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In Sickness and In Health

Anon prompted: It’s the boys ten year wedding anniversary and Rachel offers to take Elizabeth for the night so they can do whatever they want. Kurt was on his way home from work when he picks her up from school and drops her with Racheal before heading home to get ready for the romantic night he’s planned. But when he gets home he finds Blaine in bed sick with the worst stomach virus he’s ever had. Rachel agrees to keep Elizabeth untill he’s better so she doesn’t catch it. Blaine goes to hospital for fluids

What started out as the perfect anniversary takes a turn for the worse when Blaine ends up extremely sick.  Luckily, they’re able to celebrate later.

4757 words.  Rated: PG

Kurt blinked his eyes open one November morning when the alarm went off at 7 o’clock.  He hadn’t had to follow this new schedule for very long since Elizabeth was only in her third month of kindergarten, but it had become second nature to him already.  He had a few minutes between waking up and having to go wake up his daughter, so Kurt rolled over towards Blaine and snuggled up next to his husband, and that’s when he realized exactly what day it is.

“Happy anniversary,” Kurt said, voice thick from sleep as he nuzzled his husband.

Blaine smiled as he woke up and heard Kurt.  He leaned into Kurt and wrapped an arm around Kurt’s waist.  “Happy anniversary.”

“Can you believe we’ve been married for ten years?”

“Nope.”  Blaine looked over at the clock and saw what time it was.  “Neither can I believe we have a five-year-old who needs to get up and get ready for school.”  

Kurt glanced at the clock that was on Blaine’s nightstand and sighed.  “I guess we need to get up then,” he said as he rolled back over to his own side of the bed and swung his legs over the side of the bed to stand.

Kurt shuffled down the hall past the room with unfinished furniture and bags of new infant clothes for their new baby to his daughter’s bedroom.  He quietly opened her door and entered her room, leaving her alone as he walked to her closet to pick out some clothes for her.  He knew that since she was going to go over to Rachel’s that evening while he and Blaine celebrated their anniversary that she was going to end up having a girls’ night.  Girls’ night always requires dressing up so they can go out and pretend to be movie stars, so he picked out his daughter’s favorite pink and blue striped dress and her navy blue ballet flats.  He laid the outfit down on the corner of his daughter’s bed before walking over next to her sleeping form and gently shaking her awake.  She stirred and rolled to face her dad and smiled.  

“Hey sweetie,” he said softly as Elizabeth’s eyes blinked open and she focused on him.  “Time to get up.”

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I forgot to post about it but I got my second Blaine bowtie in the mail a few days ago, and I love it. Thanks to Johnna ( @yanks02 ) who gathered 20 people to bid on one of the bowties lot, we managed to win and got to pick each one bowtie. This was my first pick so I’m very happy because it’s so pretty. <3  Now I just need to learn to tie a bowtie! ;D

Always Right Together - 1/?

Summary: Kurt and Blaine have been in love for sixteen years. They’ve only been alive for eighteen. | AO3

Warnings: angst, minor character death (Kurt’s mom), homophobia and bullying, follows canon elements (Karofsky)

A/N: There’s a hella long message over on AO3, but here I’ll keep it short. This is a story about Kurt and Blaine growing up together and falling in love. It’s not quite finished yet, but it will be. It’s also a giant thank you to anyone who has ever read something I’ve written. Thank you ♥


His mom loved love.

He remembers this, because she never stopped listening to love songs. He’s pretty sure his first sentence was ‘Take my hand, take my whole life, too’.

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ficlet: intimate

I’m supposed to be writing my thesis and instead I wrote 900 words of smutty-fluff. Smuff. Or is it flutt? Who can tell?

Anyway, blowjobs and fantasies and sickly sweet husbands below. Enjoy!

For the first time in the longest time, Kurt wakes up before Blaine.

When they lived in New York together, Blaine was always, always up before Kurt. Usually to make breakfast, but sometimes he was up just because the sun was. New York was awake, and so Blaine was awake, or so he said. Kurt always tried to sleep in when he could.

But now, in this lovely, pricey bed-and-breakfast in Pennsylvania on the first night of their honeymoon, Blaine is still asleep, and Kurt is the one who has woken up early.

Blaine, his husband.

In some ways, it feels like a dream—but no, there’s the ring on Kurt’s finger, familiar again after so many month without it, and on Blaine’s hand is a matching one, gold and thin and beautiful, a perfect match for his other half.

Husband. Blaine is his husband.

He couldn’t keep the smile off his face; it had been a long road, but God, he was glad to be here now.  He honestly didn’t think they would be there for a while, when Blaine was dating Dave and everything seemed impossible, and yet—here they are.

Blaine is a mess. A beautiful mess, one Kurt loves to pieces, but he is a mess all the same. He wore him out last night; they hadn’t showered the night before, too busy touching one another to worry about washing the wedding and the drive off of them. Blaine’s hair is a mix-mash of curls and gel, half of his hair sticking straight up while the other curled around his face. If he thought he could find his phone without getting out of bed, he would have taken a picture.

Instead, he kisses him.

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Fic: Boredom

anon prompted (months ago, I’m sorry): could you write older!blaine and mpreg!kurt?

and mikaoru prompted the whole story idea. which I’ll add at the bottom so as to not give the whole thing away. happy belated birthday, Mica!

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At six months, the doctor requests Kurt be put on bed rest.

Kurt remains silent the moment Dr. Myles suggests ‘relaxing.’ He suspects he will be borderline losing his mind with nothing to do. But he purses his lips, narrows his eyes, and nods in response. He quietly consents, “Mhm.”

Blaine, on the other hand, overly concerned husband and father-to-be, mops up everything the doctor orders.

“No strenuous activity,” Dr. Myles demands.

Blaine places his hands on Kurt’s shoulders. “Absolutely not.”

“Kurt must relax until the baby is born. As he is a carrier, he’s in a fragile state, and we cannot risk any danger to the baby.”

Blaine smiles. Lucky bastard isn’t confined to the bed for the next three months. “I will make sure he stays in bed all day.”

“Great. Well, everything else looks fine. I’ll see you back here in two weeks.”

“Excellent. Thanks, Dr. Myles.”

Kurt speaks only after the doctor has left the room. “Bed rest,” he says suddenly. Disapprovingly.

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introducing.. youmovemenetwork!

what is this?

it’s a network for klainers! we accept all sorts of klaine blogs (even ones that are already part of a network)

why should i join?

because the show is over and meeting fellow klaine fans is fun!

how do i join?

1. go here and follow the rules listed

2. reblog this post to spread the word

3. there you go! the members will be announced at the beginning of may

what else?

  • post klaine semi-regularly (you can be multifandom)
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  • when accepted, you will be added to our members page

and it’s as simple as that! all sorts of blogs are accepted so feel free to apply! 

have any more questions? go here or here

Quick fill of this au: ”i just committed a crime and i need to use you as a hostage i am so sorry” au - from this post

Blaine just had a list of errands to run today. That’s all. Just simple, adult obligations like going to the post office and the bank and getting some groceries.

As the masked bank robber enters the Westerville Community Bank, Blaine realizes he should have done the post office first. Heists never happen at the post office, after all. But here is Blaine with the handful of other people in the bank, on their knees with their hands on the back of their heads, just as the lone man had said.

He’s not like your run of the mill bank robber, thinks Blaine. He’s not wearing a black ski mask or anything – instead he’s wearing one of those masks that look like a Porcelain doll – and okay, it’s probably bad form to check out the ass of the bank robber waiving a gun around and demanding that the tellers hand over all the money they can. Blaine is, though, because of the form fitting black pants. It’s hard not to, honestly.

Once the man has a bag full of cash, he looks around the room then points to him. “Hey – cutie with the bowtie. Come here.”

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