bowling fail

falsettos (high school au)

-he’s a pitcher/catcher on the baseball team (so… Ass™)
-president of the yearbook committee
-has his own advice column in the school newspaper (titled the “Whizz Biz”) to prepare incoming freshmen for high school life
-won “Best Dressed” and “Wittiest” two years in a row
-absolute teacher’s pet
-he’s actually REALLY smart (he’s gotten some academic scholarships on top of his athletic ones) but he can’t write an essay for shit

-chief editor of the school newspaper
-captain of the Mock Trial team
-4.0 GPA, top of his class (Charlotte, however, is a STRONG competitor)
-does backstage work for all school assemblies and the spring musical w/ Cordelia
-currently in a /heated/ runoff election with Charlotte for student body president
-member of the quiz bowl team with Mendel

-TOTAL music kid
-always gets the lead role in the musical, but is very humble about it
-she plays the clarinet and gets a lot of scholarship offers because she’s great at what she does
-works as a waitress at the local diner on the weekends
-won “Most Talented” and is 100% HONORED because she didn’t think anyone would vote for her

-captain of the Quiz Bowl team but is failing math so he needs to study
-brings his cat to rehearsal every week and calls him the mascot
-he’s also a male cheerleader
-is invited to all of the cheerleaders’ postgame parties and listens to their problems
-plays the ukulele

-rules sounds & lights at any assembly/dance/musical the school puts on
-she will cut a bitch who doesn’t respect props or other stage hands
-she’s a cheerleader and absolutely loves it
-she works at the diner with Trina
-organizes pep rallies and sets up for prom and is basically the queen of anything that needs to get done at school
-student body vice president three years in a row, no opposition

-4.0 GPA student, takes mainly college classes
-EXTREMELY competitive, especially when it comes to student body president. She /barely/ lost out to Marvin last year, and she won’t let it happen again.
-sports editor for the newspaper
-she dogsits and babysits after school
-she’s the kind of girl everyone wants to take home to Mom but is also rock-hard and all-business when it comes to schoolwork
-studies with Marvin and the rest of the TKF and tutors Mendel in math every Tuesday

-every time a new article about the baseball team comes around, Charlotte tries to slip in that Marvin loves Whizzer’s ass; he almost missed it that one time
-Marvin is allergic to cats, but he doesn’t tell Mendel because the whole team looks so happy when the cat is there
-Marvin writes to Whizzer’s advice column every month in hopes of scoring a date.
-Cordelia asks Charlotte to prom after a quite elaborate cheer performance at a pep rally.
-Trina doesn’t have anything to do on Thursday afternoons, so she reads for Quiz Bowl. She has her eyes on the cheerleader with the adorable cat.
-Charlotte goes all out with her election campaign. She has buttons, posters, t-shirts, stickers, and fliers. Cordelia is the only one who wears the shirts.
-Whizzer and Charlotte help Marvin practice for Mock Trial by going over his witnesses’ affidavits and acting the parts out. Whoever isn’t the witness is the opposing counsel.
-Mendel gets absolutely wasted the night before homecoming and serenades Trina outside her bedroom window until she agrees to go with him. It doesn’t take much. She’s very excited.

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headcanon that present day Hugh works at a Bowl Of America because Claire and Olive begged him to have a “fun job like Bronwyn and Fiona,” Hugh pretends to hate it but secretly loves watching all the children fail at bowling miserably (tho Millard has taken a liking to this “sport”) Enochs the best by far and tries to act cool but hes fangirling about how hes really good and if Horace will notice his skill

Cute date ideas

~coffee dates
~baking and turning into a food fight
~bowling and both failing amazingly
~driving and sharing music
~cuddling and sharing posts from tumblr
~sharing clothes and doing each others makeup
~pickup lines and corny jokes
~collecting shells
~finding objects in the clouds
~anime/TV/movie marathons

~answering tumblr question asks ~watching the stars while talking about astrology and mythology ~reading and sharing parts out the books outloud ~couple cosplay and photoshoot ~shopping for rocks and crystals ~museums and galleries ~art shows and craft fairs ~yard sales, thrift stores, and antique stores ~going to the mall and trying on clothes we could never afford ~trying on random prom dresses ~picnic on the boat at sunset ~cooking you dinner ~waterballoon fight ~nurf war ~drawing eachother ~open mic night

My #1 tip to everyone: if you’re gonna do something, do it with knowledge.

This means when you go into something, do your research before hand. I’m not talking a quick Google. Do all of your research. Read articles, find what to protect yourself with. What’s the pros and cons. Find out what to avoid. Do. It. If you do something with prior knowledge you’re less likely to fail.

Outlander Recap 3x02: The Dunbonnet Big Foot, Imagination Station Sexy Times, and Carl from The Walking Dead

Here are my thoughts on “Surrender.” There were real tears shed, I won’t lie. And not just because we’re still four episodes away from the Print Shop.

Spoilers ahead, so it’s all under the cut, eh.

(Recap for 3x01 here)

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The teens and dads head downstairs for another round of failed bowling, Piper and Louis are being anti-social, and the moms are KILLING IT at the arcade. 

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Fandom: Skip Beat!

Pairing: Kyoko Mogami / Ren Tsuruga

Rating: General 

For @fromageinterrupted for the 2016 Skip Beat! Secret Santa gift exchange :)  

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Kyoko dropped face-down onto the bed, burying her aching head in the hotel pillows. Every inch of her skin felt bruised, painful, as though hordes of tiny, angry buffalo kept running over her entire body.

The idea seemed oddly appropriate, and for a second, she distracted herself by imagining a whole prairie full of small rampaging animals, including the pack of mini vultures circling over her prone body, ready to swoop in at her last breath.  

A strong shiver shattered the fantasy, and she was back, miserable but alone.

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