bowling with my body

  • Me: *definitely knows that northern downpour comes right after I have friends in holy spaces*
  • Also me, while listening to pretty odd straight through when northern downpour comes on: oh GOd plEase GIVE ME A WARNING NEXT TIME YOU GAY ASSHOLES!! FUck YOu rYaN rOSs and YOUR FUCKING BOWL CUT!! I AM GOING to MeLt mY eNtIre boDY ALONG WITH MY HEADACHES!! I wAS nOT PREparED I wAS n
Caffeine Challenge #11

“Have a nice day!” I said waving at the back of my precious customer. My smile not quite so effortlessly stretched across my face.

“You don’t actually mean that, do you?” Al questioned, raising a well groomed brow at me so I could see the full gradient of her pink eye shadow and frankly, it was an impressive gradient.

“Of course I don’t.”  The smile dropped off my face and turned into a pained grimace, that still looked more like a smile. It hurt but it wouldn’t go away. If only it didn’t take so many muscles to show my displeasure.

“Oh,” Al looked at the customer sitting down in a corner booth. I could see her trying to figure out why I hadn’t meant that; the cogs in her head working together to come to a sensible conclusion, “She didn’t say thank you, did she?” And yet totally failing at it.

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- chapter two -

“There’s a million reasons why this shouldn’t work…but there’s only one reason why it should…”

10 Weeks

“The medical term for morning sickness is “nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.” Up to three quarters of pregnant women have at least some nausea or vomiting during the first trimester, and about half have only vomiting. The nausea usually starts around 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it can begin as early as 4 weeks. It tends to get worse over the next month or so.

So, it looked like I was gonna have a baby.

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TREAT YOURSELF💛 I’m all about salads, nourish bowls, and eating foods that are healthiest for my body, but I’m also all about listening to your mind💫 eating healthy wholesome foods makes me feel my best, and to me that in itself is a treat. But that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to cravings and enjoy some more processed foods too.
Yes, I eat some kind of flours (usually in the form of my home-baked goods😋) every day, I eat out sometimes and I’ll add maple syrup to my food if I want to. I used to always feel like I had to choose THE healthiest option, whether I liked or wanted that particular food. And it took me a long time to allow myself to listen to what I REALLY wanted, but I feel so much more freedom now!
Healthy eating is something I’m really passionate about, but I don’t think it’s healthy anymore when you feel deprived, restricted or guilty about eating certain foods. I’m not perfect, I have days where I still struggle with this, but every day I’m learning.
Choose to nourish your body with plenty of wholesome plant foods the majority of the time but be kind to your soul too✨
P.S. The recipe for these delicious (and still rather healthy!) #vegan fudgy brownies are in my Ebook!

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Updated ritual write up

I. Purificatio

[I do this in the shower if its a big ritual otherwise I’ve taken to skipping this]

May this water cleanse my body and soul of any evil. May this water cleanse the evils of the world from me. Purify my mind. Purify my body. Purify my heart.

(Traditionally a bowl of water or a bucket would have been used)

II. Praefatio

Mother Vesta, (adoratio) virginal goddess of the hearth. I ask you, protect me and my kin;blood and not; today,as you protected the Great City in ancient times. I ask for your blessings.

[Light lamp or other flame. Starting charcoal for resin incense would be good right here]

Father Ianus, (adoratio ) Guardian of the doorways. I ask forgiveness for not welcoming you first, for the door is second only to the hearth. I ask that you watch over my kin and myself as we begin this day. I humbly ask that you may bestow your blessing upon us.

(If I am making a libation i typically make it now)
Libation line:
I offer you both this wine/tea/juice/milk/water/etc. So that you might answer my prayers

III. Salutatio

Ave Iupiter! (adoratio ) Iupiter Optimus Maximus, the best and greatest, King of the gods. I humbly ask that you may bestow your blessing upon myself and my kin.

Ave Iuno! (adoratio ) Iuno Moneta, goddess who brings weath and prosperity. May you bestow your blessing upon us.

Ave Mars! (adoratio) Mars Alator,the huntsman. I humbly ask that you give me strength to defend that which I care about. I ask you to bestow your blessing upon us and keep us safe.

Ave Minerva! (adoratio) Minerva Pacifera, bearer of peace. May you bestow your blessings and wisdom upon myself and my kin.

Ave Apollo! (adoratio ) Phoebus Apollo, the bringer of light. I ask that you fill our lives with light and warmth.

Ave Neptunus! (adoratio) Neptunus Invicta, lord of the unconquered seas. I ask for your blessings for myself and my kin.

Ave Mercurius! (adoratio) Mercurius Cissonius, protector of travelers. I humbly ask for your blessings as we travel through our day.

Ave Venus!(adoratio) Venus Verticordia,the changer of hearts. My patron goddess and the one I hold closest to my own heart. I pray to you and ask for your blessings.

Ave Lares! (adoratio ) Those who protect my home. May you bestow your blessing upon my household.

Ave Genius! (adoratio) my most loyal guardian. I ask for your blessing over myself, my kin, and my household.

Ave Penates! (adoratio) Protectors of my pantry. May your blessings fill my home and rid it of any ill spirits.

(One could technically add the Manes/ancestors in here but I do not do much ancestor worship)(if i have a specific request it is said for the relevant god or goddess. If i need to i add in the relevant one)

[light incense and offer food](if i have a hymn i add it in here)

May these offerings please you

IV. Piaculum

Oh gods and goddesses if I have offended you, I ask your forgiveness and hope you are pleased by these offerings

‪Me, eating a pint of ice cream, 3 hot pockets, poptarts, spaghettios, a whole box of Debbie cakes, a bowl of cereal, cold ramen, and a singular kale chip: my body is my temple ‬

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kara aint gonna say i love you to musty bc by the end of s2 kara will come to her senses & realize that "thats what friends are for" is much deeper than that & wont say it back to him she'll just deadass look at him and say im sorry as he dies

“mon-el i love… the idea of you outta my life” *drops lead bowling ball on his limp body*


Castiel x Reader

1500 Words

Summary: Even though the Reader is in a relationship with Castiel, she still feels alone, and forgotten. This makes her sloppy on a hunt, and while injured, she prays to Cas, finally saying all the things she’s kept bottled up for far too long.

Warnings: There is some Angst, and the main character(reader) has feelings of self doubt and worthlessness. Written in First Person point of view.

Author’s Note: Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions! Thank you so much for checking out my story!

I wish I wasn’t so stubborn. There were a lot of things that I wished, sitting on the cold, concrete floor in this hell hole of a basement. But that was the start of it. Maybe if I wasn’t so stubborn, I would have opened up to my friends. To let them know I wasn’t as okay as I always seemed to be. That when I was smiling brightly, I could be crying inside.

I’m not even sure where my stubbornness started. And maybe that’s the wrong word for it. Instead of stubbornness, you could call it insecure, or even private. Because to me it felt wrong to share feelings with another person, no matter how well I know them. It always seemed awkward, or like I was complaining, even though I just wanted someone, anyone to notice that there might be a slight crack to my smile, and ask me why.

At first I thought that person would be Castiel. After becoming friends with the Winchesters, I had met the dark haired, trench coated Angel, and felt like he could be a soul I could finally connect with. A person that I would feel okay with sharing my thoughts and feelings to. He would tilt his head, and give me this look, like he was looking right through me, and knowing that I wasn’t okay.

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I haven’t gotten out of bed today yet.
I got woke up at 8am and laid in bed for a bit, but then fell back asleep and then woke up at 11:30..but I’m still laying in bed.

Do I feel lazy? Yes.
Should I get up? Yes.
Am I super warm and snuggly? Yes.
Am I extremely comfortable with all my pillows surrounding me? Yes.
Will I close my eyes and attempt to fall back to sleep? Maybe. Maybe not. Cuz I want a bowl of Honey Smacks.
Does my body need all this rest? Yes.
Am I in a happy mood because I’m so comfortable right now? Yes.


Taeyang + S’mores (SF9 Scenario)

Here is the first out of three Halloween scenarios I will be posting soon! I hope you enjoy this.

“So, we could watch a scary Halloween movie or…”

“Let’s binge watch Halloweentown”, I interrupt Taeyang, and start unfolding the wool blanket. It’s Halloween night and instead of hitting up the neighborhood houses for free candy, I decided to have a movie night with my boyfriend. While my parents are attending a Halloween party with their friends, I took the opportunity to invite Taeyang over to hang.

“Why do you always wanna watch that?” Taeyang asks me chuckling at his own words. I place the semi-thick white blanket around both of our bodies, and reach into the candy bowl in my lap, throwing a piece at his face. We are both sitting on the couch in my living room at this point, settling which movies we will watch.

“Because I can, and it’s my childhood, don’t judge”, I answer his question as he lets out an exaggerated ‘ow’.

“Okay, okay, we’ll watch it. But can we do something first?” Taeyang adds on wiggling his eyebrows knowingly. I give him a confused stare and lean back from his position near my face.

“S’mores? You made a huge deal over two pieces of graham crackers, and sugar in between them?” I complain a little to Taeyang as he avidly looks through my cupboards for the ingredients. Leaning back onto the kitchen island, I admire his determination to complete his current task and let out a small laugh.

“I don’t get what’s so funny when I’m not the one who still watches Disney movies”, Taeyang fires at me still searching for the graham crackers. I huff at him, and lightly poke the back of his head to get his attention.

“Disney movies are a classic. And I said don’t judge me”, I continue to poke the back of his head with every word. He reaches back with one hand effortlessly, and waves my attacking hand away.

“And so are S’mores. Babe, where are your crackers?” he asks quite frustrated and turns around to face me. He reaches his arms out to my waist for endearment, but I push them away and move towards the snack cabinet. Opening it up and pointing to the crackers, I smirk at him.

“You know, you could’ve just told me beforehand so I wouldn’t have wasted all this time looking and arguing with you over our favorite things”, Taeyang explains slightly annoyed as he walks over to the cabinet, reaching for the box. I smile up at him, and giggle.

“But then it’s no fun that way, huh?” I counter and help him get the rest of the ingredients ready.

“We can’t really melt the s’mores because we have to keep the cage around the fire”, I explain to Taeyang, causing his smile to falter slightly. I squeeze his arm reassuringly and gesture to the stove next to me.

“We can heat them up here, and then if you want, we can pretend the fire is heating them up as well?” I offer to him, and Taeyang grins widely again. We do just that, and make space on the floor in front of the fire. I place my laptop on a fluffy pillow in front of the fire and wrap my side of the blanket around me.

“Don’t take all the blankets, y/n. I still get cold too”, Taeyang whines a little nudging me. I send him a smile, and lean my mouth towards his marshmallow.

“Ah, uh”, Taeyang warns poking his finger at my temple, pushing me away lightly.

“You have your own, missy, so eat it”, he continues, motioning towards my burnt marshmallow. I send him a glare explaining without words why it isn’t the same as his golden browned fluff. He starts laughing at my marshmallow, and reaches to hit play on the movie. I pout a little nudging his waist with my foot. Taeyang lurches back a little surprised, a devilish smile appearing on his face.

“Watch it, baby. Just because your marshmallow has failed at it’s only purpose in life, doesn’t make it my fault”, He complains to me, reaching his hands towards my waist. I struggle to get up before he’s tickling me all over my lower stomach. I can’t control my laughs and giggles that leak through my lips, and attempt to kick Taeyang.

“No, kicking”, he warns, placing his legs around mine, trapping them in between. I huffed in defeat, and let my legs fall limp and look up toward Taeyang. He trains his eyes into mine, wiggling his eyebrows weirdly again. I roll my eyes annoyingly, and push him off me with my feet.

“Okay, okay, you win. Let’s watch the movie now?” Taeyang surrenders, and slides his way back to my side, reaching for the chocolate and graham crackers, to create his s’more. I do the same, and finally start the movie.

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Today was my third day of working out aND I AM EXTREMELY SORE so today’s workout was mostly running on a treadmill with a bit of little weight/weightless leg work and LOTS of foam rolling and stretching to relieve some soreness. And of course, i came home and made myself a delicious acai bowl :)


Mescaline and Changa.

After having tripped on L twice before this, a few friends and I agreed that it would be a good time to try something new. The day started at 4:20 with a nice relaxing bowl of blue cheese. Then we each measured out our own dosages of the flower like substance. My personal dosage, 300 mg. This nasty tasting powder went down like cinnamon. The come up was the most incredible experience. Unlike the energetic come up of L, mescaline took about 6 hours of what felt like floating gently away from the ground. By hour 12 I was riding the peak. Colors had become more intense and everything around me felt like a dream. At our 14 three of the 5 of us who had dropped decided it was time to expand the trip. We each took a turn with a mixed bowl of bud and Changa. My friends went first so that I could see what it might be like(this would be my first time compounding two psychedelics). After their trips, each about 10-15min, they recounted what they saw. Then it was my turn. As I worked down the mixed bowl of mostly Changa, each sent waves of intense warmth and my vision began to slip. As I exhaled the last hit of the bowl my friends guided my body onto the bed and put head phones on me. The binary beats in my ears became brilliant auditory hallucination of all my loved ones, past and present. As I lay there I began to notice colors lighting up to different sensations and bodily functions. My heart beat was a brilliant dark red, my breath a deep purple. Then a thought fixated, my trip felt wrong. It was not what my friends had recounted. An overwhelming sense that my trip was a bastardization of theirs and I snapped too. I calmly rose from the bed and began heading back to my dorm wishing my friends a good night. As I began my walk back in the rain less than 10yards in front of me a light behind a tree caught my attention. I was brought to my Kees and began to cry from the pure beauty of what I say. The tree had began to swirl and fall into the light behind it. As the last of the tree made it into the light my vision went dark. Suddenly I was in a city. The buildings were tall dark figures with no windows or doors but a dark outline of what started to seem like Boston with no cars no people, no sound. I then began to float up out of the city into the brilliant cosmos above. Soaring higher than I’ve ever been a hot, white, brilliant presence formed to my left. When I tuned to face it I found myself staring into what can only be my definition of God. Then a voice spoke, a voice I’ve never heard before. All it said was, go to bed. I snapped out of my vision and continued my journey back to my dorm. Finally back in my room and ready for bed I realized I had gotten back without even knowing how or what rout I took. But I was at peace, I laid down and drifted off into my mescaline driven dreams.

So proud of myself

So yesterday I loosely tracked my macros because I felt really flat and depleted when I woke up, and needed some extra carbs. I didn’t worry about it all day. I hung out with the guy that I am dating with, and on my way home I noticed I was really hungry. I kept trying to talk myself saying “if I get home before 12am, I will eat something, if its past twelve I won’t eat.” and then I was thinking, what the fuck. I deserve to eat when I am hungry. So I got home and had some cereal, also another big step for me was; a issue I have when I get home and Im starving its hard for me not to binge and eat my whole house. BUT I had a bowl of cereal and listened to my body instead of aimlessly eating. I realized after the one bowl I was satisfied and full and went to sleep and woke up feeling guilt free. I am feeling so happy today.