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Sharing my rainbow braid process! (via

Braided Top Knot

This week’s hairstyle combines many of I’m Hair For You’s hairstyles into one amazing bun.  Using a combination of a regular braid, a regular twist, a fishtail, a 4 strand fishtail, and a box braid, you can create this braided top knot.  Instead of including all of the instructions for each braid along the way, I have linked previous tutorials in each step.  You can also use a different combination of braids and twists in this look - it’s totally up to you!


1) Brush

2) Large Hair Tie

3) 5 Small Hair Ties

4) Bobby Pins


1) Start by brushing your hair into a ponytail where you would like your bun to be located.

2) Take one fifth of your hair and begin twisting it.

3) Tie off with a small hair elastic.

4) Take another fifth of your hair and create a regular braid.

5) Tie off with another small hair tie.

6) Next, section off another fifth of your hair and begin a fishtail braid.  Click here for a full fishtail tutorial.

7) Tie off with a third small hair tie.

8) Taking another fifth of your hair, start a 4 strand fishtail braid.  Click here for my recent 4 strand tutorial.

9) Tie off with another small hair elastic.

10) Take the rest of your hair and begin a box braid.  Click here for a DIY box braid tutorial.

11) Tie off with your final small hair tie.

12) Take one of your five completed sections and begin wrapping it around your ponytail.

13) Bobby pin into place.

14) Repeat steps 12 and 13 with the rest of your sections and finish with hairspray.


How to Install Box Braids (FOR BEGINNERS)

Viking braids tutorial

helenavp asked me a question about making the HTTYD-style braids. Well, it’s not very complicated so I made a kind of tutorial. I’m not very good at drawing stuff except for cave painting style but I hope I made it clear. If not, feel free to mail me, I’ll answer <3

First, here’s our hair

Divide it in three equal parts

Actually the whole viking-style braid can be braided using just three kinda simple methods. First one is an ordinary three-strand braid.

Second one needs a bit of practice. Three strands again, but you’ll have to take a little strand from an outside part of hair and sort of wrap it around the whole braid and then add it to the strand you took it from.

The third one looks very alike to the second method, but instead of adding the little strand to the one you took it from you have to add it to the next one.

Just like I said, it’s not so hard. After two or three tries it starts to look pretty nice. Combining these methods will help you to create something like viking braids from HTTYD.

Box Braid DIY

Back in March, Gleneagle Hairdressing Students did a video tutorial on the Box Braided Bun.  Click here to check it out.  Their tutorial is super easy, but requires you to work with a partner to create the braid.  In this tutorial, I teach you how to create the same braid on your own.  This requires a little more practice, but creates such a cool and full braid that it’s worth it.


1) Brush

2) 2 Hair Ties


1) Begin by brushing your hair into a ponytail.

2) Spilt the ponytail into three sections.

3) Take the right section and split into two new pieces: a top piece and a bottom piece.

4) Cross the top piece over the middle section, and the bottom piece under that same middle section.

5) Bring the top and bottom pieces together again.  Now they are the middle section.

6) Split the left section into a top and bottom piece.

7) Cross the top piece over the middle section, and the bottom piece under the middle section.

8) Bring the pieces together so they now form the middle.

9) Repeat this process down the ponytail.

10) Tie off with a hair elastic and finish with hairspray.


My Box Braid Bob tutorial

Youtube: Kymberli Brenzell


Box Braids Tutorial by Celebrity Styles Hair Extensions

P2 | P3


Protective Styling Ideas || Box Braids Tutorial

Shinestruck writes:

Hey guys, here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to do box braids on natural hair. I really like this method because it isn’t super tight at the root and does not leave that stiff feeling, so if you’re tender headed this may be a plus for you!


My Box Braid Bob tutorial

Youtube: Kymberli Brenzell