bowling mill

Turkey Bowl w/ Dean

Dean x Reader

Author(s): Lil Lambie

Words: 1144

Warnings: Bad manners and sports

A/N: I had a blast writing this one. I hope you enjoy it!

Baby was parked on the driveway, away from the trees. Dean had forced everyone back in the car so he could re-park. He put his arm across your headrest and looked back, reversing. When he stepped out on his side, a bird pooped on his black leather jacket. He cursed at the bird and walked around to your side to open your door.

You heard Sam slam his door shut. He trailed behind you and Dean. Dean turned back as he rung the doorbell, to Sam. He said, “You mind taking a step back there, skyscraper?” Sam shook his head and took a step back. He stumbled and started to fall backwards. You grabbed him and pulled him up.

Jody answered the door, drying her hands on a towel.

“Hey! Come on in!”

Claire waved at Dean as she walked up to her room, blonde braids bobbing as she climbed each step. Dean and Sam exchanged hugs with Jody. Jody turned to you and her eyes widened. “Oh, I didn’t know you were bringing a girl, Sam!” she punched him in the arm like a proud mother.

“Uh, actually, she’s with me.” Dean slid to your side. You smiled.

“Oh, my mistake.” she hugged you and stepped back. “I’m Jody Mills. The Winchester’s surrogate mother.”

“(Y/N) (Y/L).” you said.

“Great to meet you! Come on in! Dinner is ready!” she led you into the kitchen then hollered for Claire, yelling upstairs.

You sat beside Dean as he smiled at the food. You giggled and he raised an eyebrow at you. “Nothing.” you said.

Claire came downstairs and sat across from you. Sam next to her. Jody at the head of the table. You held hands and said grace with them. You felt Dean’s leg thumping against yours. You opened your eyes to see him staring greedily at the turkey.

When Jody said, “Amen.” Sam and Dean lunged for the bowl of mashed potatoes. Dean smacked his hand down and plopped some on his plate. Sam retreated straight for the meat, snatching it from Claire. Jody shook her head. “They’re always like this. Don’t get a decent meal.”

You blushed and turned to Dean. His mouth was stuffed full of potatoes and gravy. Gravy dripped from his lips onto his pants. “Is my cooking really that bad?”

Sam laughed and nodded his head furiously. You looked back to Dean. He swallowed. He spooned another bite into his mouth. You turned back around in your seat. You had a civil conversation with Jody and Claire, while the Winchester’s ate like a hungry pack of wolves.


“Score!” Dean ran around in circles, throwing his hands up in celebration. It had been an hour after dinner, there was still enough sunlight to play football. Something they didn’t usually do.

You were split into two teams of three. Garth, a smiley, skinny hunter had showed up later with an apple pie. Dean stole it from Jody’s hands. The teams were as follows: You, Sam, and Claire. Dean was teamed with Jody and Garth.

“Why can’t we be on the same team?” you whined to him.

He smirked. “I’ll go easy on you.”

You shoved him, hard, he fell backwards into a puddle of mud. You laughed hysterically. Garth pulled out one of his sock puppets and said, “Someone is a naughty boy.”

Sam laughed. You all gathered for a team plan. “Get Dean.” You all agreed.

The ball was in play. The sky had just enough light. There was a cool breeze. Dean intercepted it from Sam and charged to the end of the muddy field. Jody didn’t try and catch up, she stood guard at the line. Garth cheered Dean on with another puppet. They held a conversation.

You ran full force at Dean, he skid and you almost fell in the mud. Sam caught you. He smiled at you then ran at his brother laughing. Dean was in full game mode trying to dodge Claire. She was everywhere. They were challenging each other. He scored. Sam groaned. Garth cheered. It was you, Sam, and Claire against Dean. Jody had resigned to watching the came from the porch. Garth and his sock puppets were the only ones protecting the goal.

Dean tossed the ball to you. Sam hiked it to Claire. Claire threw it to you. Something switched in Dean, he ran full force at you. You had only got a yard before he plowed through you like a train. He tripped over you.

You both fell in the mud. You fell face first, getting a mouthful of it. Dean fell face first too, but he tried to turn himself around. He fell on his side. Half on you. He threw the ball out of the way and turned around to you.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N), are you okay?”

You looked down to your chest and screwed your face up in pain. Like a baby about to cry. “Oh, I am so sorry.” Dean said.

You could hear Sam laughing.

Dean leaned over you. You splashed him with a handful of mud. It hit his face like some Three Stooges bit. He had the same expression as when he has holy water splashed on his face. Except, he attacks you. You rolled out from under him, your flannel and pants soaked in mud. You grabbed another handful and laugh as you threw it at him. You missed and hit the house behind Jody’s head.

You stood up and ran towards Dean. Sam and Garth laughed from the sidelines. Dean ran circles around you. You tricked him and he didn’t react in them. You jumped on his back and he almost couldn’t support your weight. Dean ran around the field, laughing and smiling, with you on his back.

He laughed and smiled more than he ever had before. You saw Castiel in the corner of your head. He stood in his trench coat, but with a mud splat on his shirt. You or Dean had missed and thrown it at Castiel. He wiped his shirt off and shook his head. He tilted his head at you and Dean. Dean stopped in front of him and panted.

“Hey, Cas!”

“I did not know we were pigs.” he said.

A mud blob splat on his face. He stuck his finger in his ear and cleared out the mud. Everyone’s eyes followed his finger. Garth stood there with a wide smile.

Castiel bent over and picked up mud and threw it at Garth in return. In the end, everyone was throwing mud at each other. The football teams were abolished. 

You and Dean were rapid firing mud balls at everyone. You sat on his shoulders as he ran around and handed mud up to you. You threw them. Everyone formed their alliances. 

It was the best Turkey Mud Bowl, ever.