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Truth or Dare (Part 2)

Part 1

Imagine: Playing Truth or Dare with the Eleventh Doctor.

Imagine by: @eleventh-and-his-bowties

Fandom: Doctor Who, 11th Doctor

Pairing: 11!Doctor x Reader

Warnings: ……….Nudity (this is an odd story), SOME sexual references (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXPLICIT! I KNOW IT SEEMS UNLIKELY BUT THIS IS A SMUT-FREE STORY!)

Author’s Note: At some point during this story, you’ll run across the word probe (pronounced: pro-bee). In case you don’t know what that is, it’s just another word for ‘new agent’.

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The Doctor smiled. “Truth or Dare.” He turned around and wandered around the TARDIS’s console, flicking switches and pressing buttons.

“Truth?” You winced jokingly.

He leaned around the console, into your eyesight. The Doctor had a look of confusion on his face.

“I know,” you admitted with your hands up, “I’m weak.”

The Doctor smirked, and circled around the console over to you. “Ah, you’re not weak, love.” He hugged you.

This was one of the reasons why you loved him. He always made sure you knew you were loved, even if you were joking around.

“Oh, just ask me my truth,” you sighed, returning the hug.

The Doctor broke away, a sly smirk on his face.

You grimaced, “Oh God, what is it.”

“Have you…ever gone streaking?”

Your eyebrows shot up and you froze. “…I’m sorry…,” you finally spoke, “…what.”

“You heard me. Have. You. Ever. Gone. Streaking?” He emphasized each word.

Your blush said what you couldn’t.

The Doctor walked away while he chuckled, and started using the console to direct the TARDIS to the destination he had in mind. His chuckling turned into a real laugh.

“Y/n, it’s your choice. This wasn’t a dare. I won’t force you to do this…,” he laughed again, “But by the smile that I see on your face now, y/n you wanna go, don’t you.”

You giggled. This wouldn’t be the first time you’d see each other naked, when it comes down to it.

“Y/n, have I ever taken you to Richard Nixon’s inauguration?”


The TARDIS stopped.

“I’m going to need to see your clothes on the ground, y/n.”

You started to strip. “You do realize this is insane, right?”

“You do realize you’re the one who agreed to this, right?” The Doctor quipped back as he got rid of his clothes as well.

Minutes later, you were completely naked, and the Doctor was clad only in a bowtie and a fez. He didn’t have a fez earlier, and you had no idea where he got it from, but you figured it best not to ask questions.

“You ready?” The Doctor asked with his usual shining grin on his face.

Hands sweeping quickly over your face, you said, “As ready as a person who is about to run in front of POTUS naked will ever be.”

The grin only got wider. He ran by you, taking your hand and pulling you out the door with him. He yelled, “HERE WE GOOOO!!!!!”

There was a lot of sounds making themselves known as the two of you ran. Screams of joy coming from you, the Doctor and the odd audience member who appreciated how awesome a feat you and the Doctor were performing. Then there were screams of distress, because there were children there after all. You also heard secret service shouting at you, and at each other. Then there’s the basics, like birds chirping. What you didn’t expect to hear was the Marine Band, which for some reason hadn’t stopped playing in all the commotion. The optimist in you thought it was because they were cheering you on.

What you couldn’t get out of your head was the sight of Nixon’s face. It reminded you a lot of Elvis’s face on your last adventure with the Doctor. You know, right after the Doctor kissed the singer. Yeah, other sights caught your eye, too, like everyone else’s shocked faces and the guards running at you, but Nixon! You could’ve gone down laughing right there. Though, you didn’t, of course.

Smell was more diverse than you thought it would be. You could smell all the different kinds of food that was being sold nearby. By some weird chance, you could even smell (your favorite food). For a split second, you wondered if there was time to stop by for some. Then you remembered your attire, and the secret service chasing you. You laughed.

Every once in a while you would feel someone grab you, most of the time an agent, but you’d been with the Doctor far to long to not know how to shake them off and keep running. The cement was cold and scratchy, and you were just beginning to feel the cold. Goosebumps were appearing all over you, and your nipples hardened. Wind blew your hair back. People were starting to throw stuff at you, not that you cared at all. You laughed again.

The last thing you thought about was, oddly, the tastes on your tongue. Do you ever catch the taste in the air just before it rains? Well, that’s what you tasted just then. There was also the wind flitting against your tongue. That’s pretty much it, but who wouldn’t want to take in every aspect of life when they were with the Doctor?

The two of you made a loop around the stage, and back to the TARDIS, but of course, nothing can be that easy. Secret Service were waiting for you just around the corner.

“We’ve been over this. I am the Doctor, and myself and my companion here were streaking!” The Doctor declared, as if it was the most normal and obvious thing in the world.

The agent sitting across from the two of you was clearly at the end of his wits. “Sir, do you understand what you just said? You just admitted to breaking at least five laws.”

You sighed and rested your head in your hands. It wasn’t hard to admit, this was not one of the Doctor’s smartest plans. Quietly, you sat there, while the Doctor talked with the special agent.

“Oh, come on, you can’t tell me you’ve never went and gone out and gone streaking with your lover.” He winked at you.

The agent blinked, “No, I can’t say I have.”

“But you’ve thought about it.”

Humorously, the agent didn’t answer.

You giggled, and the Doctor slyly looked back over to you.

“Now,” you started, “I think that’s enough.” You flashed the psychic paper towards the guard.

The Doctor glanced at the psychic paper, then back at you. “Where have you been keeping that all this time?”

You winked, and the Doctor blushed and looked away. You held back a chuckle. Of course, it’s okay whenever the Doctor is flirting with someone, but as soon as that someone does it back, it was like flirting with a shy fourteen-year-old girl.

The nameless special agent, who seemed to have been deaf to the little exchange that had just taken place, gave a surprised start, and jumped up, saluting you and the Doctor. “Oh! I’m so sorry agents!”

You and the Doctor stood up, and as per the Doctor’s usual, he saluted the agent back. He clumsily let his arm down after a second.

“Yes, you should know better by now to figure out that we were on special assignment! How long have you been working here?” You put on an important sounding voice.

“Only a few months, ma’am/sir,” stated the agent, clearly almost wetting himself. Whatever he had seen on the psychic paper must’ve made you and the Doctor really important.

The act you were playing stayed silent for a moment, surveying the agent coldly before you said, “Acceptable, but you won’t be getting anymore excuses or chances. Get out.”

“Y-yes, of c-course, sir/ma’am,” the agent stuttered as he scampered out of the room.

Just before he left, the Doctor called out after him, “And could we please have some clothes?!” But it was no luck. The probe (pronounced: pro-bee) was already gone.

That’s right, you went through that entire interview in the nude.

“Well, I guess we’ll have to get out of here the old-fashion way, then,” you commented with a smirk.

That’s what lead you and the Doctor to go charging through the hallways of the White House completely naked, well, not completely for the Doctor, because of his bowtie and fez he’d somehow managed to hang on to.

Someone might’ve caught the two of you, but the Doctor kept everyone around you busy by causing small explosions with his sonic screw driver.

“Where have you been keeping that all this time?!” You called out after the Doctor.

He just shouted back, “Oh, you know where, my love!”

You laughed out loud.

After about another ten minutes of running, the TARDIS door swung shut behind you. While you spent some extra time catching your breath, the Doctor started pulling his clothes back on.

“Is streaking always that…eventful?” you asked.

The Doctor laughed, “Everything’s eventful when you’re involved, y/n!”

You blushed, laughed again, and started redressing yourself. Once your shirt was over your head and back on your body, the Doctor kissed you.

It was a short kiss, lasting less than two seconds, but made your heart and the Doctor’s hearts flutter, and it showed the adoration the Doctor had for you.

Once the two of you separated, your foreheads pressed together and you whispered, “Truth or Dare.”

Author’s Note:
Thank you so much for reading this! Fill up that heart if you liked it. Over on my page, I have a lot more fics on Doctor Who (so far Doctors Ten and Eleven), and other stories on Hamilton, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and many, many more. Also, requests aren’t being closed any time soon, so feel free to drop one in my box. If you’re hesitant on weather or not I write for that fandom, just ask (there’s a good chance I do). As long as it’s not anime (sorry!), because the only one I’ve seen is Ouran High School Host Club (I’ll write for that anime, though). I only have one rule for my requests. No smut please. Sorry if this is too long, but have a nice day/night, or whatever time it is for you, and I love you.

**Credits for the character the Doctor goes to Matt Smith and the creators of Doctor Who. Credits for the character the TARDIS goes to the creators of Doctor Who.**

Through time and space (part two)

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Now one day at work you and Rose were closing up when a man grabs yours and Rose’s and tells you to run. Once outside of the building the strange man introduces himself: “I’m the Doctor, by the way. What are your names?”

“Rose, and this is Y/N.” Rose answers. The man smiles before replying.

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