Hi guys, me (Nicky / x-evolution) and Kat (bowtotheteal) are going to make a youtube cheer collab vlog. We’re going to need 5 people so we can have a video each day a week. If you get picked you will have a day in which you have your video on. All together the 7 of us will choose a topic for each week so we know what video everyone is going to do.

How to get picked:

  • Reblog this!
  • Send a description to either me or Kat including your name, age, country you’re from and why you should be picked

To stand a bigger chance of getting picked you can send us a link to a video/pictures of yourself doing cheer/something to do with cheer. Or if you post the videos or picture but tag xevolution and bowtotheteal (we track these tags) and then we’ll see it.


  • MBF x-evolution AND bowtotheteal
  • You must reblog this
  • Likes won’t count
  • you’ll need to be able to do a video each week and if you can’t do it one week then you’ll need to tell one of us so we can sort it out:)

Most of all we think this will be a fun way to get to know other cheerleaders and if we pick you then it would be great if we became really good friends and it should be a load of fun! 

(We might need one/two people that will be able to step-in for people if they can’t do a week)

anonymous asked:

Who do you think are some of the best cheerleaders (skill wise) on tumblr?

This is actually hard to answer because there are so many great athletes on here… I’m going to go off of what people that I follow post of themselves (like tumbling/stunting/jumps/etc) or what I’ve seen them do. 

There is a lot of people that I assume are good but won’t mention here just bc I haven’t actually seen their skills.

peachrays has beautiful jumps and is a gorgeous flyer 

yourethehittomypull has gorgeous tumbling/jumps

purple-royalty has really clean tumbling

shescheercaptain is really great overall (also love her attitude towards cheer and how she pushes through and really works on her shit)

haleydebruynee is a gorgeous flyer

walking-fierce-talking-fierce has gorgeous tumbling , nice jumps and is a pretty flyer

mackenziesherburn is a gorgeous flyer

@bowtotheteal has really nice tumbling There’s def more that I’m missing but it’s late and I don’t follow every cheer blog out there so yea