bowties! at the disco


Don’t get me wrong, Brendon Urie will always be utter perfection no matter what, but there’s something about the Vices & Virtues era that makes him look even more stunning (the hair, the outfits, the music,etc.). I also feel like that album was when his voice started getting even stronger, which was maybe reflective of how he got stronger as a person.


52 years ago today, the best show in television history was created. I can’t express how much I love this show and how proud I am to be a fan. Thank you to everyone who has/is working on it, and best of luck to those in the future.

"300 Joules" - Kurt/Blaine

“The First Time” in the Wax Verse, just in time for Valentine’s Day <3

Warnings for: blood, barebacking

Part 11 of the Wax Verse. Kurt’s a vampire, Blaine’s a werewolf, etc. For the rest of the out-of-chronological-order verse thus far: Wax Masterpost

~4400 words


“You’re just so… you know, you’re out there.”

“And your whole ‘bashful schoolboy’ thing? Super hot.”

Blaine’s polite and amused grin faltered then. Sebastian’s interest was obvious, even without the scent flying off him as he’d stared Blaine down the entire time they were in line for their coffee, but Blaine had assumed—hoped, really—that Sebastian would be a gentleman.

Instead, Sebastian smoldered and smirked at Blaine from across the table as he informed him that his boyfriend was irrelevant. Blaine wasn’t even sure how to respond to the outright pursuit without being rude. Luckily, as Blaine tried to explain that he was happy and taken by someone great—an understatement, his mate was everything—that sweet, coppery, unmistakable scent edged into his awareness.

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