M!A: The Ship Has Sailed; Cass&Vi||@thetimetravelingkitten

Cassie felt her hearts race as those damn butterflies found their way into her stomach. She had walked up to Violet’s bedroom door at least four times, a single red rose in her hand. She couldn’t do this, why couldn’t she do this? “C'mon Cass.” She muttered to herself. Why did this have to be so hard? Just do it. Tell her. Before she had time to run away again Cassie knocked on the door. She instantly regretted it and went to move away but to late. The door had already opened. Cassie blushed and looked down at her shoes bashfully, twirling the rose in her hand. She took a deep breath and looked up to see the girl standing there, so tiny and sweet, a face she had grown to love. “Hi.” She breathed.

~Brightest Girl In The Galaxy~ {Dani & Eleven}

Dani looked down at her watch “11:34” She mumbled to herself, hoisting up the bags of groceries she’d just bought from the farmers market, and making her way down the cruddy old streets of the boring, dull town of Perthshire. Generally she would take the long way home, the way that consisted of winding walkways straight through town, but that day she was feeling particularly odd, and decided to take a shortcut through a field.

To her surprise there was a large blue telephone box sitting straight in the middle of the field. This was perfect. She knew something was different about today, and she could feel it. It was like she was drawn to the box. She dropped her groceries and ran over to it, ready to walk straight in when something stopped her. It was completely and utterly rude to just barge in!

She sighed, stepping back a bit and knocking on the door, her knocks were soft, but surely could be heard. She waited anxiously for something, anything to happen.

In the TARDIS; Cass&11||@bow-tied-thief

Cassie woke with a start and sat up, disoriented. After a moment of panic she realised where she was, the familiar purr of the TARDIS soothing her. There was no time on the TARDIS, nothing to tell her if it were the middle of the night or the middle of the day, but it was dark. She rubbed her face and pulled on a jumper, shivering slightly as her feet found the cold ground. Cassie stumbled out of bed and wandered into the console room where she found the Doctor fiddling with some wires. “Doctor, can I ask you something?” She murmured softly, leaning against the TARDIS railing as she watched him muss about.