The Ten Rules of Doctor Who

Rule #10: When the Doctor says “run”, you run.

Rule #9: Always sing along to the theme.

Rule #8: Be on the lookout for references.

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Rule #7: Crossovers are always awesome.

Rule #6: Always be accepting towards the new Doctor.

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Rule #5: Don’t you dare skip Nine.

Rule #4: Old Who is still cool.

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Rule #3: Forgive them for this:

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Rule #2: Bow ties will forevermore be cool.

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Aaaannnd here they are folks! The amazing photoshoot from Dapper Chicks of NY to raise awareness for Breast Cancer!

I had the distinct pleasure of being photographed along side of these amazingly intelligent, dapper as all hell women last weekend.

Thanks to adapperchick we are the Dapper Chicks of NY.

I feel very honored and lucky to be alongside such lovely and fashionable ladies.

Please check them all out on instagram or their websites

Nicole’s Instagram: nic_at_nite_

Sara’s Instagram & website: adapperchick and

Ali’s instagram: alimedina_3

Danielle’s instagram & website: shesagent &

Go to for more information and some upcoming shoots!

And a huge thanks to DAG Images

She did an amazing job on these photos and ALL rights go to her.

Until the next shoot…




Another successful photo shoot with the Dapper Chicks of New York

I feel honored to be standing with these six amazingly brilliant and talented women. To Sara, Wen, Nicole, Danielle, Bo, and Ali – I am proud to stand by your side!

And there is one woman who is not shown in these photos and that’s Debbie, of Dag Images, the fantastic photographer of this very special photo shoot!

I’ve had some serious push back from the work place about the way I dress and it’s only made me the person I am today. After many years I am finally comfortable with going on an interview with a bow tie and owning it! I am dapper, hear me roar!

It’s a comfort to know that there are other phenomenal woman out there like these lovely ladies who support equality for women.

Please check out for more photos and the full story!

so much love,

Laura, Girl In A Bow Tie