box assembly

When the Statue of Liberty was sent to America from France, the box was labeled “some assembly required.” In well over a century, no one ever noticed the other label that said “batteries not included.” Until today, that is.

Queadlunn- Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it…

More progress on Guy Manuel. I’ve gotten some usable light box assemblies built. Mostly Sintra with a bit of styrene, backed with aluminum tape and truck bed coating to stop any light leakage. I’ve got to get them fitted (they’ll work but they’re both pretty rough) and then I can start to get the electronics worked on more.

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May I throw a prompt your way? Sterek - Learning to sleep with each other. Not having sex, but actually learning to SLEEP with each other. Learning to share a bed when you're used to sleeping along, learning to compromise on bedtime habits, learning what does and doesn't work, etc.

Stiles and Derek move in to their new apartment one sunny Saturday in October, and it is easily the best day of Derek’s life. They laugh while filing up the rickety stairs with their cardboard boxes, give up assembling their new bedframe and have sex on the bare mattress, and then again on the couch cushions while the couch is still in pieces. 

They’ve been dating for a year, and it’s a big step, Derek knows, and he’s so incandescently happy. Them, together, starting a new chapter of their lives together. Derek likes the way their socks look together in the drawers, the way Stiles’ deputy uniform looks next to his teaching clothes in the closet. The cheerful colorful mugs that were Stiles are now Derek-and-Stiles. 

They’d forgone Stiles moving into Derek’s loft (too big) or Derek into Stiles’ apartment (too small) and instead found a new place all their own.

That night, Derek’s heart is content as he drifts off to sleep, Stiles tucked under his arm.

And then he gets an elbow in the mouth.

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How to turn the functions blue

Ni - Take away its direction.
Ni users require something to aim for; a goal to call their own, to strive for. Without that, they become listless and apathetic. Those dominant in this function may seek very temporary “goals” that satisfy their physical desires temporarily, but which they ultimately find hollow.

Ne - Overwhelm it.
Ne users like to have the complete picture before them prior to setting out to accomplish it, much the way one might consult the box while assembling a jigsaw puzzle. But grandiose dreams require several interlocking elements in order to be fulfilled. If the Ne user attempts to assemble all the pieces simultaneously, or finds that there are more pieces to the puzzle than initially thought, they can easily become overwhelmed, causing them to lose focus, stress out, and ultimately give up.

Si - Take away its GPS.
Si users rely heavily on past precedent to know how to proceed. They find comfort in established patterns, and they greatly value the lessons of history. New experiences, where they have nothing on which to fall back, are intimidating. But what depresses Si users is trying every tool in their box and finding that none of them work, when they used to work fine before. Without a place to step back and reevaluate their progress, Si users get frustrated to the point of giving up, retreating to the last “save point” they recognize and sitting there in perpetuity.

Se - Remove its ability to interact with its world.
Se users love physical activity and anything that engages two or more senses. Se-doms in particular are usually found in performing arts, sports, manual labor, or other jobs that require a lot of hands-on activity. For Se users, the quickest route to the blues is to remove one of their senses or physically handicap them in another way. If they can’t engage their environment, they get quite depressed.

Fi - Show it that the world doesn’t care.
Fi users are idealists. They believe strongly in moral absolutes, and they know exactly what their “perfect” world looks like. And they do everything in their power to demonstrate their ideals to the world. What gets them down is a sense of futility; that the world will, at best, ignore the work they are doing on its behalf, or, at worst, destroy that work. Reality is not kind to Fi users, and this fact can be very difficult to overcome.

Fe - Show it that you don’t care.
Fe users absorb the emotions of others. This is both the cause of their nurturing tendencies, and the ultimate payoff. Positive emotions given off by people helped by Fe users are channeled into further efforts to continually effect those emotions. For this reason, apathy is by far the greatest poison to Fe. Apathy in others is picked up by Fe users, causing them to feel unappreciated and that their work is for naught. And soon they themselves become apathetic and depressed.

Ti - Call it trivial.
Ti is commonly associated with geek culture, because this function places great value on the what and the how of all things. Thus it is analytical, gleaning as much practical knowledge as it can, and intellectual pursuits are ideal for this. Belittling the pursuits and interests of Ti users is a good way to depress them, as it makes them feel their contributions are useless, and therefore they are as well. They may fail to show outwardly that they have been hurt, but if they seem to lose interest in the pursuit of “random” knowledge, it may be that they have lost sight of their own worth.

Te - Disrespect it.
The easiest way to make anyone angry is to show them blatant disrespect, but the easiest way to downright depress Te users is to subtly disrespect them over long periods of time. Te users are natural leaders, practical and efficient. But if they are trying to lead, only to look back and find that no one is following, they can slip into a funk, believing that their efforts are unwanted. Or if they are trying to accomplish some goal, only to have it blow up in their face, they can be left feeling that their efforts will never be rewarded. Te users who fail in their ambitions or in leadership can suffer from the blues and have a hard time climbing out of their pit without help.

The making of Tabatha Veazie - Animated 2D portrait - part 2

First of all, thanks for all the positive reactions so far! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. I must warn you though, things are going to get a bit weird.

Other parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Today I prepared Tabatha’s texture map, which looks like an assembly box for a freaky paper doll of some kind, which is pretty much exactly what it is!

With the previous portrait I did, I was able to copy a large amount of animations I had already created, so I tried to do that again this time, unfortunately that didn’t really turn out as planned.

Just take my word for it, it was the stuff of nightmares, especially with all the animations of the previous portrait still intact.

It would take more time to fix this up then to just start from scratch, so I started with a clean slate!

After loading the texture in Live2D, the next step is to draw these elaborate webs over every single piece of your image. The way the web is placed is very important as it determines how well you will be able to manipulate the pieces later on. The more elaborate the web, the more control you have over it.

After that is all done, it’s time to put Tabatha back together. Using a guide image as reference, I again placed every part of the portrait back on the canvas, basically re-creating what I had in my original painting program.

Almost to the fun stuff, but not quite there yet. In order to manipulate the webs I drew over the parts in more detail, you add deformers to the mix. These are grids that work much like the Transform > Distort function in Photoshop. Again, going over every part you want to animate, adding deformers, linking the texture parts to them and placing them in the right hierarchy.

Just pull at a point in the deformer and.. tadaa! Angry Tabatha! Sort of. Now, after all this preparation, the real fun can finally start! 

Stay tuned for more!

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Prussia showing s/o, his new favorite soon to be awesome in law, Germany's most embarrassing childhood photos and pictures and Germany walks on them. (In an human au, of course)

(I did not mean to make it this long… what is wrong with me why do I keep writing entire one-shots? I’m sorry guys… I got carried away with this one.)

Gilbert had a steel grip on your arm as he chuckled and pulled you hurriedly through the different rooms of his younger brother, Ludwig’s apartment. Gilbert, your fiancé of about 5 months now, had spent the last few days helping your soon-to-be brother in law to finish moving into his new place, and today you finally had the time off to help out too. So far, the morning had been spent carrying and unloading box after box, but the moment Ludwig went out to grab something for the three of you to eat, Gilbert started laughing, grabbed you and pulled you up from your spot on the floor, and practically ran.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked.

Gil stopped in his tracks once the two of you reached Ludwig’s bedroom. A mess of strewn around boxes and partially assembled furniture littered the floor.

“I know I saw it in one of these boxes in here…” Gilbert muttered, a lopsided grin still pulling at his lips. All of a sudden he let go of your hand and started ripping through different boxes, leaving an even larger mess in his wake.

“Gil!” you shouted, “You’re making a mess! What are you even looking for?”

Gilbert ignored you and kept searching through box after box until he found whatever it was he was after.

“Aha!” he shouted as he lifted up what seemed to be a small photo album from inside one of the boxes. “I knew I’d seen him packing this thing!”

He went over to the corner of the room, where Ludwig’s mattress lay forgotten on the wooden floor and plopped down, then patted the space next to him, a gesture for you to join him. You obliged and sat down next to him, curious to see what he was so set on finding without letting his brother know. He flipped through page after page, mostly pictures of a young boy with white hair and crimson eyes who you assumed to be a younger Gilbert, until he reached the part of the album filled with pictures of a crying newborn with blonde hair and sky blue eyes - Ludwig.

“Look, Schatz. It’s mein brüder when he was a whiny little baby.” He kept flipping through the album, making sure to point out the pictures of Ludwig that he found the most hilarious, including ones of the times Ludwig was stuck in a tree, forced to wear a frilly dress by a young Elizaveta, and bathing naked in a kitchen sink. Even though you felt bad for looking through his personal photos, you couldn’t help but giggle at most of the ones Gil pointed out to you. The two of you were having so much fun laughing at Ludwig’s childhood photos that you hadn’t noticed him come back into the house carrying a bag of food for you all to share.

“Brüder, what are you two laughing at?” came the deeply German accented voice from the doorway.

You stopped laughing immediately, embarrassed to have been caught, but Gilbert had no shame. He made no move to hide the album or stop his roaring laughter at the picture you’d left off on - one of little Ludwig dancing in a pair of Lederhosen for a school play. You could see Ludwig’s face go redder than a tomato as he practically fumed. Marching over to you both, he grabbed the album from Gilbert’s hands and pulled your fiance up off the bed by the collar, pushing him out of the room before shutting and locking the door, leaving only the two of you alone in the room. Ludwig turned to you, the angry blush still present on his face.

“Am I correct in assuming he only showed you pictures of me?” he asked you quietly.

You nodded your head slowly.

“You know…” Ludwig trailed off as he sat down next to you on the mattress and opened up the album, “There are a lot more funny pictures of him in this book than there are of me if you want to see…”

You smiled up at your future brother in law and ignored the sounds of Gilbert banging on the door, begging you not to look.

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sasusaku 8. please

8. roommates AU

“Tenten, you can’t be serious.”

The girl in question smiles at her friend sheepishly, nervously twirling a stray lock of brown hair around her finger. “I know it’s bad timing, but-”

Sakura’s expression is a mixture of ire, betrayal, and desperation. “Bad timing? Tennie, we had to reserve this apartment a year in advance and the deposit was ungodly expensive. You can’t back out on me now, how will I pay the fees? Where will I live?! You’re bailing on me for a guy!”

Tenten takes a steadying breath, her friend’s stress washing over her in waves. There was no way that Sakura was going to take her change of plans well, but it’s not like she’s leaving her high and dry. Tenten is actually quite proud of her contingency plan.

“Look, I know me moving in with Neji instead seems kind of sudden-” green eyes glare daggers at her, “-but I’ve got you covered. I would never ditch my best friend without making it up to you. Neji and I thought of everything. You won’t have to give up the apartment or pay rent by yourself. Our idea is genius, really.”

Tenten beams at her, but Sakura has suspicion written all over her face. “And this plan is…?”

“Neji’s roommate is going to move in with you!”



Sakura lies facedown on her unmade bed, the sounds of moving furniture and masculine grunts not compelling her to move in the least. Her things were all moved in yesterday; her furniture is mostly assembled and boxes, both empty and full, are scattered across the floor.

Today her new roommate is bringing his things in, and after an entire day of moving her own junk in and with the lactic acid settling in her muscles, she feels no desire to help him.

She hasn’t even formally met him yet; his name is Sasuke and they’ve texted a couple of times to make moving in arrangements, but she doesn’t even know what he looks like. Tenten assures her that he’s not a creeper or a pervert, but given that Tenten doesn’t notice much outside of Neji these days, Sakura feels the need for a second opinion.

But that would require moving, and that’s just too much effort.

At least until the delicious smell of pizza wafts into the room and her stomach growls in protest of its emptiness.

Sakura groans and lazily rolls off the bed, landing on the floor on her hands and knees. She considers crawling to the kitchen, but does she really want to risk a weird first impression on the off-chance that her roommate is hot? Sighing dramatically, she stumbles to her feet.

As she emerges from the hallway into the living room, the first thing she notices is a large, black leather sectional couch that probably cost more than her junkyard car. An enormous flatscreen TV adorns the opposite wall, flanked by two large speakers and several game consoles.

Oh no.

The presence of surround sound speakers is an instant red flag that tells Sakura that she will never get a decent night of sleep in this apartment. She whirls around to march back to her room and call Tenten, demanding that she get her butt back here this instant, but she hadn’t been counting on Sasuke’s presence behind her.

She smacks hard into a solid chest, upending the plate he’s carrying and decorating her chest with his slice of pizza. And then she looks up.


Shit. He’s hot. He’s really hot. Perfect black brows arch in annoyance, and it’s so similar to Neji’s usual expression that she can easily believe they were roommates. Speaking of roommates, Tenten had the responsibility to warn her that her new roommate is a studmuffin. This isn’t even fair. He’s tall and muscular, with fair skin and dark, dark hair that falls into his equally jet eyes and spikes in the back.

In fact, he may be the male incarnation of Snow White.

He must think she’s crazy as she stands there covered in pizza and giggling like an idiot at her own internal monologue.

“…you’re Sakura?”

She nods, untamed pink hair falling into her eyes. And oh jeez, his voice. She doesn’t need this. She really doesn’t need this.

…well, maybe just a little.

Sasuke carefully peels the pizza from her chest and eats it, never taking his eyes off of hers. It’s possibly the sexiest thing Sakura has ever seen, and what is breathing? A lost art as he slowly wipes away a glob of sauce between her breasts with his forefinger.

He smirks at her as he walks away to seat himself on the couch, stretching out his long legs and maintaining the weird eye sex that they’ve been engaging in for the last two minutes. It’s shady as fuck, and it’s turning her on.

He probably does this with all the girls he moves in with (maybe even with Neji, who the hell knows), and so Sakura does her best to tear her gaze away from his, heading to the sink to wash off the remaining pizza goop. Her purple tank top is basically ruined, but she scrubs at it anyway, trying not to think about how her chest still tingles where he touched her.

As she finishes her ministrations and turns around, there he is again, his time putting his plate into the sink. That unholy smirk of his sets her heart beating faster than a firing piston, and he leans down to murmur in her ear.

“You missed a spot.”

Sasuke’s thumb swipes over her chin, where splattered sauce had gone unnoticed. Her skin burns at his touch, and his tongue flicks out to lick the sauce off of his thumb. Sakura’s mind goes blissfully blank.

“Um…I have to go.”

Flushing scarlet, she quickly brushes past him and hurries down the hall to her room. Once inside, she slams the door shut and leans back against it, closing her eyes and breathing hard. A quiet vibrating noise snaps her back to attention.

It turns out to be her phone vibrating on her pillow. Sakura picks it up, unsurprised to see Tenten’s number on the caller ID.


“Hey! Have you met Sasuke yet? How’d it go? Tell me everything.”

“I hate you.”