bowling fail

Cute date ideas

~coffee dates
~baking and turning into a food fight
~bowling and both failing amazingly
~driving and sharing music
~cuddling and sharing posts from tumblr
~sharing clothes and doing each others makeup
~pickup lines and corny jokes
~collecting shells
~finding objects in the clouds
~anime/TV/movie marathons

~answering tumblr question asks ~watching the stars while talking about astrology and mythology ~reading and sharing parts out the books outloud ~couple cosplay and photoshoot ~shopping for rocks and crystals ~museums and galleries ~art shows and craft fairs ~yard sales, thrift stores, and antique stores ~going to the mall and trying on clothes we could never afford ~trying on random prom dresses ~picnic on the boat at sunset ~cooking you dinner ~waterballoon fight ~nurf war ~drawing eachother ~open mic night

headcanon that present day Hugh works at a Bowl Of America because Claire and Olive begged him to have a “fun job like Bronwyn and Fiona,” Hugh pretends to hate it but secretly loves watching all the children fail at bowling miserably (tho Millard has taken a liking to this “sport”) Enochs the best by far and tries to act cool but hes fangirling about how hes really good and if Horace will notice his skill




Well, turns out it is possible to pull a Wii Bowling fail for real and accidentally have the ball slip away from behind.

Ideally better if it weren’t tourney night and a full house at the bowling alley… haha…

Never said I was great at bowling!


Let me tell ya’ll how much men ain’t shit.

I live in Brooklyn, so traveling to Manhattan (anywhere in Manhattan) takes me about an hour or more based on using the public transportation.

So, I talked to this attorney who super liked me on Tinder. we spoke on the phone, and besides the fact that he asked 50 million questions, convo was cool. he confirmed plans with me. he said he found me cute & looked forward to meeting me. cool. so the following days after the phone call, i didn’t really hear from him but he would answer my texts (red flag). so then i peeped that he unmatched me on Tinder (red flag). my sister was like oh just leave it, maybe its nothing. so i hit him up just to confirm our plans & he said, yes we’re set to go. i made reservations. i’m like okay cool. i noticed he still wasn’t making conversation really but i left it alone.

the day of comes and i write him, “hope you’re excited to see me later” & he wrote “yes, very excited. see you there” .. so .. i get ready. i’m looking good, ladies. good enough that i put my photo on snap & i had a few guys writing me asking to take me out or how they wanna hang out. this is no lie. so i’m like okay, if they think i look good then this guy should too.

I make my way to West 4th, to this “$$$” Italian restaurant. Attorney guy is running late so i wait. Finally, he walks up and hes giving me this weird look. he’s like, “Lex?” I’m like yes, why do you look so surprised?

this white buffoon says to me, “you look nothing like your pictures.

i’m like HUH???????? Ive never heard that in my life. He says, “yea, i can’t go through with this.” & he turns and starts walking away.

SWEET BABIES, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN REJECTED LIKE THAT BEFORE. this sounds cocky, but no, i am a fine piece of ass, okay??????? i am completely NATURAL all over. from head to my fucking toes. I AM TALL, I HAVE CHILD-BEARING HIPS, I HAVE BIG TITTIES, I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SMILE & LONG ASS REAL HAIR THAT TOUCHS THE END OF MY BACK. i don’t even wear that much makeup & I HAVE CLEAR BROWN SKINN. and to hear this WHITE PASTEY OLD ASS MUTHAFUCKA say that shit to my face had me DUMBFOUNDED. 

I was just so so .. surprised i wasted my time like that. i could’ve been studying, i could’ve been eating somewhere else, i could’ve been fucking napping. but yet i traveled out to be disrespected. sigh. so i met up with another SB & we went to a bar where we were hit on! I bumped into my tattoo artist, told him what happened & he’s like, “wait, so what if you didnt look like the picture? you’re still hot.” I’m like THANK YOU. i’m confused af.

Sigh. so badly, i wanted to hit up this fool and just go off. but its not worth it. some of my girls were saying maybe he was just plain broke & couldn’t go through with it. WHO KNOWS but there are too many men out here claiming a lifestyle they are not ready for.

shit like this really makes me wanna just throw the sugar bowl lmao.. my patience is wearing the fuck out.