oh hello.

Welcome to all the lovelies that have followed my blog the past few days, it’s a pleasure to have you all here :) 

I assure you I am not usually this slack in up-dating, but it’s getting to that time of year again where my real job takes over my life and free time becomes scarce.

Feel free to submit anything you like, I do enjoy your input.  

Stay dapper kids.

Bow Ties & Dapper Finds...

So I have just started another totally awesome blog called Bow Ties & Dapper Finds & it’s going to be purely dedicated to dapper gentlemen & tailored men’s fashion.

It’s a work in progress & I’m still finding my feet, but I have high hopes for it because men’s fashion is something I really love!

So if it sounds like it might tickle your fancy, check it out & tell your dapper friends!

Bow Ties & Dapper Finds

mini celebration for the 1000th post...

The always dapper, divine, delightful & delicious Darren Criss gets the honour of being the subject of my 1000th post.  

Enjoy & thanks to everyone for the overwhelming amount of follows this blog has received in such a short amount of time!   

Actor Darren Criss arrives at the premiere of his film, Imogene, at the Ryerson Theatre, Toronto 07/09/12