During what was originally envisioned as just another early morning fluff piece, viewers of the lazily named Breakfast Television tuned in to watch a baboon-like creature, Michael Hackenberger, guiding an actual baboon through a series of tricks. One of these involved the monkey riding a pony. Cute, right? No, not really, because halfway through the skit, the baboon jumped down from the pony because it’s a goddamn monkey … only to be called a “cocksucker” and told to “get back up.” Shockingly, this did not sit well with viewers.

6 Times Family Entertainment Went Horrifically Wrong


having a friend with connections at the zoo is pretty dang cool!
I got to play with a baby lion (which I named Sekhmet, and she was sucking on my fingers thinking it was a bottle) a baby tiger (we named Penthesilea, who loved me best, nbd) and some adorably friendly lemurs, Diego stuck pretty close to me :)