Back in August the Bowmanville Zoo added a new member to our family, a baby bengal tiger names “BT Max”!  Here are some photos of him from the summer, exploring the zoo, although he has grown quite a bit since then.  Less than 100 years ago tigers in the wild roamed all across India, but due to human populations growing, the tiger’s habitat is being taken away from them.  Check out this great WWF page to learn more, and see what you can do to help!

During what was originally envisioned as just another early morning fluff piece, viewers of the lazily named Breakfast Television tuned in to watch a baboon-like creature, Michael Hackenberger, guiding an actual baboon through a series of tricks. One of these involved the monkey riding a pony. Cute, right? No, not really, because halfway through the skit, the baboon jumped down from the pony because it’s a goddamn monkey … only to be called a “cocksucker” and told to “get back up.” Shockingly, this did not sit well with viewers.

6 Times Family Entertainment Went Horrifically Wrong


Meanwhile, the Captain’s Son MSD and his female companion Bernie took a day trip to explore the local fauna at the Bowmanville zoo.  

Originally known as the “Cream of Barley Park” in 1919, the recreational resort and petting zoo was purchased by the wealthy Connell Family in the 1950s.  In the late 1980s/ early 1990s, the since renamed Bowmanville Zoological Park operated and was accredited as the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 

The Zoo is the oldest private zoo in North America, maintaining values in conservation and education.  It’s also a large supplier of trained animal talent for the entertainment industry.  Maybe they have a couple tips for training the men in my life. KIDDING. 

If you’re ever in port, check it out!


Meet Limba

Limba was Canada’s oldest elephant, turning 50 last year. Limba was born in the wild, and captured in the 60s, where she eventually arrived at the Bowmanville Zoo. Limba spent time at other zoos, but the majority of her life was lived at the zoo. Limba saw many elephants, Asian and African come and leave the zoo, or die, but by the end of her life, she was the only elephant left at the zoo. Limba’s keepers and trainers claim she liked human company better than elephant company, a common claim when addressing lone elephants in captivity. The Bowmanville Zoo didn’t just let Lucy live out her life like most zoos do, but Limba performed a circus type show at the zoo, and traveled in a circus for three months of the year.– *video of her performing* *video of her giving rides*. Limba was however, given a lot of freedom at the zoo, but so much that it caused serious safety risks. Limba’s keepers have admitted to falling asleep while Limba wandered through the nearby forest. Limba participated in many events for the community, some for PR reasons, some for profit. She was used in Hindu weddings, and participated in the Bowmanville Christmas Parade every year (pictured above). Limba was never involved in any incidents, which is very lucky as she was often around members of the public, and even children! Her keepers would take her out into town occasionally, completely disregarding safety, and luckily for them, Limba never hurt anybody. Limba was treated more like a pet by her keepers, than the wild animal she is. She was allowed to wander into the nearby trailer park for ‘treats’ from a local resident. Her keepers actually compared her to a pet, and a dog, multiple times. You can see photos of Limba with Children or out with the public here:







By mid 2013, Limba seemed to start slowing down and running out of energy. It is highly likely she had cancer. Still, Limba was performing. At the end of the year, Limba, despite being ill marched in the annual Christmas parade. Two weeks afterwards, on December 3rd she was euthanised. Her keepers claim she was happy at the end of her life, as they claimed that throughout her life, and that her death wasn’t painful. Limba traveled and worked right up until her death.

I for one think it’s ridiculous to speak on behalf of an animal, especially one you are making profit from.

Limba was approximately 50 years old at the time of her death, making her Canada’s oldest elephant. She hadn’t seen another elephant in two years, and another Asian elephant in four. 

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honeyswept asked:

Bowmanville Zoo has decided to stop declawing big cats (starting with their new lion cubs) after "excessive public opinion", woo for social media backlash. Not woo for a stupid zoo who still does stupid things. One step at a time, maybe?

Yes I saw that!  Stick that to the people that say online advocacy doesn’t work!

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I visited Bowmanville Zoo once (it's very close to my home) to document some things and what I saw there was absolutely abhorrent. Truly terrifying. Taking prom pictures with a tiger on a leash that is jumping wildly while children are walking around, the cages were a disaster, and I felt absolutely horrible for even the farm animals they kept there in muddly, terrible conditions. I hope to see it closed asap.

Ughhh, this is so ridiculous.  What an awful place.  Did you happen to get photos of any of this?
Limba the elephant euthanized at Bowmanville Zoo | Toronto Star

External image

With heavy hearts we acknowledge the passing of Limba. 

There are several parallels to be drawn between Marineland and The Bowmanville Zoo. Kiska and Limba were both captured from the wild, taken from their families. Both Marineland and Bowmanville Zoo are members of CAZA. 

Rest in Peace sweet Limba.

Limba - pimped out for a poor PR stint in a Home Hardware store parking lot. Shame on The Bowmanville Zoological Park & Home Hardware, Building Centre & Furniture StoresShe is not yours to prostitute for your gain; she is someone, not something to enslave.

Leave them a comment here:
Send them complaints here: Not a sentient, intelligent animal with her own desires. Just a promotional material. Nothing more.

Join Limba’s cause: Bowmanville Zoological Park- Free Limba

Limba and two of the BZ’s camels. Camels are trained using methods similar to those that break elephants- forced submission through physical violence. All three of the animals in this picture are also an incredible public safety issue. Camels have the capability to kill or paralyze a person and elephants can destroy property and people simply by being spooked.

Join Limba’s causeBowmanville Zoological Park- Free Limba
Speak out against their misuse, mistreatment & exploitation of animalsThe Bowmanville Zoological Park

anonymous asked:

I saw a post about Bowmanville Zoo again and it got me really angry. They keep telling people that declawing cats is good for them. So much anger. I was looking into and apparently Ontario where they're located has absolutely no rules or guidelines on how zoos in their province should be run. I can't understand how any government could let that happen.

The Paw Project on Facebook is posting about them too; it’s despicable!  But they are rounding people up to message them and try to get something done.  I myself have already left a scathing review on their Yelp, as they are deleting any negative comments on their facebook like the cowards they are.