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Save Me [Music Box Ver.]
  • Save Me [Music Box Ver.]
  • BTS
Bad Apple

Pairing: ReaderXReid

Prompt: You get more than you bargained for when you have to deal with a sexist cop only to have Spencer defend you.

Warnings: sexist comments, like realllllllyyyyy sexist comments, swearing, angry Spencer Reid

A/N: the things the police officer says does not represent my personal opinions at all

“You have to be kidding me.” you heard an unfamiliar voice speak from behind you as you worked to empty the file boxes of all their papers. 

You had just gotten to the small city that had recently been hit by a string of murders and you and Reid had been ordered to go to the police department and begin setting everything up while the rest of the team hit up the most recent crime scene. Spencer had just left to get coffee for the two of you so you were well aware the voice didn’t belong to him. You turned in your spot and looked to see a policeman standing in the doorway, a look of utter annoyance on his face.

“Oh I’m sorry, is this your desk? I can move.” you apologized, glancing down at the now paper covered desk.

“No, it’s fine.” the man responded, rubbing his forehead before entering the room completely. “I just didn’t expect that when they said I would be dealing with the BAU they meant someone like.” he sighed.

“What is someone like me?” you asked, unsure wither or not to be offended yet. Perhaps this was some pathetic pick-up line that you had heard millions of times before, or maybe it was him commenting on your age seeing as how you were fairly young to be in the FBI let alone the BAU.

“A woman.” the man muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose as if your presence was giving him a headache. You just looked at him, your mouth open and your brow furrowed, wondering if you had misheard the words that had just come out of his mouth. 

“Excuse me?” you questioned again, looking for him to say a different word from what you thought he had said.

“A woman.” he repeated, looking up at you. “Do I need to say it slower or something?” he asked. You let out a small scoff, half expecting him to start laughing and saying that you had been punked. However he continued to look at you with genuine concern on his face as if he was worried you still didn’t understand.

“And what’s the issue with me being a woman?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I mean there’s no issue with you being a woman, just women don’t belong in the FBI.” he stated as if his opinion were fact. “I really don’t even understand how a woman gets into the FBI.” he continued, now crossing his own arms over his chest.

“We go through ROTC training and graduate from the academy just like everyone else.” you stated back. You were all for everyone having their own opinions but this was beginning to get on your nerves. 

“Who do you have to blow to graduate from the academy?” the man snorted, causing your jaw to clench and your fist to ball up, anger flooding your body with each chuckle that came from his lips.

“Does your wife know you think this about women?” you asked, attempting to calm yourself and attack him with words rather than with actual fists.

“I’m not married.” he responded.

“Well jee I wonder why.” you snapped back only to have the man raise his arms up in the air, shrugging his shoulders and stepping back slightly.

“Damn, if I had known it was that time of the month I wouldn’t have even walked in here.” he chuckled. 

“Excuse me but what did you just say to her?” the all too familiar voice of Spencer spoke before you were able to snap back at the man. You turned to see Spencer standing in the doorway, a cup of coffee in both his hands.

“I just said that if I had known she was on the rag I wouldn’t have walked in here.” the man restated while Spencer walked into the room and put the coffee down on an empty desk before stepping forward so he was feet away from the man. “Listen, I don’t want any trouble.” the man laughed as if Spencer was an old friend of his. “I was just asking her how the hell a woman made it into the FBI and then she just went off on me.”

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“She got into the FBI because she is not only an extremely intelligent person but also an extremely capable person physically.” Spencer answered, his voice laced with annoyance. “The other woman on our team are the same way, I would even go as far to say they outsmart the men on our team.”

“Oh, I get it now.” the man spoke, raising his finger as if he had just made some big discovery. “You’re the one she fucked to get a spot on the BAU.”

You felt your finger nails dig into your palms as you tried to restrain yourself from punching the man in the face. 

“(Y/N) didn’t fuck anyone to get to where she is today. She graduated from an elite college unlike you and took ROTC courses whilst getting her graduates degree in college. She completed the academy top of her class and then applied to become part of the BAU. Her application was accepted right away because of how amazing everything about her was. That’s how she got here, not by fucking anyone.” Spencer snapped out. You watched as his face turned a light red from the anger rushing through his body. “And if you really want to spend so much of your energy attacking her for being ten times more successful and likable than you than by all means go for it but realize that by opening your mouth and insulting her and what she’s accomplished you also insult me and the rest of the team and although she’s restraining herself from breaking your nose right now I can’t say that the rest of the team will.”

The man stood in silence watching as Spencer caught his breath, his body finally cooling down off of the intense anger it had felt only moments before.

“Now get out of my sight.” he spoke once he had his breath back, the man blinking before dropping his head slightly and walking out of the door, leaving just you and Spencer in silence in the room. You looked at him for a moment before a small smile came to your face.

“Thank you.” you said in a small whisper, not wanting the man to even hear your voice anymore. 

“I know you don’t need me to defend you but I just can’t listen to ignorance like that insulting the person I lo-” he cut himself off almost immediately.

However you didn’t catch his slight slip up as you just smiled again and walked past him, grabbing the two coffee’s from the desk and returning back to Spencer’s side, handing him one of the cups before taking a sip out of your own.

A peek inside my middle school X-Files scrapbook...

So, I’ve tried to think of something meaningful that I could get the XF cast to sign at Wizard World this weekend, and I started thinking a lot about my childhood X-Files Scrapbook.

After a few days of hunting (where I found a lot of other cool stuff from the 90s), I found my beloved scrapbook deep in my storage unit. I took a peek inside, and it’s just this incredible confluence of XF fandom + puberty. 

Some highlights…

Yes, that’s right, before we kept “receipts” on Tumblr, we were scrapbooking them. Please note the fuzzy dog stickers holding everything together because I am dying.

Weekly TV Guide advertisements that I definitely got off some website and printed off of my IBM Aptiva. This was for The Rain King. Note that I am the woman in love. I, a 12 year old, am Fox Mulder’s greatest peril.

I found this Tofutti Fruitti promo in some women’s magazine, cut it out, and made the connection. FBI Agent in training over here.

At my school we were “forced” to make covers for our textbooks. We had free creative reign as long as it wasn’t “offensive”. This is but one of my textbook covers. I think it’s the nicest one. Note the shippiness and the pre-Gillovny era Gillovny photos.

I definitely printed the shippy quote from Haven’s collection of shippy quotes. For sure.

This was a health class assignment on puberty. I think from grades 6-8 I managed to work The X-Files into every. single. school. assignment. “Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one who is obsessed with X-Files.” Which was kinda true of my peer group at the time.

Cover page for my home ec assignment. You know, I think I was a better writer and creative as a child, even though I still work in a creative industry today/have a fucking masters degree.

A friend left this in my mailbox when she came by to hang out and I wasn’t there. My friends really knew how to fuck with me.

Ok, but look at this (PRINTED!!) online poll. How the fuck could they split up the shippers like that? I demand a recount.

I found these photos in a fashion magazine and was inspired. Again, I was a better writer/creative as a child. This is fucking hilarious.

Above, a school assignment where we had to make a totem pole of our interests/dreams. This is the kind of cultural appropriation they wouldn’t allow in Canadian schools today. Can you spot the Emmy and the Golden Globe?

Hope you enjoyed this lil trip down memory lane. Oh, and if you’re at Wizard World this weekend, say hi! I’ll be lugging this monstrosity around and you’re welcome to check it out in person.

Lightning (Mercy76 Week)

Lightning flashed through the night and through the windows as Angela walked down the well lit hall. She stayed as far from the windows as she could and hugged the files she carried harder as the thunder followed.

Just her luck to only be stationed here for a few days and at the same time a storm, one of the worst the facility has seen in months, decides to show up, she thought.

The rain picked up again playing a quicker version of its song comprised of taps against the windows and small splashes in the puddles. She followed suit and picked up her pace until she reached a secured door at the end of the hall. Scanning her temporary badge slid the door to the side revealing rows of shelves with boxes containing the medical files of the Overwatch members in the region. The door closed behind her and she started to look for the ‘H’ section. Another lightning strike came through the only window on the wall and broke her concentration making her misstep and catch her breath.

“Hello?” came a voice a few sections down. “Someone there?”

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Personality Inventory PID-5

When you click on that link above, a new web page should open with a little pop-up box indicating that the file is in the owner’s trash. Click on Make a copy or Continue (whichever shows). If it doesn’t create a copy in a new webpage, then click on file up the top of the page and make a copy. Then just fill it in.

This is the online version of the test for those who have or suspect they have PDs. It assesses dysfunction in personality traits and facets, as well as whether criteria is met for antisocial, avoidant, borderline, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive, and schizotypal personality disorders.


FLEA MARKET FINDS - PART 1 (Spring Shabby Living)

For my Granny Sims I included shabby pattern choices, but for more Bohemian types there are also some brighter, fun patterns to choose from. These are re-creations of my old TS2 Spring Shabby Living objects. Everything required major reworking so you can say these flea market finds were definitely repurposed!

This set includes 11 objects -  armchair, loveseat, sofa, chandelier, coffee table, and clutter! (knitting basket, needlepoint project, keepsake box with treasures, faded art in antique frames, wall planters, and a pot of daisies). All can be found by typing tkangie_FleaMarket in your search box.

++Download Here++ (SimFileShare)

Files can be downloaded separately or all in one .rar file. I hope you can have some fun with these. I also have a bedroom set to rework and hope to get to it before spring is over.


Recolor or take my files apart and remake or improve them, but please give me credit for the originals. A link back to here would be lovely but is not mandatory for your uploaded photos. I just like to see if anyone uses my creations.