one would assume the homeplace of the Desert Glass gem), would be, if one assumes the map to follow the major coastal outlines, somewhere in the Libyan Desert, which forms the North/North-Eastern part of the Sahara Desert (see the orange circle).

The Beta Kindergarten, as referenced in “It Could’ve Been Great” by Peridot while on the moon base, is the insertion point for the Cluster, and is cross referenced from this screenshot. 

Uh honestly it looks kind of like it could be right around Las Vegas! For real though, it’s more likely in the Death Valley National Park, as it has, and I google maps quote, “3.4 million acres of desert & mountains”. Seems about right for what we saw in Beta/Earthlings/Kindergarten Kid! (see the red circle). 

Not pictured on Jaime’s (I mean Buddy’s) map is the site of the gem ship, which we saw a map of in “Friend Ship”.

It looks like it’s riding the border between Venezuela and Colombia (closer to Colombia), south of the Lago de Maracaibo. (see the lilac box).

I would hedge my guess that since travel (done by car, train, and walking) between Beach City and the Prime Kindergarten seemed to take less than a day or so, that this point marked in the map is the Prime Kindergarten. It looks as if this point is slightly to the south-west of the Great Lakes Michigan & Erie, and the map seems to be tilted/skewed slightly, and I would more likely go with somewhere between Kansas/Iowa/Nebraska/Missouri. If we factor in travel time (it seems like Steven and Amethyst got on the train in the late morning, let’s say 10 am), and we estimate that after talking during the sunset, they spend the night on the train to arrive in the early morning, although light is hard to distinguish given how dark the Kindergarten is. I did a shitty look at an Amtrak train schedule between Ocean City (Beach City’s ROUGH equivalent) and Mt. Pleasant in Iowa (I’m being REALLLL rough here with location estimates folks), and it was approx. 35 hours travel time. HOWEVER, this was on passenger lines with stops and train switches. I’m Canadian and honestly couldn’t tell you what the baggage/industrial trains run at down there. Let’s say for the shows sake that they only take 20 hours and don’t have to switch trains, which would put them arriving at the Kindergarten at 6 am the following day. I want to mention that I’m assuming that since Steven is tired at the Kindergarten but not actually falling over, but says that he really wants to get home to sleep, that they’ve been up all night. SO! Let’s say that for our little shitty estimation situation sake going on up here ^ that the Prime Kindergarten exists in the South-East corner of Iowa. (see the green circle).

Referencing “Cheeseburger Backpack” with Garnet stating “it’s a three hour paddle home”, I’m going to put the Lunar Sea Spire here, off the coast kiiiiind of near Maryland. (see the light blue circle).

Since it didn’t seem that they were flying for a huge amount of time, I’m going to bet that the Galaxy Warp is the closer point marked on the map, however I could definitely be wrong here so it’s just my headcanon at this point with no further evidence! (see dark blue circle).

I want to say that the Sky Spire is likely here, as the landscape seen in “Giant Woman” suggests that they are in a mountainous region. Using the Moon Base map’s point for the location (not visible in Buddy’s map) and cross referencing with a real world map, if you look at the border between Laos and Burma and then run your eye straight north into China, that seems to be the best way to approximate the location, using the Brahmaputra River as a guide for how far east to look. (see Moon base map for the dark green circle).

And I’m just throwing a shot in the dark here, but I’m assuming that since Pearl thought Buddy for sure couldn’t fly, she wouldn’t have put the marking for the Sky Arena on his map. I would also like to think that since Connie doesn’t need to be wearing warm clothing while up in the sky arena that we are in a somewhat warm place. SO. I’m putting the Sky Arena here, on the south-eastern edge of Bolivia. (see the purple circle).

SO. That leaves us with 7 undesignated marks on Buddy’s Map and 6 on the Moon Base Map.

Anyone care to add their headcanons? :D