bowling for rhinos


* Hastings Bowl 2014 Van Doren Invitational *

// so much ripping went down that isn’t on the internet tho ~ the speed & flow of the dudes ripping Hastings was unparalleled & completely facemelting. Raney’s best trick transfer was utterly fucked & completely insane; come take a look in person at what he was trying. Adam Hopkins killed it for BC, pulling a padless McTwist in the 12’ deep bowl – in his run. Cody Lockwood slayed: above-the-coping fs flip to smith stall, switch fs blunt, etc.

Contest results were judged on “judges’ impressions” so the runs shown on Thrasher were the dudes’ best ones but they all had better makes of certain tricks in other runs. Would’ve loved to see more of Keegan Sauder, Robbie Russo, & many more but it was so sick to see the shredding that went down. Hopefully they know what it means to say “1st Annual” & fingers crossed that Greyson’s here next year…!

much love to antisocialshop


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