box and rocket

The Complete Wes Anderson Questionnaire
  • Send me the name of a character for an answer to the question, feel free to reblog and share.
  • ---- Bottle Rocket ----
  • Dignan: Do you have a detailed plan for your life? What are your plans for the next 10 years?
  • Anthony: Have you ever been pressured into anything by your friends?
  • Bob: If you were to ever plan a heist, what would be your target and what would be your get-away vehicle?
  • ---- Rushmore ----
  • Max: Are you part of any clubs or societies?
  • Herman: If you could run your own business, what would that business be?
  • Rosemary: Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? What would you teach?
  • Dirk: Have you ever written an angry letter?
  • ---- The Royal Tenenbaums ----
  • Margot: What is your greatest childhood achievement?
  • Richie: What is your favorite sport?
  • Chas: Would you consider yourself to be a hypochondriac?
  • Royal: What is the biggest lie you have told?
  • Eli: If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
  • ---- The Life Aquatic ----
  • Steve: If you had a ship, what would you name it?
  • Ned: Have you ever been pressured into anything by your parents?
  • Jane: Would you make a good journalist?
  • Hennessey: What is the most expensive thing you own?
  • Klaus: Do you enjoy working as a team?
  • ---- The Darjeeling Limited ----
  • Jack: Are you a romantic?
  • Francis: Have you ever been in a severe accident?
  • Peter: If you could own an exotic animal as a pet, what would it be?
  • ---- Fantastic Mr. Fox ----
  • Mr. Fox: If you had a bandit hat, what colour would it be?
  • Kylie: Do you have good credit?
  • Felicity Fox: If you could paint any landscape, which would you paint?
  • Ash: Do you consider yourself to be 'different'?
  • Kristofferson: Do you have any relatives in distant places?
  • ---- Moonrise Kingdom ----
  • Sam: Do you make friends easily?
  • Suzy: What kind of bird are you?
  • Scout Master Ward: Are you a good leader?
  • Captain Sharp: Did you grow up in a close-knit community?
  • ---- The Grand Budapest Hotel ----
  • M. Gustave: Do you have a signature scent?
  • Zero: What have you worked hard for in your life?
  • Agatha: Are you a good baker?
  • Dmitri: What is your favorite painting?
  • Madame D: Do you plan to remain glamorous in your later years?
the signs as shit I've done
  • Aries: Getting kicked out of ballet when I was 4 years old for "taking over the class"
  • Taurus: Breaking a rib while in the process of donating a very large television to charity
  • Gemini: Buying rocket pops and making it all the way back to the dorm before realizing i did not own a working freezer
  • Cancer: running into a door frame and giving myself a concussion
  • Leo: Getting interviewed by the local news about winning a county-wide spelling bee in 6th grade and lying to the reporter by saying that I was recovering from open heart surgery because I wanted to make my interview more "interesting"
  • Virgo: Climbing up onto the roof of my school on a dare and getting the whole class in trouble
  • Libra: Getting kicked in the face and chipping a tooth, get it fixed, then rechip the same tooth walking face first into a tree
  • Scorpio: Stabbing a boy with a pencil when he tried to hold my hand during a weird church meeting we had to attend for class
  • Capricorn: Spelling my middle name incorrectly until I was in 8th grade
  • Aquarius: Forgetting to eat for a day and a half and passing out randomly at swim practice
  • Pisces: Getting into a twenty minute argument with a teacher about star wars (that I was winning) until an onlooker pointed out that I haven't even seen star wars

LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop (10249) Press Release

Ages 12+. 898 pieces. Released 1st October (16th September for LEGO VIP members)
US $79.99 – CA $99.99 – DE 69.99€ – UK £59.99 – DK 599.00 DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

Enjoy the holiday season with the Winter Toy Shop!

Welcome to the Winter Toy Shop! The holiday season has arrived and the toymaker is busy finishing off his latest creations! Outside, children ski and snowboard, and a freshly built snowman sparkles in the light that shines from the toyshop tower. Help decorate the huge tree that stands at the center of the square, play with the curious kitten on the cozy wooden bench or join in with the carolers beneath the ornate streetlamp. This charming set also features a ladder, trees in various sizes, jack-in-the-box, a toy biplane, helicopter, rocket, train, race car, truck, robot, tugboat, teddy bear and a wrapped gift. Have fun building this enchanting winter wonderland! Includes a snowman and 8 minifigures with assorted accessories: a male caroler, female caroler, a woman, 2 men, 2 boys and a girl.
• Includes 8 minifigures with assorted accessories: a male caroler, female caroler, a woman, 2 men, 2 boys and a girl
• Features a toyshop, large Christmas tree with decorations, ladder, bench, ornate streetlight, carrot-nosed snowman and a cat
• Toyshop features a LEGO® light brick, cash register, clock, chair, table, tools and a ladder
• Accessories include a wrapped gift, snowboard, skis, 5 wreaths, 2 sets of strings lights, 2 top hats, 2 carol songbooks and 10 toys, including a jack-in-the-box, a toy biplane, helicopter, rocket, train, race car, truck, robot, tugboat and a teddy bear element
• Also includes trees in various sizes and snow elements
• Light up the toyshop tower with the LEGO® light brick!
• Decorate the Christmas tree!
• Enjoy the holiday season with this fun, festive model!
• Winter Toy Shop measures over 6” (17cm) high, 7” (19cm) wide and 3” (10cm) deep
• Christmas tree measures over 5” (15cm) high, 4” (11cm) wide and 4” (11cm) deep