box beach

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been away for a while. My excuse for the past week is that I was too busy journaling on the roof and listening to the ocean. It was probably the last spring break my family will have together for a while, so we enjoyed every minute of it.

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point, EF
Ink: Monteverde Olivine

interview with cassie spiral

Porpentine: can i interview you via text about this starcraft 2 thing
cassie spiral: sure
Porpentine: where did you get this copy of starcraft 2?
cassie spiral: i was staying with a family member and his girlfriend, and her parents work for blizzard
cassie spiral: the video game company maybe that’s redundant
cassie spiral: but she asked if i wanted a collector’s edition of starcraft 2 her parents had ‘lying around’ at their house after the last blizcon
cassie spiral: starcraft 2 legacy of the void which i think is the protoss one
Porpentine: protoss are good people
Porpentine: so in other words, this is not merely a copy of starcraft 2, but a collector’s edition of starcraft 2
cassie spiral: ive never played starcraft but did accept it bc i thought i could probably sell it quicly
Porpentine: was it holographic in any way?
Porpentine: were there any visual enhancements?
cassie spiral: definitely, incandescent insignia
cassie spiral: the thing i remember from the back of the box was 'exclusive in-game content’ which is like pets for WoW & skins for diablo or something
cassie spiral: one of them was a protoss themed card-back for your hearthstone deck and i think it said 'show your loyalty with’
Porpentine: i’ve seen those too
cassie spiral: all in all it was an extremely lux box
Porpentine: it assumes you participate in the grand ecosystem of their products

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Before Queen Mary could enter hotel service in Long Beach, she had to go through some renovations. Originally, Long Beach bought her to turn her into a maritime museum hotel combo. So the plan was to rip out literally everything below R deck to make space for 3 or 4 different museums. Unfortunately, the only thing to come of these original museum plans was the “Propeller Box” exhibit. All those rooms gutted remain empty to this day. Rumor says the only thing remaining in the former 3rd class and crew spaces is the carpeting.