box guard

DH2 stealth is like

Corvo/Emily: *leans out two feet from cover directly in front of guard* 

Guard: *doesn’t see a thing* 

Corvo/Emily: *observing distant patrolling guard through 1cm gap in stack of boxes* 





I finally managed to pause Sparks and Recreation cleanly enough to get a picture of the Crocker Box /with the Guard Insignia/ visible.  I spotted it on one of my early watches, assumed it was something everyone had seen, and moved on- but every time I mentioned it, it was apparently new information.  And then when I attempted to screencap it from my blurays, I couldn’t seem to find it, and started to think I was actually just seeing things.

BUT HERE IT IS, visible enough that I can even tell that it is the ‘older’ or softer version of the insignia, the version seen on gravestones and on Julia Carr’s shoulder, and not the harder-edged version that we see on most members of the Guard, including Vince.

It only took pausing the version available on Netflix and taking a photo of the tv to get a decent look at it.  XD

(For those who are curious, it’s at the very end of 2.04 Sparks and Recreation, after the bluelight has fallen over- the word Crocker appears, and then fades, and after it has faded the light shifts slightly and the Guard insignia becomes visible for a few frames as the scene fades out.)

Land of Steel and Silicone

“It’s a Hardmode single-player planet like one in Caliborn’s session.

You might find yourself quite lost within the land of STEEL AND SILICONE, an endless sprawling labyrinth of a land. Unlike most easy-going planets, this land is one large planetary sized MIKE TYSON SPHERE, a dyson sphere packing the punch of BOXING OGRES and RINGLORDS, guarding elevators, thousands of miles of stairs and hallways, paths and sky scrapers, and an endless dome made entirely of the planet’s core, where you’ll be spending most of your time navigating.

The consorts are SILICONE MUTANTS (think gears of war basically) that fight in tribal wars constantly with plasma-splatters and matter-shooters, you will have to carefully choose your alliances and engage in this never-ending STRIFE in order to survive the core of your planet. With a ticking clock to it’s explosion, you must hurry to move the PRIME DETONATOR, a huge-ass bomb at centre of your planet to the outside of it in order explode it and send it into a black hole at your sessions centre. Failure to venture out before it’s timer sets will explode it prematurely.

The planet is kind of like the core of Derse basically but it’s all dark obsidian sky scrapers, towers, stairs and paths, etc on the inside which is where the quest takes place. It’s just a thick steel core shell on the outside with no real features.”

Oh wow this one took a long time. So much learned in making it though, including some severe limitations with some of 3dsMax’s distribution tools.

There were so many stages involved, that I’ve included some “making-of” pics after the break.

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I like to imagine that when you complete a Sortie, you go to some great Space Temple where you meet the Honorable Arm of the Lotus or whoever. 

I like to imagine you kneel or sit, and he comes down with two servants carrying this wooden box with whatever you won inside of it.

I like to imagine you stand up as he takes the box from the guards and slowly opens it to reveal your prize.

I like to imagine that guy gets punched in the face a lot.

So guys...

Got a question for ya’ll. In terms of stances, do you do the Boxing Guard

Or do you do the Muay Thai Guard?

It’s just that I tried training with a Kru yesterday as opposed to the MMA instructor I usually work with. 

And well I think I now know why most people in the gym employ the Boxing Guard.

I get that each have pros and cons though.

Just need your input.

So I played D&D for the first time

And in the course of the single session I somehow managed to sneak a highly dangerous vampire into a town by convincing the guards the box was full of chicken shit, got free gear from a Tiefling Innkeep that was hitting on my character until my party’s tank got greedy and crit 1’d and sharted at the dinner table and got us kicked out, and finally got traded off by my asshole party to be betrothed to a drunken elf prince that I am yet to weasel my way out of. 

10/10 will play again

SCP-3582 qnother Stupid Piece Of Shit

Classifcation: Keter

Containment Procedures: IT is put a 5 x 5 x 5 box surrounded by 600 guards with AK-47s that they’re allowed to shoot forever.

Description: SCP-3582 was discovered in a fucking haunted house after killing everyone there. It’s a piece of shit that just kills everyone. We tried to blow it up with our anomalous grenade that blows up everything and it didn’t work.

Experiment log:

D-2483 (a white cishet male) is told to enter the containment chamber.

Dr. F***uck: Enter the chamber D-Class

D-2483: Isn’t that thing going to fucking kill me.

Dr. F*ck: Insubordination is against hte rules now enter the chamber

D-2483: Okay…. i gues

D-2483 proceeded to enter the chamber and [DATA EXPUNGED]

Dr. F*ck: Looks like he was killed just as expected…. further testing is necessary.

Activity Log. Sept 31st 19XX: SCP-3582 disappeares for 5 seconds and retuns with an instance of SCP-3582-A. SCP-3582-A then proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Dr. F*****uck: What an interesting turn of event bet you didn’t see that coming.

“All testing is to hault immediately. Everything has to stop now. No more fun forever. Fuck you.” - O5 Big Important Man

Aurora Australis : Not fireworks, these intense shimmering lights still danced across Earth’s night skies late last month, seen here above the planet’s geographic south pole. The stunning auroral displays were triggered as a coronal mass ejection blasted from the Sun days earlier impacted the magnetosphere, beginning a widespread geomagnetic storm. The six fisheye panels were recorded with digital camera and battery in a heated box to guard against -90 degree F ambient temperatures of the long winter night. Around the horizon are south pole astronomical observatories, while beyond the Aurora Australis stretch the stars of the southern Milky Way. via NASA