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Hi!!! What's your fav sheith fics EVER? AND I LOVE YOIR BLOG JOJO

oh man. i almost never have time to read fic but here are some recent faves!

  • left your game at home by @phaltu changed my life. keith signs up for a bowling tournament to impress shiro and he knows NOTHING about bowling. it’s such a great mix of humor and pining and horrible bowling puns and somehow perfectly in character. she also wrote a college au that’s absolutely to die for.
  • in this desert land i know some rain must fall by @amillionsmiles was one of the first sheith fics i read. after the war, shiro waits for keith to come back to him. it’s atmospheric and pining, sweeter than it is sad and beautiful. it’s a short read and so, so worth it.
  • meet you halfway by blueberryreaction is 3k of smut and keith thirsting for shiro’s hands. it’s somehow as sweet and in character as it is hot.
  • till the stars didn’t recognize me by @epiproctan where keith lies to the team in order to infiltrate the galra and end the war and years post-vld is presumed dead. but he’s alive and a space pirate and they Meet Again. the angst isn’t overdone at all and everyone is really in character and it’s just a lovely story.
Batman Rogues - Bowling Night

So yeah, I ended up going bowling with friends yesterday and I just came up with this scenario when I got home. Just something silly and fun to think about ^v^

- The whole thing is the Joker’s idea of course, with the excuse that he wants to ‘mix things up’ from their usual occasional villain team-up/card night. The others pretty much just go along with it because refusing isn’t worth the trouble when it comes to the Joker.

- After about fifteen minutes of arguing, the group decides to get two large pizzas, a personal-sized anchovy pizza for Penguin, a basket of fries, and three pitchers of drinks (at least one of those pitchers belongs solely to Killer Croc). They get their food free of charge, of course.

- When they get to the alley, the Joker purposely gets shoes that are at least two sizes too big for him. While there, he makes plenty of bowling puns and likes to distract the other villains when it’s their turn (especially if it’s during one of the final frames of the game). He’s also the kind of guy who laughs when someone accidentally drops their ball or slips on the lane.

- Harley probably has the most fun out of all of them, just sitting back and enjoying the music and conversation. She’s also the type of player who will just throw her ball without aiming really and still hit most, if not all, of the pins. She also tends to use her hammer to help knock down any wobbly pins.

- Killer Croc tends to throw the ball a lot. If it weren’t for the fact that the alley’s managers were all scared of them, he probably would have gotten the group kicked out before they even finished their first game.

- Scarecrow is able to perfectly calculate the force, speed and angle needed to get a perfect strike each time. …Unfortunately for him, he lacks the actual physical skills to actually put the calculations into action, which frustrates him to no end.

- *after Two-Face gets his twelfth 7-10 split of the night* “…You know, Harv, normally I’d call this funny. Hilarious, even! But considering who’s throwing the ball, I’m starting to think you’re just doing it on purpose.” (When he’s not getting splits, Two-Fave can usually get a strike, so his scores are pretty even with Harley Quinn)

- Because of his webbed hands, Penguin has to do that thing where you crouch down and roll the ball with both hands instead of using the finger holes. His score is still better than Scarecrow’s.

- Riddler only plays one round before getting bored and deciding to spend the rest of the night in the bowling alley’s arcade. By the time the others have finished playing, he’s beaten every arcade game there. Twice.

- Of course Batman eventually shows up, but when he sees that they aren’t really doing anything wrong, he lets them finish their game before trying to take them back to Arkham. He also secretly gives the bowling alley enough money to make up for any lost revenue/property damage.

Viktor Snz Fic: Flour Power

It’s been a rough day and I really just want Viktor Nikiforov to get into a sneezing fit. Is that too much to ask?


“What did you say this was called again, my love?” Viktor called over his shoulder.

“Melonpan,” Yuuri called over his. “It’s like a sweetbread. Really good, you’ll like it.”

“If you make it, I’m sure I will love it,” Viktor hummed. Yuuri grabbed the taller man around his waist and gave him an affectionate squeeze.

“I’m not making it all by myself, mister,” he said in a playful voice. “You better help out, or you won’t get any. Ever hear of the Little Red Hen?”

“Of course I have!” Viktor exclaimed. “That story is Russian, mind you!”

Yuuri chuckled and pointed to the mixer that sat stationary on the counter.

“So get to work, Little Hen,” he said.

Viktor turned and looked suspiciously at the strange bowl of various white powders inside the mixing bowl. A seasoned (pun intended) baker would have been able to pick out salt, baking powder, baking soda, and sugar. Viktor, on the other hand, only identified “clear flakes, powdery stuff, slightly browner powdery stuff, and mystery dust.” “What do I do?” He mumbled aloud to himself.

Yuuri answered. “Just turn it on-”

Viktor confidently thumbed the switch on the side of the machine and it whirred to life. Very, very quickly. And as it awoke, it sprayed a massive cloud of the various powders into the air, right into poor Viktor’s face. He yelped and blindly pawed at the mixer until it died back down.

Yuuri swiveled around and his eyes fell immediately on Viktor. Flour was sprayed across his face, dusted his black t-shirt, and some even formed a snowy layer atop his silver hair. His boyfriend simply could not contain his laughter and fell into a cacophony of snorts and giggles.

As did Viktor. Well, Yuuri thought so at first. When he finally wiped a tear away from his eye, he saw that Viktor had buried his nose into his elbow and was stifling massive sneezes.

Huh—heh—h’nkSShEugh! K’sChiEUw! Sshnff. Uh’GhSheww! Ugh…

It was quite the spectacle. With each sneeze, Viktor’s head would jolt forward and flakes of flour would go flying, only to be sucked right into his nose, and blown out again in a giant explosion. The Russian’s nose had grown pink and irritated, sticking out against the floury pallor.

“Wow,” was all Yuuri could muster up the brain power to say. All of his mental strength had dissipated at the flustered, sneezy sight of his boyfriend in front of him.

It was damn adorable.

“You okay, Vitya?” He asked when there was a convenient break between sneezes.

Viktor held up a finger, pressed his palm to his nose, and sneezed one more time. Heh’KschEaugh! He paused, then answered. “I think that was the last one.” He flashed a cheeky smile to this boyfriend. “Bless me!” He crowed.