playing with your food takes on a whole new meaning when you remember that dragons eat people while they’re still alive like, do you think momma dragons get mad at their kids? stop terrorizing the town, honey, and just eat your vegetable farmersthey’re good for you

okay so obligatory “I went to see The Hobbit” post go

I used to read the book and listen to the audio drama of this all the time a few years back, so I was really excited for this. I won’t bore you all with a review but suffice it to say that I was impressed, and that the two things I noticed and loved were a) constantly using actual lines from the book as a little nod to the readers and b) the musical cues from the old LOTR themes and Hobbiton themes they slipped in to the score. Loved it.

Also Martin Freeman. He was excellent.

It was funny, though- there were only maybe twenty other people in the theater with us, so we got to wait inside and got let in early and everything. Pleasant surprise. XD

Also obligatory in-joke for Shelby: We must all remember the one true victory of this film, the victory that overshadows all others.

Sebastian the Hedgehog survived.