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The Signs and Memory

The Signs and Memory: My opinion on what I’ve noticed from each sign and my ranking. Check Sun, Moon and Mercury.

Scorpio: This sign has the best memory in the zodiac, it’s also one of the main reasons not to piss them off. Scorpios can use their abilities to recall events from decades back. Water signs are highly visual and Scorpios project this when they give you a very detailed description about any moment in their life. It does not matter how trivial the event may have been, it could have been the first time they encountered a favorite book or the time someone looked at them the wrong way. Trust them to paint you a very clear picture with their words, pulling the listener back to the moment that they felt something, whether it be a painful memory or a happy one.

Taurus: Scorpio’s sister sign is in second place. Very much like the Scorpio, you do not want to get on a Taurus’ bad side because they will not forget. These are natural artists and they will draw you a landscape of their memory. You will be lost in their visual process and expression. It may even come across through song or actions, but there will be a dramatic flare in the way they recant their tale. The bull is not afraid to hold on to what ails them and they will have no problem reminding people how they have been hurt.

Cancer: The loving crab might put on the happy persona for those that do not know them, but this is only to keep themselves guarded from being hurt. The shell protects them and it’s in their nature to be highly vigilant and observant because they know that deep inside they are sensitive and they are willing to do anything to preserve their hearts from aches and pain. They will keep a burn book in mind with the times people have let them down or have betrayed them. These people have strong memories, because they will forever be marked if hurt.

Virgo: The master organizer, critical and diligent. Trust this sign to remember every detailed moment in their lives. Their mind works like a library, they are able to pinpoint the exact book they are searching for on an obscure shelf. These are natural librarians and the memories are collectibles, guarded in the realm of their beautiful minds.

Capricorn: Defined by their admirable work ethic, this sign is also blessed with a strong memory. You have to know to be at your “A” game and Capricorn understands this. There memories are like flashcards, they are able to color coordinate and shuffle them in their mind. It is hard for them to miss any details because they are always on watch. Their successes are measured by how much time, how much energy and who has done what to help them thrive. If you’ve been there when they needed you, they will never forget.

Aquarius: The cool Aquarius will give off a blasé vibe about everything but they are always in the know. This is the sign to absorb the energy in every room they’ve been in, the people they meet and the vibe of the times. They won’t ever inform you that they know or remember but they are always aware. The Aquarius mind will travel back in time with pieces of the past, especially when they want to prove a point. Their mind works like a treasure box, filled with guarded heirlooms waiting to be revealed all in time.

Aries: Hot headed and their memories are like blocks of ice. Depending on the intensity, the ice melts to water and evaporates or it will stay frozen in time. Their memories melt away because the Aries normally never takes things to heart unless they have felt wronged. They react to extremely negative and positive things, never an in between. The Aries can become frigid and cold when they have been hurt; she can transform into the ice queen. Their memories will remain in a cold stasis until someone warms their heart up. They will recall a first kiss but will get lost with mundane memories. Those aren’t worth their time, only then extravagant and dramatic can occupy a space in their mind.

Sagittarius: Represented by freedom and being carefree, Sagittarius folks are always in motion. They can recall memories through their current experience. Traveling and hiking down a path from years before can trigger events. They will remember conflicts, but will easily move on from them if they were able to work things through. Not ones to hold grudges, they will easily float about and build on new meaningful memories with the people they love. As long as they are at peace with themselves, they can always go back and indulge in the past.

Leo: The mighty King of the jungle does not have time to focus on minor events in the past. Eternally consumed more with their own well being, it often becomes hard to become interested in things that do not involve them. Unless they had a key moment where they were sorely affected, you won’t get much out of their memory. A clash with a powerful adversary or a victory will remain in their thoughts. They will gladly tell you their hardships and how they have managed to thrive and survive. Much like Aries, the dramatic Leo will need a grandiose event for it to remain imprinted in their mind.

Libra: Life is a party and Libras are prepared. They will generally manipulate memories to favor theirs. Their memories can be considered shallow, lacking any depth. They will not delve deep into what has transpired into the past, just keep hold of the vague idea of an incident. Libras prefer to be stuck in their own lavish fantasy where they are the stars of the show. Injecting dramatic tidbits to make things more exciting.

Pisces: Dreaming is a full time job for Pisces. These people will give you the artistic visions of the Scorpio but with embellished areas. The memory will transform into a tale where the Pisces reigned victorious in a battle even if the memory was a pleasant one without any hardships. Trust them to be animated in their storytelling because they truly believe what they are sharing. The Pisces does not intend to divert from facts, but it’s just more interesting and entertaining to tell a story everyone might enjoy.

Gemini: Highly intelligent but their mind runs a marathon. It is hard for Gemini to recall events but they can tell you historical facts since they are masters of knowing a little bit of everything. When your mind is racing at 100 miles per hour, clouded with many thoughts, it’s hard for them to stay focused. There is an ongoing parade of powerful thoughts their mind on a daily basis. They will however, remember powerful moments in their lives and they will keep them close to their hearts, but ask them about the day to day and those thoughts are burned away. The Gemini is like the roadrunner, off to create and experience life with great speed.

Inktober. Day 6: Royal Guards
An experiment that I failed horribly by deciding to use actual ink and water with the wrong kind of paper and a wrong brush %)) But I also used my old japanese manga pens and it was fun)) I didn’t use them for years >>
But yeah, have a poorly drawn pic of domestic gay guards watching tv on sunday night =]

Into The Dark

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Words: 883

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

Warnings: None.

A/N: I’ve had this  idea for a while now, so I decided to write it and see where it goes. I  don’t have an exact pairing chosen just yet.

Into the Dark Series Masterlist  -  Chapter two

chapter 1

Y/N knew that her job would come with certain hazards, she worked for HYDRA, hazards were a given thing. Even then, being thrown into the middle of a superhero fight was not something she could have foreseen.

She adjusted her black backpack and hid behind a car, checking for any enemies. She grabbed an iron stick that had been forgotten by the car. She would need it if she encountered any agents. She hated it, fighting people, working for HYDRA, everything. She could feel the rejection her body had to the whole situation. She imagined herself dropping the stick and running away. Far from the airport, far from superheroes, labs, hell, even far from the country. But running away was not an option, she knew better. That would be selfish. Instead, she closed her eyes and shook her head, clearing her mind from such thoughts. She hold the stick tight and towards the jet. She had to do this.

She hurried keeping her body low, her hand that held the iron stick hiding in her back. She got the loading part of the jet and waited by the right side of the entrance. Two guards came out talking to each other. She hit the one closest to her in the head with the stick, knocking him out right away. She struck the other one before he could step out of his shock. She swiftly pushed the two unconscious guys to the side and made her way inside.

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Piece by Piece #7

Lance was escorted in a sort of peace offering to the rest of voltron. He disappeared off the balcony and reappeared moments later, walking down the steps of the castle, guards behind him as if he were royalty. Sheer hung from different parts of his body and flowed with every move, making him look regal. He wore thigh-highs that left nothing to the imagination, thin heels attached at his feet. He looked small, Lance was always small, but this was like he’d been starved for 7 months straight. He stopped at the top of the steps and pointed to Shiro with the his galra hand, flicking his wrist.

Instantly Shiro was released and on his feet, his hand humming with defensive power. He swiped around him so everyone would back off and in a second was running for Lance.

“Lance!” Shiro scooped up his friend in a hug,

The boy let out an ear-piercing scream and wriggled relentlessly, making Shiro drop him in shock. The blue paladin sat on the floor after he’d fallen from the black paladins grasp. The look on his face made Shiros gut clench and his heart drop. Lance was terrified, Lance was looking at him like he’d never seen Shiro before in his life, Lance was looking at Shiro like he was Lotor.

His chest was heaving up and down and Lance grasped at his heart, looking down to his hand as he leaned back on the other one. He shook his head of what seemed to be the dark thoughts and stood up, staring at Shiro.

He looked the man up and down, Shiro stood, unmoving, careful not to scare Lance again. Of course Lance would freak out, Shiro knew better than anyone what it was like to be put through those things and then be forced into physical contact, it was dreadful. Lance was reading Shiro like a map, memorizing every curve and every muscle, trying desperately to cling to any kind of recognition. He froze at Shiros galra hand and almost instantly reached for it. Shiro was startled and let the small man fiddle with his fingers. Lance put the palm of his robotic hand up to Shiros and let go with his human hand. There was a hum as it glowed to life, he looked to Shiros hand expectantly and The black paladin forced the purple to purr back into his palm. Lance stood there, looking at the hands blankly, Shiro not daring to pull away in fear of making the blue paladin feel bad.

If someone paid Shiro a million dollars, he wouldn’t be able to figure out even a trace of what was going through the small boys mind. Lances face shrivelled in disgust and he pulled away, letting his hand die and walking past Shiro. No sparing a glance.

The older man watched him, letting him walk past, cautiously dumb-founded.

Every galra soldier in the battalion knew who Lance was, Lance was lotor’s personal pet and if anyone so much as touched him, they’d be killed. Even in lotor’s death, he was special.

Pets were the lowest of the low, they were, as their name suggests, animals. Lance was like the crown jewel of pets, he was higher up than most galran generals in value. In the most twisted, possessive sense, Lotor loved the boy, in the same way you love a piece of jewelry, or a stuffed animal and want to show it off to your friends. Perhaps because of his worth, nobody shot at him, everybody stared hungrily at him. His owner was dead, so he was up for the taking, but if he were killed he’d be worthless.

He was, to say, untouchable.

The galra soldiers split as he walked over to Hunk. Nodding slightly to the men, making them get off of his friend. Hunk stood up, he saw the display with Shiro and it took every ounce of strength to not embrace his friend. He choked on a breath and started sobbing quietly, his shoulders convulsing as he stood in front of the blue paladin who shared a pitiful look. Hands came up to Hunks face, cupping his cheeks, lance looked at him lovingly, his thumbs brushing away tears. A soft hum came from Lance with a smile and hunk took a step forward to hug the Cuban boy, giving in to his need. Lance pulled away and flinched, whining gently. Hunk instantaneously backed away, putting his hands up in surrender. “Hey,” he cooed, Lance looked up, bringing his eyes to Hunk. “Hi.” He greeted the small man, Lance gave a cautious stare, before turning to slink away to the next paladin. Shiro walked up to Hunk and put a hand on his shoulder.

He didn’t wave for pidge to be freed, he walked right up to the green paladin who was suspended mid-air. Pidge looked at Lance with a pained expression, biting back tears. Lance reached up and brushed the hair out of her face curiously, she had a big forehead, nobody had ever noticed before because of her bangs. Lance smiled at the small girl and waved the guards to free her, he put his hand up and and waved one of the guards over, snapping his fingers. A bayard appeared, as an offering, to Lance. He picked it up and examined its green colour, handing it back to pidge, not letting go even as she put her hand on it, he cupped her hands and looked to her lovingly before turning away.


Lance was near tears as he walked up to Keith, all those months ago he had faked forgetting his friends, he knew who they were as Lotor listed their names on camera. Soon he wasn’t pretending, his memories were failing and blending and he clung to any grasp of sanity. He had nearly forgotten them. He smiled at Keith, running his fingers through the black hair. Keith leaned into the touch.

As hard as it would have gotten to remember, he always clung to something about each of his friends and Lance? Lance would know that mullet anywhere.

He moved towards Keith who was still held by galran soldiers. His forehead thudded gently against Keith’s, his hands hanging limply at his sides. Keith sat unmoving, there was a small part of him that was glad he was restrained, if he weren’t, he might not know how to react. He saw Lance convulse as the small blue paladin started crying silently, not even a whimper, as if he had practiced staying as quiet as possible. He sat there for at least a full minute, with his temple resting against Keith, crying, he pulled away and his eyes were a pink puffy mess. The red paladin had thought that they were just gentle sobs but somehow Lance had managed to turn into a blubbering mess without making a single noise. Lance turned to one of the guard behind him, sniffling and wiping at his tears.

Much to everyone’s amazement he started talking to them.

His hands making intricate movements, flashing different shapes and motions.

Lance was speaking sign language, Lance was speaking sign language fluently. The guard nodded in perfect understanding and turned to jog back to the castle. Lance turned and waved for the guards to drop Keith. Hunk walked over to Keith and greeted him again. “Hey, buddy.” Lance glanced over his shoulder at the yellow paladin who smiled and made a struggled face, as if he were trying desperately to remember anything his mind would provide. “Hi… my… name… is… hunk.” His hands were sloppy and slow, but he managed to make signs to the smaller man. Everyone watched the interaction in awe. He pointed to Shiro “this is.. s-h-i-” Lance smiled gratefully and clasped Hunks hands, he nodded. He signed Shiros name much quicker, and then pidges, then Keith’s. Hunk nodded slowly, squinting his eyes, desperately trying to keep up. Lance put a hand up to Hunks cheek gently and he gave it a gentle pat of reassurance. His hand came up to his own chin and was swung down in a quick movement. Hunk smiled back “your welcome.”

“Ok so… Lance speaks fluent sign language, is chummy with literally all of the galra, and Hunk can understand what he’s saying.” Pidge stepped forward, dumbfounded. “…what?” She sighed tiredly with exasperation.

Hunk smiled and turned to her. “My grandma was deaf.” He sloppily signed along, only putting in the odd word that he knew. “I had to pick up a bit here and there, so I could interact with her.” He looked back to Lance “it’s nothing compared to you, but at least I kind of know what your saying like 10% of the time?” Lance didn’t change his expression “I know you can hear me, so I don’t need to sign, but I need to learn it so I can know what you’re saying, how else am I going to learn, if not to practice?” Hunk only signed about 5 words in the entire interaction, but at least he was trying.

Lance turned back to the galra and started signing something again, hunk caught a few words and vocalized what he recognized. “Home… friends…” Lance turned back to Hunk and tapped his nose in a charades fashion. “Fight?” The guard nodded and walked off, almost instantly the first guard that had ran into the castle came out with a box. Lance caught the second guards attention and signed something to get him to stay. He reached for the box and the guard cautiously gave it to him. Lance grabbed the box and almost instantly his knees buckled and he fell under the weight of whatever the contents of the box were, grunting as his hips hit the ground.

“Lance!” Keith was almost instantly crouched beside his friend, everyone had lurched but he was the first one there. He picked up the box with a grunt and reached his hand out to help up his friend. Lance pushed away and stood up on shaky legs, cowering away from Keith instinctively covering his face with his hands so he could defend himself from being hit, in a second he stood up, realizing that he was fine. Keith scowled.

What had Lotor done to him? What had the prince done to Lance that made him this afraid and compliant. The lance he knew was fierce and chatty and stood for what he knew. This? This was a shell of the man he once fought beside.

…to be continued…

The Bin, the creep, and the dryer

A/N: 3.1K of Sin Bin logistics, guys being dudes, and dudes being gross. I couldn’t stop laughing writing parts of this. It’s ridiculous. I’m sorry.

“Dex. Dex.”

Dex cracked an eye open. He’d been asleep on the green monstrosity, post-kegster. The light coming through the window was thin and gray, and he could hear Bitty in the kitchen, humming softly as he washed dishes. Ransom and Holster were not yet acting as cleanup crew, so they were presumably still asleep. Nursey was across the room, curled in an armchair. They’d rock-paper-scissored for the couch. The victor had surprised no one.

Standing over Dex was Chowder, his brows pinched and his hands fidgeting at his sides. “Dex,” he whispered fiercely.

“Huh?” Dex asked, tucking a yawn into his elbow.

“Dex, the dryer’s broken again.”

Dex sighed and sat up. He ran a hand over his face, wiping sleep away. “Sorry, Chow. It’s the best I can do.”

“It’s making… noises.”

“Yeah. It’ll work as long as you don’t put too much in it.”

“Dex, it sounds like it’s going to catch fire.”

“I know. We’re only $700 away from a new one. $400, probably, after last night.” After much debate, it had been the first kegster where they’d charged an entrance fee.

“This is the third day I’ve worn this pair of boxers.”

Yeah, they really needed that cash.

Dex blinked slowly, shook his head, breathed through his nose. “Ok. First, gross. Second, I – gross. Third, the washer still works. Hang up your laundry. I have a drying rack in my dorm. I don’t really need it, so I’ll bring it over.”

Chowder looked about to cry. “Thank you, Dex.” He grabbed the back of Dex’s head and rushed forward to kiss both his cheeks. By the time Dex could protest, he was already bounding up the stairs, hopefully to get his dirty laundry and fucking wash it. Dex personally hoped the others followed his example. There’d been a certain ambiance around the haus the past week.

Dex would bring over the drying rack, but a single drying rack could not handle the laundry of a haus full of hockey players. It would be a temporary solution, a bandaid over a bullet wound. He’d have to find a way to get the money soon.

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Energy: Projective
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Deity: Selene
Associated Stones: Quartz Crystal, Holey Stones
Associated Metals: Lodestone, Meteorite
Powers: Protection, Defensive Magic, Strength, Healing, Grounding, Return of Stolen Goods

Magical/Ritual Lore:

Because iron is seldom found in pure form except in meteorites, the earliest iron available for use by humans was obtained from these strange celestial objects. Meteorites, which were observed falling from the heavens, were used to make simple tools, supplementing bone and stone implements by earlier humans.

Throughout most of the world, humans eventually learned how to remove iron from its ore, which made it available for wider use.

Once this occurred, it was soon limited to purely physical applications and was restricted in magic and religion. In ancient Greece, for example, no iron was brought into the temples. Roman priests could not be shaved or scraped with iron during bodily cleansing.

Ireland, Scotland, Finland, China, Korea, India, and other countries have severe taboos against iron. Again and again in ancient rituals fire was made without iron, altars built without its use, and magical rituals performed only after divesting the body of all traces of the metal.

Herbs were usually collected with non-iron knives, owing to the belief that the vibrations of this metal would “jam” or “confuse” the herb’s energies.

The Hindus once believed that the use of iron in buildings would spread epidemics, and, even to this day, a gift of iron in any form is thought by some to be unlucky.

However, iron did have its place in magic. Specifically, it was worn or used in protective rituals. Its powerful, projective vibrations were thought to be feared by demons, ghosts, fairies, genii and other fantastic creatures.

In China, dragons were thought to fear iron. When rain was needed, pieces of the metal were thrown into “dragon pools” to upset the creatures and send them into the sky in the form of rain clouds.

In old Scotland, iron was used to avert danger when a death had occurred in the house. Iron nails or knitting needles were thrust into every item of food-cheese, grain, meat and so on-to act as a lightning rod, attracting the confusing vibrations that death may arouse

within the living and thus sparing the food of possible contamination.

Classical Romans drove nails into their house walls to preserve their health, especially during times of plague.

Because of its protective effects iron was sometimes thought, conversely, to be sacred, and thieves in ancient Ireland wouldn’t dare to steal it.

Magical Uses:

Iron-pure projective power, active, seeking, blinding, confusing, guarding.

For heavy protection, place small pieces of iron in each room of the house or bury at the four comers of your property. In earlier times, iron fences were sometimes used to halt the flow of negativity into the home.

During protective or defensive magic, wear an iron ring engraved with the symbol of Mars. Or, obtain a three-inch thick white candle and eight old iron nails. Warm the nails by a fire (or in a red candle's flame), then thrust each into the white candle in a random pattern. Light the nail-studded candle and visualize yourself as guarded, protected, secure.

Wearing iron or carrying a small piece of this metal enhances physical strength and is an excellent talisman for athletes.

Iron is also used during healing rituals. A small piece is placed beneath the pillow at night. This was originally done to scare away the "demons" that had caused the disease but can be thought of as strengthening the body’s ability to heal itself.

Iron rings or bracelets are worn to draw out illnesses from the body. This dates back to at least ancient Roman times.

A curious ritual from Germany to cure toothache: Pour oil onto a piece of heated iron. The fumes which rise from the iron will act on the problem.

In old Scotland, healing stones-quartz crystals or holey stones were kept in iron boxes to guard against supernatural creatures who might steal them.

Iron is also worn for grounding, for closing down the psychic centers, and for impeding the flow of energy from the body. This, of course, isn’t the best during magical ritual but is fine when the subject is under psychic or emotional attack, is physically depleted or wishes to focus on physical matters.

Iron horseshoes and the nails that attach them to the hooves are ancient magical tools. They might have first been used in ancient Greece, where they were called seluna and were associated with the Moon and the goddess Selene.

A horseshoe hung in the home over the front door confers protection.

While theories differ as to the “proper” way to hang the horseshoe, I always place it points up. Ideally, it is to be nailed with three of its original nails.

An old iron horseshoe nail is sometimes bent into a ring (if you can find one long enough) and worn for luck and healing.

If you have had something stolen from you and have a fireplace handy, try this spell. Take a horseshoe nail that you’ve found by chance. Drive this into the fireplace, visualizing the stolen object returning to your home. It is done.

There are still magicians and Wiccans who remove all traces of iron from their bodies before working magic, but this custom is fading into oblivion.

unguarded-guards  asked:

How's does someone who's has a high sex drive still intimately connect with someone who's ace? Im looking for a good middle ground but I haven't found a good solution. I find it super interesting how she doesn't react to anything physical (if it sexual, or not) but it also make me nervous to think it's a sign of previous abuse. :(

There are aces who are sex positive, and/or have a high sex drive. 

Every couple has their differing preferences for sexual intimacy. It doesn’t suddenly become impossible when aces are in the picture. Compromise is something allos have to learn too.

- Fae

Chapter 14: Cuore Mio

Member: Vernon
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1972

Never in a million years did you think you would be in this situation. Sure, you fantasized it; everyone in your situation did. But never did you think that your fantasy would become your reality, and it was throwing you for a loop.

You were a huge Seventeen fan, knowing the songs and dances, the inside jokes, everything. You had always wished to meet them in person, specifically the member known as Vernon. He was your favorite, and when something new came out, you wouldn’t shut up about him. Your best friend began to feel tired and annoyed with your constant babble about “the most handsome being to come out of New York,” and decided to do something about that.

On your birthday, your best friend surprised you with two tickets to one of their fanmeets. You held the tickets and felt your heart swell. You hugged your friend with a few tears running down your cheeks.

“No one has ever done something like this for me! How did you… when… why?” Your best friend smiled.

“You were there for me when I needed you. I had to do this. And besides, that guy… Seungkwan? He’s cute, so why not.” She held your shoulders. “Don’t worry about the how or when, just be excited! In two weeks, you’ll meet your idols and then, you’ll shut up.” Your smile got bigger and bigger as they continued talking. You never thought this would happen to you, and you owed your best friend big time, you concluded.

Two weeks passed by in a breeze, and your excitement increased tenfold. On the day of the fanmeet, you were a bundle of nerves. All those metaphors about nervousness and excitement could be applied to you, and you were confident that you were going to absolutely insane. Your friend was thoroughly entertained by your nervousness.

“Why are you so antsy? They’re human beings. Sure, rich and handsome humans, but humans nonetheless.” You gave your friend a side eye glance.

“Exactly! They’re handsome, and oh, so talented! And you aren’t allowed to judge me! Remember when you almost passed out when you bumped into Charlie Puth in LA a while back?” Your friend sighed.

“Okay, but he’s Charlie Puth.”

“And they are Seventeen.”

“Point taken. Now stop mumbling and get dressed. We have to leave for the venue in an hour if we want to be able to breath in those crowds.” You agreed and went to get ready. You made sure you looked presentable, and grabbed the small gifts you had prepared for Seventeen, including the special bracelet you made for Vernon. With one of your album books you wanted to get signed, you were finally ready, hoping for something new to happen.

You two were over two hours early to the venue, and the area was already full to the brim with Carats. You were lost in the sea of fans wanting to meet their idols and hold their hands for two to three minutes max, before being ushered away.

“This is absolutely insane! So many people!” Your friend shouted. You could barely hear their voice in the midst of the crowd, but you latched onto their arm and pulled them close.

“I know! Stay close, don’t let go of me!” You received a thumbs up from them and a tug on your sleeve, before their warm hand wrapped around your forearm. You did not know exactly where you need to go, but you hoped you could lead the way there somehow.

Fighting the crowds, you managed to reach the entry gates, where guards and box office agents were checking people in. You two got through the gates safely and swiftly, where the crowd was slightly smaller than the one on the other side. You could finally breathe in peace, but still never let go of your friend. In the hall, you saw a stage and a large table, with thirteen chairs, pens, and water bottles ready. Guards and various staff were stationed everywhere. Decoration was in the colors of the group, rose quartz and serenity, and fans held various gifts and things for Seventeen. You were slightly overwhelmed and felt your nervousness rise. Your friend sensed this, and your hand gripped theirs tighter.

“Don’t be nervous! You’re gonna meet him, it’s gonna be beautiful!”

“I can’t help it!” Your friend laughed at your nerves. You looked at your phone and saw that there were only thirty minutes left before the start of the event. Thirty minutes until you would see Seventeen in person. Thirty minutes until you would finally meet Vernon. Thirty minutes until your life would change in more ways than one.

You zoned out and became distracted with something in the distance, and you didn’t notice Seventeen actually enter the stage until deafening screams from fans brought you back to reality. You saw in the distance, under spotlights, was the group themselves. Sure, you were a little farther back in the hall, but you could still see them. They were everything you thought and more. Some were taller than you originally thought, especially Woozi. You were pleasantly surprised at the respect Seventeen collectively held for their fans, repeatedly thanking them for the support. The bundle of nerves you felt in the pit of your stomach disappeared for a little while, and you began to enjoy yourself despite the crowding heat and the incredible noise.

The fans began to line up for the true meet, and your friend stood in front of you. Your enjoyment began to fizzle as the nerves came back. Your friend turned to you.

“Again? Stop with the nerves! I get that it’s nerve-wracking, but come on! Grow some balls!”

“You’re right. They’re just humans, right? I can do this!” You took a shaky breath, eyes widening. “Oh my god, I can’t do this.”

“Breathe, mate! Breathe! We’re almost there! Hold it together!” You heard your friend laughing at you, and slapped them on the arm. “You’re violent when you’re nervous.”

“Oh, you’re not alone. I’m violent, too, believe it or not!” You heard a chuckle and realized how close to the table you were. Your friend was already in front of a laughing S.Coups, who was the first one on the table. Your heart began to race, and you smiled as you were ushered in front of him.

“Hello, and you are?” You handed him the little gift and your book. He smiled at you before uncapping his marker.

“I’m (Y/N). Hello.” You realized how stiff you were, and tried to shake it off.

“Don’t be nervous, (Y/N), and thank you for supporting us so much.” He held your hand for a bit. You felt slightly calmer, realizing how easy this was.

“Okay, thank you! Good luck!” You smiled and continued down the line. Next was Jeonghan. You realized that the line was in age order, meaning Vernon would be towards the end. As you passed each member, your nerves dwindled away into nothing. Your load became lighter as the gifts were handed off, and your album book was becoming full of little messages and hearts from the members. You looked at your friend, who was approaching Seungkwan. You laughed at your friend’s expression at seeing him in person. You agreed with their thought, they were more handsome in person. More comical and amusing, too. You continued on, meeting The8 and Seungkwan, before getting to the man of your hour. Vernon himself was now in front of you, smiling with his heat tilted towards you.

“Hi, there! What’s your name?” he smiled.

“My name’s (Y/N).” As he signed your book, you saw that he was taking a little bit longer than the others. You assumed it was because his hand hurt from all the signing, and took out the little gift and the bracelet. You handed it to him, and smiled when he voiced his appreciation for the gift. He immediately asked you to put the bracelet on him. You delicately fastened it, blushing like mad, while he voiced his appreciation at how well it suited him.

“Thank you for this, (Y/N). I love it. Thanks for supporting us, and biasing me!” He gave you a grand smile, and you felt like Rose from the Titanic film dancing with Jack.

“You’re welcome, and good luck!” He waved goodbye and you were pushed to the final person in the line, Dino. He grinned.

“Do I get a bracelet too?” He said when you gave him the gift parcel. Vernon leaned over and knocked his shoulder.

“No, because I’m special. Right, (Y/N)?” You blushed and became shy. You heard Dino laugh at you, and signed your book.

“It’s okay, because secretly you love me. Right, (Y/N)?” He mocked. You nodded quickly and looked away. “Thank you for your support!”

“Good luck!” You said, before collecting your book and leaving the stage. Your friend was waiting for you at the side, standing with a questioning look on their face. You said nothing and smiled, clutching the book to your chest.

“Well, don’t leave me hanging! What did Vernon write?” You opened it to the page he signed while walking away from the stage. What you saw nearly killed you.

It was nice meeting you, (Y/N). Thank you for being a Carat. If you live in this city, too, which I really hope you do, wanna meet me again? I’d love to get some coffee. Meet me at Cafe Cuore Mio this coming Sunday at 12pm. I’ll be waiting. -Vernon.’ Your friend looked at it and gaped.

“Oh my god.”

“Oh my god,” you agreed.

“You have to go.”

“I have to go,” you agreed.

“What will you wear?”

“What will I wear,” you agreed. You didn’t see your friend smirk.

“I’m an idiot and in love with a famous boy.”

“I’m an idiot and in love with a famous boy.” You realized what you said and shut the book. You took your friend’s arm and left the hall, but not before turning back to take a glance at the stage. You saw Vernon raise an eyebrow at you, in question. You nodded and turned away quickly, hoping he got the message. You missed his small smile as he continued to sign things.

Sunday came too quickly, and you were not ready whatsoever. Saturday night, your best friend stayed over and helped you come to terms with whatever this scenario was.

“This is reality, right? I’m not insane?” They rolled their eyes, clearly annoyed.

“God, I regret this. You were supposed to shut up, but no! That Vernon just had to go and ask you out. When you two become a thing, I’m going to make him regret a lot of things.”

“Stop! I need help!” You pleaded and whined. Your friend refused to look up from their phone while laying on your bed.

“Yeah, you do.” They laughed as you threw an obscure article of clothing at them. They stood up and walked over to you. “Might as well help you woo him. It’s the least I can do since your buying dinner tonight.”

“I’m what?”

It took a while before you found the cafe the next day. It was a literal hole in the wall, small and discreet, the perfect place to meet a famous idol. You took a deep breath and entered what once was your fantasy and now your reality. You spotted Vernon quickly, and knew he was smiling behind his face mask. You walked towards him, clutching your purse. You saw that he had ordered some food and a coffee for you. You appreciated the thought as you sat down.

“Hi, again,” he said, and you began a new chapter in your life. One that you hoped was full of love.


DH2 stealth is like

Corvo/Emily: *leans out two feet from cover directly in front of guard* 

Guard: *doesn’t see a thing* 

Corvo/Emily: *observing distant patrolling guard through 1cm gap in stack of boxes* 





Rooftops: Mikey x Reader


Requested by: Anonymous

Hello (⌒▽⌒) god I absolutely love you and your blog! Your an awesome writer! ♥‿♥ if it’s not to much trouble could you please write a Mikey x reader were the reader is on the roof playing video games on there laptop or something and he’s watching there cute reaction and then he trips and reveals himself but there super chill and invites him to play or chill with them please? Is this to pacific? I don’t want to pressure you I just thought this would be cute 😂

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I'm Just The Pizza Guy- Brendon Urie Imagine

~TW: domestic abuse~

You sit in your room with your best friend, watching some movie they had picked out. You were so engrossed in the film that when the door bell rang, you both jumped.

 "That scared the shit outta me.“ You say and stand up to go answer the door, fairly certain that it’s the pizza guy, the cute one that always flirts with you. He always delivers on the weekends and you just happen to always order on the weekends so you’ve met multiple times. He’s about your age but you wouldn’t know. Hell, you don’t even know his name but you kind of consider yourselves friends. You open the door and sure enough, there he is. 

 "Hey.” He smiles.

 "Hi. Oh my god, I can smell the jalapeño. It’s smells amaaazing.“ You absolutely love the little jalapeño pepper they put in each box of pizza. He laughs a little and you giggle, handing him the $20 bill and him giving you the pizza.

 "Keep the change,” this was no surprise to him at this point because you always let him keep it. 

 "Thanks.“ He shoots you a million dollar smile as he walks away. You just nod and shut the door. You take the box upstairs and put it on the bed next to (Y/F/N).

 "What took you so long?” They ask without taking their eyes off the tv and blindly grabbing a slice. You smile to yourself. 



 "Get the fuck out of my house you fucking asshole!” Your boyfriend, Michael, pushes you roughly aside and storms towards the door.

 "Fuck you!“ He slams the door. 

You stand in silence for a few moments, not knowing what to do. Michael has never been the nicest guy but after he cooled down he was always so apologetic and you always forgave him. You always thought things would get better but they’re not. They’re actually getting worse. You reach your hand to touch your cheek where it was burning from the contact his hand made with your face a few minutes ago. This was nothing new; but today, for some reason it really made you think.

 You sit on the ground quietly sobbing into the sleeves of your hoodie when all of a sudden, there’s an knock on the door which makes you jump. You think it’s one of three things : Michael coming back to get his stuff, Michael coming back to apologise, or Michael coming back to make sure he shut you up well enough. The person knocks again and anxiety runs through your veins.

 "It’s Marie’s pizza!” A male voice yells through the door. You sigh in relief. 

“I forgot he made me order that fucking pizza.” You unlock and open the door to reveal a boy in a black tshirt and black jeans, holding a pizza box and a receipt. The boy smiles and hands you the pizza. 

 "Hey, stranger. Long time, no see.“ He laughs a little and you smile in return.

 "I saw you last Friday, doofus.” You hear him giggle as you dig the cash out of your pocket and hand it to him. You look up and he just stares at you for a couple seconds, as if he’s waiting for you to say something. You chuckle and roll your eyes. 

 "You know I don’t want change. Get outta here.“ He winks before turning and walking back to his car. 

You watch his long legs stride down the driveway before you shut the door, smiling to yourself. You set the pizza on the counter and go to get a plate from the cabinet. You pick up a slice and start to put it on the plate when you realise that you’re not gonna want to come back down for more so you just take the whole box up to your room and never come out the rest of the night.

 ~~~~~~~NEXT WEEK~~~~~~~~

 It’s Friday night again and of course, Michael is asleep in your bed as you shower, washing off the blood and dirt from the brutal beating you’d just received. He was not happy about that fact that you were talking to another boy besides him while he wasn’t around. You were only catching up with a friend but when he saw you it was all over. You have bruises up and down your arms, your ribs hurt, and you’re pretty sure you have a black eye. None of it matters though, it’s not anything some concealer can’t cover up, you never really leave the house anyway. You sigh and continue trying to wash away the pain as the pinkish coloured water runs down the drain.

 Once you’re done, you throw on some leggings and a tshirt and then put a hoodie on because your house seems so much colder than usual. For a second you think maybe it’s Michael’s presence that makes your house seem so less warm and cozy but you shake the thought, deciding it was stupid. You’re drying your hair with a towel when you hear a knock at the door. Pizza. It’s like the rainbow after the hurricane. This also means you’ll see the cute pizza boy. You almost skip to the door to answer it. When you open it you of course see the tall, skinny boy standing on your doorstep. You smile, glad to see him but his face drops. 

 "Oh my god, are you okay?” You wrinkle your forehead in confusion until you see his hand slowly reaching for your face and then you realise that you haven’t covered any of Michael’s damage up. His thumb gently strokes your cheekbone and you can feel the bruise forming there. 

 "Y-yeah. I’m fine. I just…get into trouble sometimes. You should see the other guy.“ You chuckle a little and his eyebrows draw up in sympathy, probably not buying your story at all. You don’t look like the type to get into fights.

 "Are you sure you’re okay?” He asks. You see him glance back in your house, looking for the person responsible for this but there was no one. You simply nod.  

“I promise.” You hold put the cash and he hands you the pizza skeptically but nods. 

 "O-okay. Enjoy your pizza.“ You smile and he does too before going back to his car.

 You set the pizza on the counter, ready to dig into the food but when you open the box, you’re caught off guard by a note written on the inside of the lid in what appears to be black sharpie. ‘I threw some extra peppers in for you :) -Brendon’ He even left a number on the receipt. You grin like an idiot.

 "So pizza boy has a name….” You quietly say to yourself as you pick up one of the jalapeños, taking a bite. You take your food to the couch and enjoy it a lot more than usual. You smile as you watch reruns of Friends on tv and text Brendon, the latter bring your main priority. You find out that he is even more adorable when you exchange more than 3 sentences with him. As you read his texts you could imagine his voice in your head. He was the only thing running through your mind all night and you weren’t made about it at all.

 *******BRENDON’S POV********* 

 It’s Saturday evening and the smell of 4 jalapeño peppers fills my nose as I drive the familiar road to (Y/N)’s house to deliver her pizza. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been putting extra peppers in her boxes since I found out she likes them so much. It’s been a week since I’ve seen her but putting my phone number on that receipt was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

 I pull up at her house and fix my hair in my rear view mirror. I pick up the box and walk up to the door. I knock and hear yelling inside before (Y/N) opens the door. She barely gets the door open halfway before she’s forcefully pulled back by someone. She yells out in pain and then I realise that she’s actually in trouble. I set the pizza on the ground and push the door open to see her boyfriend grabbing her by the shoulders as she sobs and begs him not to hurt her. 

 "Hey!“ I yell. He turns to see me and shoves her to the ground as she whimpers.  

"What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I say approaching him.

 "Why don’t you mind your own damn business? Who even are you?“ He scowls at me.

 "I’m just the pizza guy…but I don’t let assholes like you go around beating up pretty girls." 

 *********(Y/N)’S POV*********** 

 All of a sudden you hear shoes scuffling on the ground and grunting from people being punched. You can’t even open your eyes to look because you’re basically having a panic attack. You didn’t want Brendon to get hurt but you couldn’t do anything. The yelling and punching goes on for about 3 minutes until you hear someone hit the floor, hard and you pray it’s not Brendon. Someone groans, taking the hits from someone else.

 "Don’t. Fucking. Touch. Her. Ever. Again.” You hear Brendon grit through his teeth in between either punches or kicks, you can’t tell. All you hear is Michael groaning in pain. 

 "Now get out! And don’t fucking come back.“ Brendon yells as you hear Michael shuffling out the house. You keep your eyes shut and stay curled up on the ground. You hear a sigh and the door shutting, then footsteps walking towards you. 

 ”(Y/N). (Y/N), it’s Brendon. It’s okay. He’s gone.“ He places a hand on your shoulder and you flinch a little then relax. You open your eyes and see Brendon kneeling next to you, hair messed up, falling in his face and his nose is bleeding a little. You immediately wrap your arms around his neck and he wraps his arms under you legs, picking you up and sitting down on the couch with you. 

 "Are you alright?” He asks, you could tell he’s concerned as hell. You nod your head and look up at his face again.

 "Are you okay? You know your nose is bleeding, right?“ He lets out a small chuckle and nods.

 You stand up and he stays seated on the couch, wondering what you’re doing. You hold out your hand and he takes it. You lead him upstairs to the bathroom and close the toilet lid, motioning for him to sit on it. He does so as you get the rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls from the mirror cabinet. You press the cotton ball against the opening of the bottle and tilt it down, soaking the cotton in alcohol. You stand in front of Brendon and start dabbing his cuts on his face and cleaning the spots of blood. He winces a little and you apologise but continue. Once you’re done he smiles and thanks you. You just sit on his lap, resting your head on his shoulder. Brendon wraps his arms around you and you guys just sit in silence for a few moments. 

 "You didn’t get in a fight, did you?” He asks referring to a couple weeks ago when he saw your black eye and bruised face. 

 "No.“ You whisper out as tears begin to fall down your face. Brendon sighs.

 "Oh my god… long has he been doing this to you, (Y/N)?” You stay silent for a couple seconds before answering. 

 "A few months. But if you would’ve asked me a few months ago if I thought it would end up this, I would’ve been offended that you’d even think Michael would do something like that.“ You shake your head in shame.

 "I don’t even know how this happened…” Your voice strains as you begin to cry harder. Brendon rubs your back, trying to calm you down.

 "Hey, look at me.“ You sniffle and sit up to be face to face with him. He uses his thumbs to wipe away your tears. 

 "He’s an absolute dick. He didn’t deserve to ever have you, alright?” His hands cup your face. 

 "And I just want you to know that I’d never ever hurt you in any way. I never want to see you cry. You’re too beautiful to cry.“ You sniffle and smile, looking down before you look up and place your lips on his. You can feel him smile into the kiss and you wrap your arms around his neck as your lips move in sync. You tangle your hands in his hair and grind your hips down a little which causes him to moan. You pull away to your my breath and he just smirks at you. 

 "Are you too injured to keep going?” He asks you and you shake your head, your chest rising and falling. 

 "Nope. You?“ You ask. 

 "Not at all.” He picks you up and starts carrying you to the closest bedroom with an open door.

 "Good. Let’s do it.“ 


 Here’s the second one! This ones kinda short and it was hard to edit and write cuz I’m on my phone but let me know what you think and requests are open! :)

 - Blue

niavou  asked:

If we were dating I'd buy you a matching mouth guard and boxing glove set. Square up. I'm taking you down.

i accept ur proposal but be warned, my good friend, while u may try……u may not be successful. in fact, i wager u won’t be.