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Also for anyone else, go read ABoT, or any of her other work, it’s rly good.


Soho Office Accessories

CREATED BY NynaeveDesign

Created for: The Sims 4

Modern office accessories bring together smooth, clean lines alongside geometric patterns to create spaces that are calm and productive.

Set includes:

Newton’s Cradle
Kinetic Desk Sculpture
Storage Box
Magazine Files
Books (v1 and v2)
Vase (v1 and v2)
Prisma Frame (v1 and v2)

The 'No Excuses' Study System to Get That A

I  School Days  1. Show up to class a little early. It’ll give you time to set up, read over some old notes, put your water bottle/thermos on your desk, fill out your planner if you couldn’t in the previous period(s), check your planner to see if you have something on that day etc. 2. Sit in the front or second row. I’m serious, you will definitely benefit. Write detailed class notes. Pick whatever system works for you. I usually write my titles in red pen, notes in black pen, underline points that are repeated/emphasised, highlight keywords at home 3. If you have time at school, do as much homework as you can. If you know you have commitments that day, please for the love of your education do your homework at lunch. I know you might feel awkward, but your friends will understand.  4. When you get home, first list down all the homework received that day on a q card (cross off as you go). Then write the same tasks in your bullet journal, but as a daily spread. Use stayfocusd or self control for mac + leave phone in a different room. FINISH ALL OF YOUR HOMEWORK. If for some reason you couldn’t complete a homework task, write it on a sticky note and place it on your wall. After homework is done, write your revision notes (flashcard the info as well). Place the notes in your accordion folder/binder. If you have some loose sheets at any point, place them in a ‘To Be Filed’ box. Sort that out when you’re packing your bag for the next day. 5. Go through the flashcards made that day and the flashcards made on the previous days.  List out all assignments/assessments on another q card with their due dates. This will come in handy later. 6. Pack your bag the night before. Remember your accordion folder + make sure your ‘To Be Filed’ box is empty. Put water bottle in the fridge and make meals for the next day. 7. The next day, wake up early, complete any unfinished homework, go through flashcards again, read through revision notes, make lunch for the day, put laptop in bag, put food + water in bag, exercise (esp if you have commitments after school), shower, change, blah blah blah. Only do this if your schedule is packed, and in my case, this is a must. II  Weekends 1. On Friday nights, first off, do homework. You will thank yourself for it. Whip out that list of assessments/assignments and allocate half days to knock off at least two of these little assholes. Work ahead, you will feel much better. 2. Do your readings. For English, knock off some wider reading novels, for HSIE, knock off some textbook unit readings (two units ahead), for science, knock off some more textbook readings. Write summaries of each page. Type these summaries. Print these summaries. Place in accordion folder/binder. Flashcard the info. Spend like half a day doing this lmao. 3. Spend 1-2 hours going through the flashcards you made that week for each subject. This counts as studying my friend.  III Weekends When You Actually Have Assessments  1. Due to your working ahead, homework completion and readings, you shouldn’t be panicking too much. Get those revision notes and slot in the textbook readings notes. Highlight, annotate, read aloud, go through flashcards and get someone to test you on the content. Make sure you know all terms, formulae, key concepts, vocabulary etc etc 2. As for assignments, again due to your working ahead just print them out and heavily edit those little asshats. Then type the edits into the doc. Repeat this process four times. Then get someone to read it. Make sure all your assignments are on your USB + email them to yourself because you never fucking know tbh.  3. You’ll probs have to sacrifice your reading time but that’s chill because the teacher/prof will probably be focusing on prepping you for the actual assessment + you gotta do what you gotta do. SUMMARY Seriously, just do your homework the day you receive it, write revision notes, do your readings, write notes on those readings, make flashcards, knock out assignments as soon as you know they actually exist, read every wider reading novel (analyse these novels), read your required readings (analyse this too), go over flashcards every morning/afternoon, make use of spare time in class, do homework at lunch if needed, stick to your schedule, buy coffee/hot chocolate in the mornings and put it in a thermos, keep a necessities pouch in your bag, keep your P.E shoes in your locker, use a planner, track your spending, wash your hair, brush your hair, go to commitments, attend school events, attend events you’re invited to, go shopping, watch movies, be kind to yourself, take bubble baths, light candles, listen to music, SLEEP, get that A and most importantly be proud of yourself. 


Day 1 of kidge week because I couldn’t wait three more days xD

This isn’t really a burn, but I love this quoat and thought it would be something Lance could say x’B 

@kidgeweek said it was ok to post early, and so I did just that ;D

Three Times Mulder and Scully Got Caught and One Time They Didn’t Care -- Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Rating: Explicit

Author’s Notes: Here it is, folks. The conclusion to this smutty little journey. This series has been an absolute blast to write. It was definitely a challenge dipping my toes into pools of different writing styles, but I had a ton of fun writing this. Thank you so much to all of you for reading and for leaving wonderful bits of feedback. As always, thank you so very much to the beautiful @piecesofscully for being an incredibly encouraging beta and someone with whom I can shamelessly spiral. Thanks, babe! 


She is nearly done with organizing the last of her slides in her designated area near the back of the newly reconstructed basement office when she is startled by a loud thump.

“Scully! Door!” Mulder demands, his voice muffled behind the closed door.

“It’s unlocked, Mulder!” She yells back.

She leans down to her microscope once more only to be startled again by yet another loud thump.


“Jesus, Mulder,” she mutters under her breath as she crosses to the door.  She swings it open to reveal her partner balancing two cardboard boxes precariously stacked one on top of the other.

He stumbles toward his desk and drops his cargo loudly onto the clean surface, the dust from the boxes soaring into the air like infectious spores. She waves them off with a flick of her wrist.

“What is all this, Mulder?”

He looks at her sideways before lifting the lid off the top box. “Files.”

Scully’s eyes involuntarily shift to the series of filing cabinets that line their freshly painted walls. “Mulder, what files? These X-Files stayed in this office the entirety of Agent Fowley and Agent Spender’s assignment.”

Mulder’s silence screams at her as he steadfastly ignores her and thumbs through the various folders.

“Right? Mulder? All of The X-Files stayed intact. Here in the office. Right?”

Taking a large breath, he answers, “Yes, Scully. Those X-Files stayed right here in the office. Those. Files.” He casts a mildly contrite glance at her for a beat before stressing,  “Those.”

She crosses her arms over her chest as her head tilts in admonishment. “Mulder, you didn’t.”

“Hey, I needed some light reading while we were off shoveling literal shit, Scully. What Diana and Spender don’t know won’t hurt them, and besides, we have The X-Files back. These are officially our files again.”

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Save Me [Music Box Ver.]
Save Me [Music Box Ver.]
Close Future - Avengers x Reader

PART 1 out of (?)

Summary: You were in a special task unit with Sam during your time in the military. What he never knew was that you had the ability to see into the near future. Now that you’ve revealed your secret to him, things become more complicated than you would have liked.

Warnings: Mention of death, scars.

Words: 2 996

A/N: This is part 1 of this little story and oh boy is part 2 good, mm hmm… If you would like a part 2 of 1769, please tell me!


Originally posted by 30000fps

She looked down at her body which was stripped down to black briefs and a sports bra, electrodes dotting her revealed skin. Bruce was behind her and placed more electrodes to her back whilst continuously looking over to her vitals displayed on a projected screen.

“So, you and Sam have known each other for how long?” He asked upon recalling the brief introduction of her he had gotten earlier.

“Five years.” She stated, following Bruce with her eyes as he walked around her. Tony stood further away and observed in silence, concentrated, interested.

“And you never told him about… This?” It was in Bruce’s nature to be hesitant. He glanced back to the girl who had remained a flawless posture since the second she entered the Tower. It was almost humorously obvious how she had military background.

“It’s not exactly something you just tell people.” She commented, which was a fair point. When Bruce was approached by Sam, which was odd enough alone, it came as a bit of a surprise when Sam explained he had a friend from the military who had just revealed to him that she was a bit more than what met the eye.

“I guess that’s true.” He pursed his lips into an awkward smile, continuing to prepare for the tests she had agreed to take part in.

When she was in the military, she had been one of the best soldiers on the field in history of her division. It didn’t take long until she was picked out of the common men and put in a group of superiors where divisions merged, the best of the best coming together to form a team of elites. She was one of them, and her supreme skill was unexplainable. Others within the squad had gone through extreme training, had advanced gear, but she was just a girl who never made mistakes.

“No, I haven’t.” She turned towards Tony who had his eyes narrowed and glued to hers. Bruce looked between them, lost.

“What?” He looked away from her vitals and lowered the portable, glass, screen in his hand.

“Tony was just about to ask me if I’ve had this ability my entire life, and the answer is no.” She said as if it would make things any clearer. “It first began after I nearly died during a rescue mission in Afghanistan, 7 years ago. We were a group of six men, rescuing two agents under cover who had been taken hostage. We were in unknown territory, walking in a line formation, when the man in the front steps on an unactivated missile. All of them die, except me… I wake up in a small village where the locals had taken care of me as well as they could…”

“That’s where the scars are from?” Tony questioned, looking down at the dozens of scars which mapped her body, none of them being longer than a finger yet they looked brutal nonetheless.

She nodded. “Let’s just say they didn’t have any doctor degree, but they did what they could, and I have my life because of that.” She too looked down at the crooked scars which clearly hadn’t been stitched up by someone with skill.

“So it began after that?” Bruce was amazed by the story and listened to every word. She stood still for a moment, her focus in her own mind as she knew Steve and Sam would enter soon.

“Yes. After I was able to walk again and could contact my superiors, I returned to base and was on leave for a month before returning again. That’s when they began to notice how good I was, of course. After another month I joined the special task force.” She looked up a second before Sam and Steve opened the door to Bruce’s lab. Sam met her eyes for a split second but then broke contact. Ever since she told him about what she could do, he had given her the cold shoulder. Despite that, he had still talked to Bruce and his other friends so that she could receive the help and support she needed and to put her abilities to good use.

“Hi.” She said, hoping Sam would answer. Instead he nodded, still not marking eye contact and remaining silent.

“Eh… Are you ready?” Bruce tried to break the tension. “We’re all set up.”

She nodded again. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just do your thing, continuously, preferably.” He stumbled on his own tongue-twister like sentence before shaking his head clear, turning to look at her vitals measured by the electrodes on her body. Tony took a few steps closer and instead of looking at the numbers on the screen, he watched as her eyes were filled with strange, moving lights and as her look became empty, as if she no longer was watching the world around her, which could be true for all he knew.

“Open the door for Peter.” She stated, subtly glowing eyes still staring blankly before her. “He has his hands full.”

Steve was the only one who reacted and turned around, opening the glass door when Peter suddenly appeared in the hallway outside, carrying two big boxes of files which Tony had requested earlier.

“Oh, thanks Steve- woah…” Peter turned from Steve to Y/N, seeing her scarred body unique eyes which he had not expected her to have when seeing her pass him by that morning. He put the boxes down and joined the others in observing few young woman. He didn’t know if it was rude to stare at her scars, but looking her in the eye at that moment felt equally as rude.

“This is… Unbelievable.” Bruce stated after a while of watching the tablet in his hand. “Her brain activity has gone far beyond what should be humanly possible.”

“What is she doing?” Peter was completely lost. He had understood there was something big going on when Y/N came into the tower and everyone around seemed to put their focus on her. He didn’t know if he was authorized for the information, but seeing as Steve had literally opened the door for him into the room where she stood with her eerie scars, he could only assume that he was allowed to know what was going on.

“Seeing the future.” She said like it was the most normal thing in the world. Peter looked between Steve and Tony before Bruce and Sam.

“What?” He questioned, rolling his lips in between his teeth and raising his eyebrows.

“Y/N has the ability to see the near future.” Tony explained briefly before she decided to explain more clearly herself.

“It doesn’t go very far. About thirty minutes ahead has been my record, and I can only see the future that’s around me, but it helps out a lot more than one might think… Like how I know those boxes are going to fall in three seconds.”

Peter spun his head around and grabbed the boxes just as they began tilting over the edge of the counter he had put them on. He remained balancing them on the edge, lips parted. Not a single word came to mind when he felt as if he should say something. He was truly speechless.

“Or that Tony will be notified that a certain Mr. Lang has arrived right after I say this-”

Sir? Mr. Lang has just arrived. Should I tell him to come up?” Friday’s voice came through the speaker above them in the ceiling. Everyone turned to look towards it with amazement.

“Yes.” Tony said, amazed by how she knew what she did but not liking the uneasy feeling it caused him.

“That’s sick!” Peter let out a sharp breath which could almost be taken for a laugh. “I mean, how cool is it that you can see the future?”

She was silent for a few moments before a subtle smile crept up on her face. “Pretty cool.” She agreed.

“Okay, that’s alright. You can pause.” Bruce let her know and her eyes gradually seemed to turn back to reality. She looked around her and blinked a few times. Bruce, still hesitant, hopened and closed his mouth before being able to get the words out. “What does it look like? When you see the future?”

She stayed quiet for a moment, thinking of a good way to describe the unexplainable phenomenon that was her powers. “It’s kind of like I’m watching a movie at ten times the speed but I still manage to capture every scene, every detail. I both see and hear “the movie” whilst I also see and hear the present… I feel like I’m not making a lot of sense, but I can’t really put it into words.“

“Seeing as I have no way of telling how this is physically possible, I’m not gonna complain about you having to explain it.” Bruce admitted, looking down on the tablet for a few moments and tapping a few buttons. He then slid his finger from it towards her vitals. Two pictures took place on the wide screen from the MRI the electrodes across her forehead had taken. “This one is before you started and this one is after.”

He pointed towards both pictures. The first one was just a picture of her brain, a faint glow to it but nothing else. The second one was lit up like a damn star, glowing vividly and surprising even herself as she had no clue her brain activity was altered when she looked into the future.

“Is that her brain activity?” Steve, who wasn’t very cunning about everything science, asked to make sure and got a nod from Banner in response.

Sam was still silently watching her. All those missions they had been on, all those people that had died, she had seen them. She could have saved those people but she hadn’t. Members of their squad had died on the field, and Y/N had been right beside them. How could she not have done something about that? How could she have let those people die?

He was done. Sam turned around and walked through the room. She had already seen that he was about to and had begun tearing off the electrode-stickers off of her. “Sam?” She called out as he exited the room. “Sam wait!”

She snatched her shirt from a nearby table but didn’t have the time for her pants. She pulled the shirt on whilst jogging after him. She knew they would fight, knew what he would tell her, and simply braced herself for the inevitable.

“Sam, please…” She begged a final time before he stopped, standing in the middle of the hallway and breathing heavily from anger.

“You let them die!” He called out, turning around to face her. “Good men- Our men! They died a few feet away from you and you didn’t do jack-shit…”

“I saved them more times than you’ll ever realize but I couldn’t save all of you at once, continuously for all of our missions. How would it look if I pushed them out of every bullet? People would suspect something.”

“They’d be alive!” He raised his voice even further. Bruce, Tony, Steve and Peter tried to ignore the fight but could hear every word they exchanged. Slowly, they began to exit the lab to the hallway and kept distance from the two as they continued to argue. “I would still have my friends by my side!”

She snapped.

“And if I would have had these powers a little earlier, my friends would also be alive!” Her face grew red in rage. “If you cared for them so much you should have been on the ground with us to save them yourself…”

Sam tightened his fist and aimed for her face, but of course she dodged his hit. He tried again but she avoided that one too, and the next one, and the next and the one after that. Sam began to grow tired and his heart thumped loudly in his chest, his hands lowering for a moment.

“Stop, Sam.” She said as he tightened his fists again. “You know this isn’t going to end well.”

He felt defeated. His mind was in torment. He didn’t know what to think. Should he hate Y/N for wanting her powers to stay hidden and not saving his friends once more? Should he be thankful that she saved their friends as many times as she did and after all years decided to tell him the truth, despite that she had no obligation to? He didn’t know. No matter how many times the thoughts ran through his head, he didn’t know what to feel.

“Sam?” It was Steve, worryingly watching from down the hallway where he had just seen Sam try to beat Y/N to the floor and Y/N unbelievably dodging every punch. “Let’s juts all calm down.”

Sam felt like an idiot beyond compare but valued his dignity too much to apologize to Y/N at the time. Instead, he straightened up and continued to walk towards the elevator like his plan had been when first leaving Bruce’s lab.

Everyone let him this time. It would be for the better.

“I’m sorry about that.” She turned around as the elevator doors closed behind Sam. “Our past should not be a concern of yours, but it’s difficult to keep them apart sometimes…”

She came back from a trip to Afghanistan only two weeks before she talked to Sam. She hadn’t been there on a mission, hadn’t gone there for anything military. She went there to search for answers. She wanted to understand how that explosion in the middle of a dry, grass field had caused her to be able to see the future. She had spoken to the village who had saved her life in hopes that there might be some legend of the place, but there had been nothing. Her journey back to where it all started had been in vain.

As she was there, in the dry heat of Afghanistan, she had felt guilty of the lives she could have saved. Her mind was plagued with the repeating concept that they could still be alive. Her entire world circled around those thought for a week straight, day and night. Never had she endured as many nightmares as she did then. It wasn’t until she thought of the possibility to come clean to Sam that her mental torture came to an abrupt end. Like turning off a light switch, the nightmares were gone. She knew that she had to tell him then and sought Sam out as quickly as possible.

He hadn’t been nearly as shocked as she thought he would be when she told him she could see the future, and after meeting a few of his friends, she could see why her abilities was not that abnormal in his new world. He was distant however, since day one of knowing her life secret. He had understood since the second she explained everything that she could then have saved their squad which was extinct apart from the two of them. Yet, he had been mature enough to not let her go but had instead brought her to the Avengers and to the Stark Tower.

He had expected her to refuse. Even in the heat of battle she had preferred to be alone, but she had gladly accepted his invitation to meet Bruce, which then escalated to almost half of the Avengers, which she didn’t find to be that much of a problem. All she wanted was to change her past, but that wasn’t part of her abilities. All she could hope for was that she would be allowed to make better choices as a part of the Avengers, to do good. She wanted nothing else.

“Y/L/N?” Steve tried to gain her attention as she had fallen into her own mind for a moment.

“Y/N.” She corrected, not liking how much being called by her last name reminded her of the military she left a year prior.

“Y/N…” Steve changed it. “I don’t know what you and Sam have gone through or how difficult this is for the both of you, but we could really use someone with your skills.”

She had known he would ask that for ten minutes before he actually did and she had subsequently thought about it. “I want to change, to be better and use my abilities to save lives, but I have to think about this… After all I’ve done, after everything I’ve put Sam through, I don’t know if this place is right for me.”

Steve nodded understandingly. “Of course. Take your time.”

“I’ll take my time.” She huffed, smiling subtly in hopes to bring the mood up as the air in the hallway had become thick enough to cut through.

“There’s a few spare rooms around. You can stay the night if you’d like-” Tony began but noticed how distant Y/N became. “What’s up?”

“Huh? Oh, sorry. I’m emotionally preparing myself for Mr. Lang… He’s rather ecstatic.” She admitted as the elevator door opened behind her, Scott stumbled through the doors and looked up in surprise upon seeing everyone gathered and more so in seeing the new face.

“Hello…” He dragged out. “What’s going on here? We have a new addition to the big, happy family?”

“My name is Y/N. I’m a friend of Sam’s from the military. I can see the future.” She turned back around to Tony. “I’ll take that offer, thank you. I need to sleep on this…”

“Wait what?” Scott exclaimed.

“Sure, I’ll show you to it.” Tony nodded and followed Y/N into the elevator which still was on their floor.

“Hey, what do you mean?” Scott continued but was completely ignored. The elevator doors shut and Scott was left as clueless as ever, glancing back to Steve, Bruce and Peter. “She can see the freaking future?”

To Love Somebody

Characters: CastielXReader, ft. Sam and Dean Winchester

Word Count: 3242

A/N: Castiel wants to demonstrate his love for the reader but doesn’t know how. Cue up the most adorable, awkward angel ever as he tries and repeatedly fails to show you his love. Inspired by Castiel’s utterly innocent Websummons app search in episode 12.19 of “how to fix a truck” (no spoilers) – because, you know, the internet has all the answers to life’s complex problems! Pure unadulterated Fluffy Fluff (yes, with capital Fs ‘cause Fluff is capital).

Castiel meandered aimlessly into the library, deep in contemplation, stopped up short by the edge of the glassy smooth mahogany table where Sam and Dean sat steeped in a heap of dusty lore books and Men of Letters file boxes researching the latest case.

The angel had been off his game for days – quieter than usual, less helpful, more vague, seeking solitude in the lesser used domains of the bunker, thoughts wandering again and again to the image of you he held in his mind’s eye. He’d always felt more protective toward you than to other humans, even the Winchesters - your injuries and anguish wounding him in a manner he did not understand. And like the sun, you were the brightest object in any room. He found himself perpetually staring at you, into you - the radiant warmth of your soul pleasantly tugging against his celestial being as he fought the urge to gravitate closer, his grace sparking, flaring, and blazing through his vessel like a wildfire in your company. In your absence, he still sensed and craved this all-consuming burn – the very thought of you enough to stir a tingle of heat and longing within his vessel.

Three days ago, Castiel decided what he was feeling for you could be nothing short of love itself. And now that he had named it, he was bursting at the seams to tell you. Yet his burgeoning love remained tempered with fear you would not return his feelings. He could not confess it outright, could not compromise your friendship - he would rather remain your friend than risk pushing you out of reach and be damned to exist alone in the dark forever remembering what it was like to be bathed in the reflective light of your soul.

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Bad Apple

Pairing: ReaderXReid

Prompt: You get more than you bargained for when you have to deal with a sexist cop only to have Spencer defend you.

Warnings: sexist comments, like realllllllyyyyy sexist comments, swearing, angry Spencer Reid

A/N: the things the police officer says does not represent my personal opinions at all

“You have to be kidding me.” you heard an unfamiliar voice speak from behind you as you worked to empty the file boxes of all their papers. 

You had just gotten to the small city that had recently been hit by a string of murders and you and Reid had been ordered to go to the police department and begin setting everything up while the rest of the team hit up the most recent crime scene. Spencer had just left to get coffee for the two of you so you were well aware the voice didn’t belong to him. You turned in your spot and looked to see a policeman standing in the doorway, a look of utter annoyance on his face.

“Oh I’m sorry, is this your desk? I can move.” you apologized, glancing down at the now paper covered desk.

“No, it’s fine.” the man responded, rubbing his forehead before entering the room completely. “I just didn’t expect that when they said I would be dealing with the BAU they meant someone like.” he sighed.

“What is someone like me?” you asked, unsure wither or not to be offended yet. Perhaps this was some pathetic pick-up line that you had heard millions of times before, or maybe it was him commenting on your age seeing as how you were fairly young to be in the FBI let alone the BAU.

“A woman.” the man muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose as if your presence was giving him a headache. You just looked at him, your mouth open and your brow furrowed, wondering if you had misheard the words that had just come out of his mouth. 

“Excuse me?” you questioned again, looking for him to say a different word from what you thought he had said.

“A woman.” he repeated, looking up at you. “Do I need to say it slower or something?” he asked. You let out a small scoff, half expecting him to start laughing and saying that you had been punked. However he continued to look at you with genuine concern on his face as if he was worried you still didn’t understand.

“And what’s the issue with me being a woman?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I mean there’s no issue with you being a woman, just women don’t belong in the FBI.” he stated as if his opinion were fact. “I really don’t even understand how a woman gets into the FBI.” he continued, now crossing his own arms over his chest.

“We go through ROTC training and graduate from the academy just like everyone else.” you stated back. You were all for everyone having their own opinions but this was beginning to get on your nerves. 

“Who do you have to blow to graduate from the academy?” the man snorted, causing your jaw to clench and your fist to ball up, anger flooding your body with each chuckle that came from his lips.

“Does your wife know you think this about women?” you asked, attempting to calm yourself and attack him with words rather than with actual fists.

“I’m not married.” he responded.

“Well jee I wonder why.” you snapped back only to have the man raise his arms up in the air, shrugging his shoulders and stepping back slightly.

“Damn, if I had known it was that time of the month I wouldn’t have even walked in here.” he chuckled. 

“Excuse me but what did you just say to her?” the all too familiar voice of Spencer spoke before you were able to snap back at the man. You turned to see Spencer standing in the doorway, a cup of coffee in both his hands.

“I just said that if I had known she was on the rag I wouldn’t have walked in here.” the man restated while Spencer walked into the room and put the coffee down on an empty desk before stepping forward so he was feet away from the man. “Listen, I don’t want any trouble.” the man laughed as if Spencer was an old friend of his. “I was just asking her how the hell a woman made it into the FBI and then she just went off on me.”

Originally posted by toyboxboy

“She got into the FBI because she is not only an extremely intelligent person but also an extremely capable person physically.” Spencer answered, his voice laced with annoyance. “The other woman on our team are the same way, I would even go as far to say they outsmart the men on our team.”

“Oh, I get it now.” the man spoke, raising his finger as if he had just made some big discovery. “You’re the one she fucked to get a spot on the BAU.”

You felt your finger nails dig into your palms as you tried to restrain yourself from punching the man in the face. 

“(Y/N) didn’t fuck anyone to get to where she is today. She graduated from an elite college unlike you and took ROTC courses whilst getting her graduates degree in college. She completed the academy top of her class and then applied to become part of the BAU. Her application was accepted right away because of how amazing everything about her was. That’s how she got here, not by fucking anyone.” Spencer snapped out. You watched as his face turned a light red from the anger rushing through his body. “And if you really want to spend so much of your energy attacking her for being ten times more successful and likable than you than by all means go for it but realize that by opening your mouth and insulting her and what she’s accomplished you also insult me and the rest of the team and although she’s restraining herself from breaking your nose right now I can’t say that the rest of the team will.”

The man stood in silence watching as Spencer caught his breath, his body finally cooling down off of the intense anger it had felt only moments before.

“Now get out of my sight.” he spoke once he had his breath back, the man blinking before dropping his head slightly and walking out of the door, leaving just you and Spencer in silence in the room. You looked at him for a moment before a small smile came to your face.

“Thank you.” you said in a small whisper, not wanting the man to even hear your voice anymore. 

“I know you don’t need me to defend you but I just can’t listen to ignorance like that insulting the person I lo-” he cut himself off almost immediately.

However you didn’t catch his slight slip up as you just smiled again and walked past him, grabbing the two coffee’s from the desk and returning back to Spencer’s side, handing him one of the cups before taking a sip out of your own.

Kid sister is now trying to figure out the basics of what she needs for her first apartment other than furniture… Having done apartment life for a long time before I got the house she came to me for help. Here’s what I came up with. See if you fine folks can think of anything I’ve forgotten.

  • An all-purpose cleaner like 409.
  • dish soap
  • A SHOWER CURTAIN (I’ve forgotten that one before!) with a liner and rings to hang it.
  • dishes, silverware, cups
  • a silverware drawer organizer
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • a spatula
  • a can opener
  • a tupperware type product
  • curtains (not sure if there are blinds)
  • sheets and other bedding
  • at least one good skillet and two sauce pans
  • a casserole dish/cake pan
  • a cookie sheet
  • a toilet brush 
  • a plunger (better have that one on hand before you NEED it!)
  • extra pillows and blankets for couch-bound guests
  • some kind of air freshener or scented candles and a lighter
  • lamps
  • light bulbs
  • broom
  • mop
  • vacuum
  • any kind of washable rags or kitchen towels
  • scrubby sponges
  • a closet organizer or shoe rack to make the most use of closet space
  • magic erasers
  • an old toothbrush to clean nooks and crannies
  • a SERIOUS first aid kit
  • bottle opener and corkscrew
  • kitchen trash can and bags to fit it.
  • a sewing kit
  • at least one passable table cloth
  • any and every kind of tape you can think of
  • Batteries…. And then MORE batteries.
  • a flashlight
  • a doormat to minimize what you track in
  • a bath mat
  • super glue
  • more ponytail holders than you think you will EVER need
  • a SOLID bookshelf
  • an extension cord or two
  • a power strip or two
  • a post office packet to ensure the mail is forwarded to you
  • Scissors… MORE THAN ONE PAIR
  • laundry hamper/basket and detergent
  • a hammer, small nails, and screwdrivers in both flat and phillips… (because you WILL have to assemble shit)
  • Bug spray (better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it on hand!)
  • ALL SIZES of ziploc bags
  • a waterproof file box of some kind for important papers
  • a cutting board
  • at least one good sharp kitchen knife
  • an iron and ironing board
  • a bucket
  • tissues
  • a dustpan
  • at least one wall clock
  • bath towels

I left off things like a TV and microwave intentionally because I know she does have those, and shower/soap/hygiene products because she’s got that covered as well. That’s where I left off… Anything you folks want to add?

anonymous asked:

Can we get some pregnant Mercy mood swing shenanigans with Genji present? He deals with them most after all.

“And…you are sure you are well?” said Genji.

Mercy sighed, exasperated, “Yes, Genji, I’m fine.”

“All right,” said Genji, “So you just want me to leave you to continue eating that block of cheese while crying?”

“Yes,” Mercy’s voice cracked.


“Genji, I’m glad you’ve patched things up with your brother, but I swear the next time he brings up dragons in reference to my stomach, then pacifism and hippocratic oath be damned, I’m punching him in the face.”

“I—” Genji glanced up from the scattered crib parts on the floor, “Did something happen?”

“’The dragon stirs within you,’” Mercy imitated Hanzo’s deep timbre.

“Ah…” Genji awkwardly rubbed the back his neck, “Yes.. well…he does that.”


“Dinner’s ready,” said Genji. 

“Mm,” Mercy was frowning between several different paint swatches on the wall.

“So…how is the nesting coming along?” said Genji, leaning against the doorway.

Mercy scoffed. “I am not ‘nesting.’”

“You’re nesting,” said Genji.

“I can stop at any time,” said Mercy, “Maybe you can help me.” She gestured at the paint swatches on the wall. “Meadow and sunbeam,” she pointed at two swatches on the left, “Or Pistachio and creme?”

Genji glanced between the two. The paint shades were practically identical. “Uh…”

“Genji, your visor lets you see a much wider spectrum of colors than most people. It’s not that hard,” said Mercy, folding her arms.

“Meadow,” Genji blurted out, pointing to one.

“That’s pistachio,” said Mercy, her brow furrowing.

“…yes?” said Genji.

Mercy sighed and massaged her temples. 

“I like pink,” said Genji, glancing back at the color swatches, “We’re not even considering pink?”

Mercy shook her head. “Pink is… cloying. Green is supposed to relax, and yellow is supposed to encourage happiness and creativity.”

“Well…I… trust your judgment,” said Genji.

“I asked for your help in this, not to just default to my judgment,” said Mercy, frowning. She caught herself and then ran a hand through her hair and sighed. “I don’t know why I’m letting myself get so worked up about this. This is–Well it started out fun and now it’s—” she pressed the heels of her hands to her forehead and then leaned against the wall with the color swatches and slumped down to the floor. Genji took a seat next to her. 

“…How long have you been at this?” 

“Well I mean, it was mostly just cleaning my old file boxes out of here, then cleaning out that closet, then vacuuming this rug–which we are definitely replacing by the way–and then I took a break to eat and when I was done the room was clear enough so that I thought it was a good time to look at color swatches and,” Mercy glanced at her comm, “Mein gott it’s been 9 hours,” her voice filled with a quiet horror. She moaned and slumped against Genji. “Auch du scheisse–I’m nesting.

“Nooo, you can stop at any time,” said Genji, playfully elbowing her.

“Don’t make fun of me,” she said, her voice half-muffled into his shoulder. She sighed and looked up at him. “I was supposed to take it easy today,” she murmured, “I’m not supposed to be like this! I–I’m supposed to be in control.”

“You’re in control,” Genji mindlessly played with her her hair. “I think we both know you have a tendency to overwork,” he said with a slight chuckle, but he glanced up at the room, “To be honest I had hoped we would be doing this together.”

“Oh–” Mercy sat up, “It hadn’t even occurred to me–I should have–You were on a mission, and I thought it would take my mind off of things—”

“It’s fine–It’s fine,” Genji put his hands on her shoulders and then leaned his head against hers, “You’re doing fine.”

They sat there for a while before Genji remembered dinner was waiting for them in the kitchen. “Come on,” he rose to his feet and held a hand out to her, “Let’s get some food.”

Mercy took his hand and he helped her to her feet. She walked out of the room and he stood in the doorway briefly. “A little pink wouldn’t hurt,” he said, mostly to himself before following after her.

Bite Me (Part 13)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (…a pairing is approaching…)

Warnings: mild language, bloody crime scene

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,421

A/N: This is the thirteenth installment in my first ever fanfic. Time for some plot progression action! Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch for letter checking - I love you and your commentary! These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

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“So, Elana, did you hear about the kid that went missing one town over?” my coworker, Greg, asked me over the pile of dirty mugs we were working on cleaning together.

I frowned, “What? No. What happened?” My mind was stirring in the depths of its coffee shop coma I induced it to every day. Routine process was starting to be pushed aside by deductive thinking. I quelled my suppressed hunter instincts that were rapidly trying to rise to the surface.

“Yeah,” Greg said as he took the mugs he had just dried back out to the storefront. I followed him with the coffee pots. “Apparently this family was out camping in the woods and their daughter went off to play. They lost sight of her and she just up and disappeared.” He held out his hand for the pot and I handed it over. “The police have been searching the woods for over a day now, but they found some blood and think that a bear got her.” He turned to look at me, “Sad, isn’t it? You’d think that parents would keep a better eye on their children.”

I nodded slowly. Unable to stop a few of the bubbles that burst to the forefront of my mind, I couldn’t stop myself from slipping into interview mode. “Is this the first kid that’s gone missing?”

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