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So, I picked up these heels for $1.75! Naturally, I needed something purple to go with them, so I grabbed this shirt while I was at it, for $2.50 :)

I’ve been enjoying dressing in different styles, but it feels so good to be back in my favorite style! Short skirts, tights, and heels are my bread and butter!

As a side note, my new glasses should be here this week, and they would go great with this outfit! I can’t wait to start wearing glasses again :) And I think I did really well on my makeup too!

BBS: Circus Au Chapter: 1


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Okay, warning. This is my first time writing anything in a really long time. I’m still super rusty, but hopefully y’all will enjoy and I won’t delete this within a day of writing it! (And for the sake of my own sanity, I’m going to be writing smii7y’s name like “Smitty”. Just because it looks more serious for this. I love my meme boy, but I don’t want certain scenes to be memes.)

I also might be posting art inspired by this au.


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He watched them very carefully, his targets bound to the wall. They remained there with slight motions, but could do nothing to protest. He could feel the weight of the tool in his hand. His instrument. It was small, but it had balance to it. The tip was sharp enough to penetrate from a distance and finish the job. Marcel smiled and bit his lip. His victim could do nothing but hang until he said so.

“Just do it already!” Cried Brock, waiting for the outcome.

A twitch of frustration ran through Marcel. He let out a long breath and aimed his weapon. His little game was about to end. And he would be victorious.

“Do it! Please!” Brock shouted once more. And this time Marcel obliged.


“Sorry sir. You’re all out of tries.”

“DAMMIT. Brock! You messed me up!”

“Sorry man. It’s not my fault you suck at carnival games.”

A wall filled with an odd amount of balloons and three darts at the center taunting him. Their bright colors and obvious placements teasing him with the idea that it could be easy to win a large stuffed banana with a mustache. But things are never as simple as that.

“Did Marcel actually hit anything yet?” Asked Smitty, returning with a bag of popcorn.

“Nope.” Brock said while trying to hold back a chuckle.

“This thing is rigged! I am the jackpot king! I should be winning these things left and right!”

“No shit man. It’s a carnival. Everything here is rigged.” Smitty said, stuffing his mouth with another hand full of bright yellow puffs.

“Then why did you want to come here!?” Marcel exclaimed.

“‘Cause I like watching you rage at stupid things irl. Carnival’s the best place for that to happen besides Dave and Busters.”

Marcel let out an exasperated sigh as he reached for his back pocket.

“Just one more time…”

The teen behind the counter looked just as annoyed with Marcel as he did the game.

“You know sir if you keep doing this all night you and your friends will miss the show.”

Marcel paused.

“What show?”

“The circus act. It’s half the reason the town’s having this stupid carnival this week.”

“What do you mean?” Brock asked with genuine curiosity in his voice.

“The circus act. They’re a pop up circus. They come to random towns and preform surprise shows. The town heard rumors that they would come a couple of weeks ago and threw this whole stupid thing together to try and rake some money in from it.” The teen said while flipping the bangs away from his eyes.

“Why would the circus act still show up if their losing money to the rest of the carnival then?”

“Apparently the city council cut a deal with the guy in charge of the act. Giving them special perks and stuff to show up.”

“Perks? Like what?” Smitty asked, mouth still crammed with food.

The teen let out a long and heavy sigh.

“Look man I don’t know. I’m just here to get paid.”

With the last of the teen’s snarky attitude, the three of them continued to walk through the carnival. Past tents filling the air with the aroma of roasted nuts and elephant ears, past few small rides that were brought in and  looked slightly unstable, and past more games Marcel would be sure to rage at.

“Oh hey, is that where the circus stuff’s gonna be?” Smitty pointed towards a tall red and white striped tent towards the bottom of a nearby hill.

“Yeah, probably.” Moo answered, figuring where this conversation may lead.

“Let’s go check it out!” Smitty exclaimed, excitement showing from behind his two toned glasses.

“Why? It’s probably just gonna be a magician and a couple of clowns or something.” Marcel brushed off.

“C’mon, with that big a tent? No way! There’s gotta be somethin’ cool in there. Let’s go!”

Marcel shook his head.

“Fine, but if I’m right and it sucks you’re paying for my next carnival game.”

“Pfft. Whatever man. I’m tellin’ ya right now this is gonna be some good shit right here.” Smitty said with a kick in his step.

They entered the tent and paused in their tracks.

“Woah. I guess this might’ve been one of the perks that kid was talking about.”

From far away it was harder to tell, but the tent was ginormous. Bleachers had been set up all around the stage that had been set. People had already begun to pack the seats even the show wouldn’t begin for another hour. Murmurs of I can’t believe they’re actually here and I wonder if we’ll actually get to meet any of them? rang through the crowd. Teens were excitedly taking selfies of themselves on the empty stage and rushed back to their seats before they could be taken.

“Are these guys really that famous?” Moo asked.

“Don’t know. I’ve never heard about any pop up circuses before.” Marcel shrugged.

“Welp, I’m getting some seats before there’s none left. I want to see what this is all about.” Smitty said leading the way through the people still scattered on the ground. The boys managed to get the few remaining front row seats and watched as people continued to flood in and out through the tent. After messing around on their phones for what seemed like forever, the lights in the tent started to dim.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…”

A voice rang out through the stage.

“Children of all ages…”

The crowed started to whisper in excitement among themselves.

“I hope you are all prepared to experience a night that you will never forget!”

Suddenly, a puff of smoke erupted from center stage, revealing a man dressed head to toe in a dark suit, top hat, sequined red bow tie, and oddly enough- a mask that covered only half of his face that seemed to resemble the head of an owl.

“I am the Great Hoodini, and I welcome you all the Banana Bus Traveling Circus!”

July 6th 2017 - Praying music video

Kesha just released the music video for her latest single Praying, a powerful ballad which seeks to encourage empathy and love for oneself. Shot in Slab City and Salvation Mountain, the music video was directed by the one and only Jonas Åkerlund, known for working with artists such as Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

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To Calmer Waters

This is the first part of a multi chaptered fan fiction that I wrote a long time ago. Comment if you would like me to revamp the rest of this fic and continue! 

Max could very well be the best dressed child in the history of children. Magnus surveyed his little son critically. Yes, the miniature gold coloured suit was spectacular. He mentally complimented himself on the subtle green embroidery that brought out the golden - green specks that pooled in Max’s eyes.

Max Michael Lightwood - Bane himself sat on the floor, pulling at the sequinned bow.

 Magnus picked his son up and twirled him around. “You are stunning, little man. Would you like to dance?" 

Max giggled. ” Like you and Dad dance?“ 

Magnus suddenly recalled the Christmas Party where he had painstakingly tried to teach Alec to waltz. Apparently Shadowhunters, in all their angelic grace and glory, did not and could not waltz.

Magnus held back a  grin. 

"Maybe not but we can still be absolutely brilliant and dazzle the world with our dance moves and sparkle." 

Max clapped. "Ok then." 

He crawled to his feet. Magnus arrested the movement with a flick of his hand. Blue light swirled around Max as he was lifted off the ground. He hovered there, looking thoughtfully down towards Magnus. ” Dad said not to do that last time you did it. “

 Magnus smiled. "Your father won’t know unless you tell him.” Max took a step in midair and stayed aloft. “ I thought we were going to dance. ”

Magnus crossed his arms. “Well would you like to tap dance or hip hop or tan…”

The door to the loft rattled and opened and a tall man of about twenty came in, holding a small, dark haired boy by the wrist. 

Alec Lightwood opened his mouth to say something, most likely a greeting and froze as his eyes landed on the three year old boy levitating in midair. 

He turned to face Magnus. “Magnus, what is Max wearing!” He looked closely at Magnus while Rafael Lightwood-Bane skirted around Alec’s legs and began hopping up and down. 

“Yo también, Magnus. Me too!”

Magnus could almost see the the thoughts whirling about in Alec’s head.

Alec let out a half stifled moan.

“"For that matter why are you wearing a suit?“ He pointed to Magnus’s outfit, a silky black suit with shoulder pads. Magnus scoffed in mock offence. "It’s from Calvin Klein!”

Alec shook his head. “Stop levitating him! What if he falls!”

 Max peered down and waved. “Hi Dad!" 

"He’s dressed for the occasion!” Magnus proclaimed. 

A look of confusion crossed Alec’s face. 

Surely Alec had not forgotten. “Aunt Isabelle’s wedding!”  Rafael chimed in, then continued hopping about and demanding to be levitated. Magnus obliged with a flick of his wrist.

Alec hit his forehead against his palm. “By the Angel… what time is it?” Magnus glanced at his watch. “You have about thirty minutes if we portal. He gave Alec a shove towards the bathroom. "Now get dressed!”


Whether it’s a messy up do or a formal hair-twist, that one power tool are bobby pins, to keep the hair intact.

Here are some hairstyles you could flaunt once you have the hair twirls and brands secure. A DIY to keep those pins handy at all times is putting a pack together in a tic-tac box.

Styling and customizing bobby pins is really easy:

  1. use nail polish to colour them up to contrast or match your tomorrow’s outfit. 
  2. spare materials, sequin, feathers, bows, beads, buttons, and pearls are a great way to glam ‘em pins!

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