bowling humor


Martin Freeman: “You know, very often when I am asked, what’s the parts you really want to play, and there are a couple of parts kinda in the theater tradition that I want to play”

Interviewer: “name them”

Martin freeman : *laughs* “Sally Bowles, mainly that’s the main one.”

Interviewer: *laughters*

Martin freeman : *cracking himself up* “uh but , it’s that or nothing to be honest.”

Interviewer: “laughs.”
A Nerd Does Hard Time – Dan Wilbur – Medium
As incentive against misbehavior of all kinds, students who did not receive a single detention during the entire year at Lewis F. Mayer…
By Dan Wilbur

I wrote about my fondest memory from middle school. Topics include: justice, lunch ladies, Moonrock (Cosmic) Bowling, drugs, and an in-school suspension. I hope you like it.