bowtie design


Normal / Ghost
Abilities: Levitate / Overcoat

Classification: Ribbon Pokemon
Height: 0′10″
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Locale: Haunted Mansions, Boutiques, Urban

Stats: +Speed, +Sp.Atk, -Sp.Def, -Def, –Atk.

Scratch, Wrap, Tickle, Bite

It is a spirit inhabiting a piece of ribbon, springing it to life. The possession changes the material of the ribbon to become unlike regular fabrics. Spectie may fight against their closely resembling Boefli for dominance over the warmth of other Pokemon, but the two occupy mostly different environments.


Fangirl challenge — [1/10] pilot: Apéritif, Hannibal.

«This is not a fatal wound. The bullet misses every artery. She is paralyzed before it leaves her body. Which doesn’t mean she can’t feel pain. It just means she can’t do anything about it. This is my design