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A race car driver at the Culver City Speedway looks thrilled to receive a garter from a leggy chorus girl in 1927. The woman was there to promote the Music Box Theatre (now the Fonda Theatre) at 6126 Hollywood Blvd. The Music Box offered Ziegfeld like live entertainment…and a speakeasy on the top floor.

Playing mom Afeni Shakur in 'All Eyez on Me' deepened Danai Gurira's love of Tupac - Los Angeles Times

Playing mom Afeni Shakur in ‘All Eyez on Me’ deepened Danai Gurira’s love of Tupac – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles TimesDemetrius Shipp Jr. stars as Tupac Shakur in the trailer for “All Eyez on Me.” By Tre’vell AndersonContact Reporter · Ryan Coogler. Afeni Shakur was more than just the mother of one of the world’s biggest and, arguably, best, rappers of all time. A …Box Office: ‘Cars 3’ Racing to $58 Million, Tupac Biopic May Narrowly Beat ‘Wonder Woman’VarietyThe Tupac Biopic: What Took So…

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Manual Transmission.

#Jenks1955: “Being used to four-speed boxes Stirling Moss was occasionally going across the gate from second to fifth. Within only about two days, the engineers designed, drew and made a mechanism that would prevent this. At such speed does a true racing department work.” – #mbMille

Modern AU where Thranduil helps a little Tauriel sell Girl Scout Cookies. They’re so close to being the top sellers, but a big family keeps beating them out. Eventually, word of their hot spot gets out, and they have competition. Bard, armed with cute little Tilda and sweet natured Sigrid (also armed with his hot ass) easily takes all their business, and an all out war ensues.

and god forbid when boy scouts starts up, because you know legolas and bain would want to win the box car race

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Post-pacifist; Sans is terrified of another reset and Frisk is determined to show him they won't reset again. You're a great writer and artist, I'm sure this will pass soon! I believe in you, stay DETERMINED

Thank you so much for your prompt and your kind words!  Oh my gosh!  

Of course, when it comes to Sans, I can’t ever keep it to a paragraph, so it came out kinda long… so I’ll put most of it behind a cut.   

Sans woke up to an eerily quiet house. He called out Papyrus name but got not response. He got up in a panic, his mind racing to catch up to itself. He opened the drawer to his bedside table and his eyes fell unto a calendar. Each day up to that day had been circled and said the word “ok” in the them.  He started to calm down, today was an “ok” day.  He grabbed the red pen he kept next to the calendar and circled that day’s date.  He would only write “ok” until that night, just before he went to sleep.   His hand lingered on the calendar for a bit.  He wondered for how much longer he would find the calendar inside his bedside table when he woke up.

He stretched and put on some clean clothes.  He looked around his room and at the still empty moving boxes Papyrus had left for him to use.  The rest of the house had been mostly packed up (by Papyrus) and Sans had promised on two pinky swears and three “or so help me!” that he would take care of his own room.  

He picked up a sock and put it into one of the boxes.  He decided to take a break.  

As he walked by his brother’s room, he peeked in.  Everything was packed away in boxes.  Papyrus racing car bed had been taken apart and put against the wall.  It looked so final.  He shuddered.  Was this really it? A pain in his wrist made him realize that he had been grappling the doorknob with a dead grip.  

He really needed to calm down. 

He wished Papyrus was home. 

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