bowller hat

150424 - TVXQ at Incheon Airport (twitter compilation)
  • Yunho’s wearing the shoes that were given to him as a present by 中国uknow允浩房! 
  • There’s fanaccts saying Changmin does not look as tanned as beforeㅋㅋ
  • Changmin’s hair is now black! (Cr: 专业舔屏狗文艺不再有QAQ)
  • Apparently Changmin’s hair isnt styled, so when he took off his cap, his hair just looks way too messy

The TVXQ cap with the white logo has sold out at COEX atrium! only the black logo left! Haha so fast~

Yunho’s beanie wwww RT @tv2xqjamocha: 【BOWLLER HAT T.S.D BEANIE B&W】 44USD …

Sources: Yoonyoonho + 啾sama + MENGTING + JYT
Translation: tvxq_et_moi + snxy
Shared by: TVXQ! Express