bows down south


HERE!!! *throws it * UGH!!! I GOT WRONG WITH SEOUL!!! UGH!!! *flips all my stuff*

Philip: Ey!! Calm down It’s just a mistake.. & it’s doesn’t look like it had a mistake…

Ok…ok… im calm *sigh* So ~~ guys here the three sibs~~ North the oldest, South second oldest,& lil kitty Seoul!!! (Youngest)

The mistake on Seo is his color & clothing~~ but nhaaa…  ̄ 3 ̄

(I also apologize to @nekoitzer … for not sharing or reblogging his/her idea on Seo.. Sorry, Im really Sorry *bows down head*😫😫)

North & South Korea!Sans by Me~~
Seoul by @nekoitzer



Hey everyone I decided to do a Lilly Pulitzer package contest ! I will be buying 2 lucky bloggers a lilly agenda, phone case, and now from Bows Down South!!

The contest is simple ! All you have to do are the following:

-FOLLOW ME!(I will be checking)
-Message me just saying hello and your top 3 favorite Lilly prints!
- Reblog this post you can reblog as many times as your lovely heart desires!

That’s about it! This is my first contest on here so I think it should be fun!

I will be announcing the winner when I reach 12,000 reblogs or August 12th ! Which ever comes first I guess!

Enjoy and love you lots!