Hi guys, me (Nicky / x-evolution) and Kat (bowtotheteal) are going to make a youtube cheer collab vlog. We’re going to need 5 people so we can have a video each day a week. If you get picked you will have a day in which you have your video on. All together the 7 of us will choose a topic for each week so we know what video everyone is going to do.

How to get picked:

  • Reblog this!
  • Send a description to either me or Kat including your name, age, country you’re from and why you should be picked

To stand a bigger chance of getting picked you can send us a link to a video/pictures of yourself doing cheer/something to do with cheer. Or if you post the videos or picture but tag xevolution and bowtotheteal (we track these tags) and then we’ll see it.


  • MBF x-evolution AND bowtotheteal
  • You must reblog this
  • Likes won’t count
  • you’ll need to be able to do a video each week and if you can’t do it one week then you’ll need to tell one of us so we can sort it out:)

Most of all we think this will be a fun way to get to know other cheerleaders and if we pick you then it would be great if we became really good friends and it should be a load of fun! 

(We might need one/two people that will be able to step-in for people if they can’t do a week)