box can mean solitary

It’s finally October.

The veil is thin, halloween exploits, and madness haunts, so this is a good time to grieve and connect with our history. Over the past two years I haven’t posted much about asylum history. I have been focused on establishing some semblance of a foundation for a mad intersectional analysis. So like I’ve probably posted about prisons twice as much as psych wards. This month FYMP will feature posts about monsters, shadows, asylum histories, the inner child, grieving & honoring, drugs, hydrotherapy, lobotomies, electro-convulsive therapy, insulin-shock, the box, the box, panopticism, witches, witchcraft, and psychiatric survival. History is hard to look at but we have to.

We’re symptom-bearers so stay gentle. <3 Stay earthy. Stay connected. Stay tuned! <3

your friend, with love,

k. adelle