bowling fail

Cute date ideas

~coffee dates
~baking and turning into a food fight
~bowling and both failing amazingly
~driving and sharing music
~cuddling and sharing posts from tumblr
~sharing clothes and doing each others makeup
~pickup lines and corny jokes
~collecting shells
~finding objects in the clouds
~anime/TV/movie marathons

~answering tumblr question asks ~watching the stars while talking about astrology and mythology ~reading and sharing parts out the books outloud ~couple cosplay and photoshoot ~shopping for rocks and crystals ~museums and galleries ~art shows and craft fairs ~yard sales, thrift stores, and antique stores ~going to the mall and trying on clothes we could never afford ~trying on random prom dresses ~picnic on the boat at sunset ~cooking you dinner ~waterballoon fight ~nurf war ~drawing eachother ~open mic night

The teens and dads head downstairs for another round of failed bowling, Piper and Louis are being anti-social, and the moms are KILLING IT at the arcade. 

headcanon that present day Hugh works at a Bowl Of America because Claire and Olive begged him to have a “fun job like Bronwyn and Fiona,” Hugh pretends to hate it but secretly loves watching all the children fail at bowling miserably (tho Millard has taken a liking to this “sport”) Enochs the best by far and tries to act cool but hes fangirling about how hes really good and if Horace will notice his skill

Keep your friends close,and your enemies closer (chanyeol x reader)

gang au | apologies for the sucky title |

“Boss! Ya hafta see what happened to the EXO-K worms after the guys you sent to finish off those lowlifes who tried to extort money from one of our students! They beat’em up real fine, sent’em to the hospital, they’re probably cryin’ for their mommas,”





“WHAT?! Can’t a gang leader do her pre-calc homework in peace?!” you bang the table with your palm, sending your pencil scattering to the floor.

“W-we’re sor-“

“BOSS! IT’S A PROCLAMATION OF BATTLE FROM EXO-K!” a short boy with a shaved head bursts into the makeshift meeting room.

“From whom?”

“The leader himself! The nerve! Says he wants to ‘teach EXO-M’s leader to not fuck with them anymore,’!”

“We’ll see about that, you can tell one of their lackeys that we’ll gladly take up their offer,” you smirked.

Constantly in a battle for pride, recognition and popularity, EXO-M and EXO-K were two of the most popular public schools in Korea. Like two sides of a coin, they stood facing each other, with similar buildings and uniforms. Constructed and brought into existence by the hands of Principal Lee Soo Man himself, the schools were always in turmoil. They were always beating each other up every chance they got in order to assert dominance over the other.

It wasn’t that EXO-M allowed only Chinese students to enroll, nor did EXO-K only Korean. It was a common mistake that people made while comparing their names.

EXO-M and EXO-K’s fights were endless, and the victors depended on fate.


“I’ll cut his ass up into cubes and deep fry it in sunflower oil, package it in fine china, and send it to Soo Man himself!” Chanyeol bellows. He’s oscillating rapidly on a rusty swing in the park where he promised to meet the EXO-M leader in order to teach him a lesson. Having been a leader for only a year, Chanyeol wasn’t really experienced with dealing with people of high importance, so he usually let his fists do the talking.

“Wait until I get my hands on him…what should I start with though?”

“How about you start by gendering me properly, asswipe,” you mutter after having managed to stealthily walk up behind the guy.

“AGH FUCK!” Chanyeol yelps, trying to get out of the swing but failing miserably, because his thighs were too wide for the baby swing, trapping him and jostling his upper body downward. He balances himself and snaps his head back at the person who managed to scare the shit out of him.

“What?! What are you doing here? Didn’t Tao bar anyone other than the EXO-M leader from entering the park?”

“…are you always this dumb? Who do you think you’re looking at, dumbfuck? Doesn’t my name indicate anything to you? (y/n)?”

“Really funny. I’m pretty sure I was told that EXO-M’s leader has…an anchor tattoo on their wrist…” he trails off as you bare your wrist at him and narrow your eyes.

“…what,” he whispers before squeezing his hand into one of his pants’ pockets and pulling out the most ugliest neon pink bejeweled flip phone you’d ever laid your eyes on. He snaps it open and slaps it to his elf like ears after furiously pressing some numbers.

“KRIS! YOU FUCKER! YOU DIDN’T MENTION THAT THE LEADER WAS A GIRL!? WHAT THE HELL!?” he spits, his back facing you. You cross your arms and stare at him lividly.

“…I did asshole. Besides, I’m late for my Pilates class with my boyfriend, I’ll have to call you later,” you hear the boy named Kris reply from the other side in a deep voice.

“FUCKING HELL?! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BEAT UP A GI-!“ Chanyeol asks, and before he’s done, his phone’s flying out of his hand, and onto the sandy floor, your shoe retracting from where his phone previously was, leaving a tiny red welt on the shell of his ear.

“I’ll beat you up then,” you offer placidly, trying your best to not sock the guy on his face.

“MY PHONE!” he yelps, trying to scramble off the swing and failing yet again.

“…you’re stuck to the fucking thing!” you laugh, slapping your knee.

“Don’t laugh at me, save my phone!” he screams, trying to squeeze his thighs as close as possible.

“Wait, wouldn’t want to break your dick, would you?” you grin, cracking your knuckles. You swing your right foot as far as you can and lodge it right on his ass, sending him flying out of the plastic mold and onto the sand floor.

“W-wai-!” he starts but he doesn’t finish because there’s sand in his mouth and his chin feels like it’s on fire. His phone lies 5cm away from his cheek, which is currently squished on the floor, pricks of pain from the sand shooting up his face.

“Rude asshole,” you mutter, before turning and walking away.

Tao’s mouth is wide open and he’s frozen, standing near the gate of the park.

“Chanyeol-ge!” he cries before he runs to him with concern.


“You got into another fight, sister?!” Yixing yelps, looking at your knuckles and frowning. He usually refers to you as sister in Chinese, as a term of endearment.

“Is that the question you ask a gang leader, Xing?” you shoot him a withering look before slipping the straps of your backpack onto your shoulders and walking towards the classroom door.

“…you can’t go around getting into fights like this!” Yixing pouts at you after picking his purple colored bag up and jogging up behind you. You walk with him till the school gates.

“Go home Yixing,” you turn behind and pat his hair.

“I’m going to the bookstore with Jongdae! Stay out of trouble this time!” he smiles at you and you grin back.

“Try not to get surrounded by goons unless I’m around! Don’t wander into dark alleys and stay focused on the road!” you warn him.

“Bai!” he waves before scampering off.

You smile and wave until his figure disappears at the corner of the road. Just as you’re about to make your way back home, someone grabs the back of your neck and pulls you towards an alley right next to EXO-M.


“Ah, fuck!” you whimper as you try to seat yourself as delicately as possible on the wooden stool. The fight went on for quite long and you took quite a lot of damage before you were able to get the upper hand against the students of some school which allied with EXO-K. Just as you were about to limp back home while suppressing your pain, or more like trying to, you received a message from your mother that she wasn’t going to be back home anytime soon since a group of guys who got beat up by someone real bad had turned up and she had a list of other patients to treat.

“Great, I can’t believe they’re getting treated by my own mother after getting their asses beat by me,” you whisper in anger and slap your forehead onto the table. Taking shelter in a faraway shop seemed to be the best option before the lackeys called anymore guys to the scene. You’d prefer walking back home and getting bandaged by your mother and aunt because it’s worth the shouting you’d get but you realize that you’re also out of that option.

You reach for the paper menu with one hand and slip the other into your pocket, trying to scrounge enough money to buy yourself a decent bowl of ramen. You pile enough notes and end up having to dig some coins out of your bag, but manage to order yourself a huge bowl. Putting your head down onto the wooden surface of the table, you wait patiently after giving an old man your order.

“CHANYEOL- AH!” the man screams and disappears into the kitchenette. Your ears perk up.


A few minutes later, someone appears while carrying a steaming ceramic bowl, a packet of chopsticks stuck in the space between his nose and mouth.

“Your ramen~” he singsongs, and you snap up after hearing the familiar voice.


“YOU!” both of you scream.

He places the bowl on the table with a loud thunk and glares.

“I had to wash my mouth five times to get the sand off! And now my phone also isn’t working! I spent an entire night sticking gems onto it!” he breathes heavily.

“Here, look at this,” you cup your hands, smile widely, and shake it at him, urging him.

He looks at you questioningly and cups your hands, peeking into the space between your thumbs.

“Can you see the number of fucks I give?”

He recoils back and gives you a withering look, trying to come up with a fitting comeback.

“You look like shit,” he comments instead, dropping his butt onto a plastic stool on the other side of the long counter like table.

“Yeah, you don’t come out of a fight with waxed legs and a moisturized face.”

“I don’t recall sending anybody to get your ass beat, what happened?” he says, surveying your black eye, busted lip and scratched cheek.

You shrug and peel your chopsticks apart, slapping your hands together in a prayer of thanks before scooping some noodles up.

“Did you make this?”


“Ha, there is something that you can do right.”

“What?! I’ll have you know that I’ve been making ramen since they cut my umbilical cord!”

“…that’s giving me weird images,” you laugh, wrestling a stray noodle into your mouth with a loud slurp.

Chanyeol wordlessly gets up and disappears into the kitchenette, returning a good three minutes later, clutching something in his hand. It’s a plastic bag of ice.

“Wow, what a gentleman,” you mutter, tilting the bowl back to drink some of the broth.

“This is for my ass…” he hisses.

That’s what he says, but as soon as you put the bowl down, he’s softly pressing the bag onto your face, hissing when he feels it touching your eyes.

“Flattery won’t let me spare your ass in a fight,” you say, trying to blindly place your chopsticks on the rim of the bowl but failing as it ends up falling into the soup.

“Fuck! I dropped my chopsticks into the bowl; get this out of my face! I don’t want my broth to taste like wood and the germs on my hands! I PAID SO MUCH FOR THIS!” you yelp, flapping your hands at where you thought he was.

“OW! FUCK! YOU POKED MY EYE!” he screams, trying to hold his eye and fish your chopsticks out of the bowl simultaneously.

You panic at the feeling of your eye beginning to freeze and try to pry the bag off your face but Chanyeol’s holding it really tight, in the process of trying to soothe his eye pain himself.

“FUCK! I CAN FEEL MY CORNEA FLOODING, GET THIS OFF! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!” you howl, trying to move back. A sickening crack echoes through your body and you whimper as your leg stills uselessly against the footrest of the stool.


“IT SERVES YOU RIGHT!” Chanyeol spits, probing his eye softly. Your chopsticks are perched on the table, soaked with broth.

“Great! My entire body is in pain, and now, I can’t even eat the rest of my fucking ramen! Thanks, Mr. I like freezing people’s eyeballs for fun! FUCK YOU!” you grimace at the feeling of not being able to feel your leg.

“I’m trying to help you!”

“If this is revenge for making you eat sand, then you’ve taken it too far!” you wince, trying to place your foot properly so as not hurt it.

“I didn- Oh my god! Let’s just stop arguing for a second!”

“Bu-“ you start.

“SHUT. UP.” you scowled, crossing your arms.

“Stay right there,” Chanyeol commands, grabbing the bowl and chopsticks before walking back to the kitchen. You pick the bag of ice up and smile, dabbing it onto your eyes precariously.

He reappears, this time, carrying a tinier bowl, filled with broth.

“Salvaged that from the pot, you can take it,” he says, sliding it infront of you.

“Are you serious? Aren’t you going to take this chance to drop laxatives into the broth?”

“Of course not, though I could have…” Chanyeol says, staring into the distance.

“Dumbfuck, you’re too late. Now take responsibility for my foot, you asshole,”

“…now why would I do that? We’re enemies.”

“…you owe me for being so sexist?”

“What? How does that make me owe you anything? That just makes me decent because I didn’t want to hurt a prett-“

“OOoooooohoohohoho! You think I’m pretty?!” you elbow his chest.

“AH! MY NIPPLES! YOU’RE SQUISHING THEM!” he screams, covering his chest protectively.  The lady sitting next to you both gives you both a look of pure aversion.

“Grandfather! I’m going out for a bit!” Chanyeol shouts and an equally deep voice shouts back an affirmation. You drink the broth he brought back in one go and look at it in despair.

“I wish I had more money…” you whisper.

Chanyeol huffs, putting his feet over the table and jumping to your side. He bends down before you.

“Look…I just want to let you know that I’m not into spanking…especially in public. I’m going to assume that you’re utterly enraptured by the spanking skills from today morning, bu-“

“Shut up and get on, can’t you act normal for once?” he mutters, flapping his hands and motioning to his back.

“Rest in pieces, my pride,” you whisper.

“Just this once, we’ll get you home and the next time, you can teach those guys a good lesson once you’re all healed up!” he grins as you silently get onto his back. You wrap your hands around his neck and smile silently.

“Just so I can choke the shit out of you if you try to touch my butt.”

“Point taken,” Chanyeol shivers, keeping his hands as firmly around your legs as possible.

Chanyeol smelled like the shitty cologne every teenage boy seemed to love spraying on themselves and you’ve smelled it countless times when you haul them onto the floor, coupled with the rusty smell of blood and spit. But on Chanyeol, the scent made you somehow feel better.

How could he expect you to beat him up after doing this? What were you doing, feeling safe in the hands of your biggest enemy?

“You can un-tense yourself, I’m not going to feel you up,” Chanyeol tells you as you both make your way towards your house, with you giving him directions.

“If you utter a word about this to anyone, I will have your head.”

“Okay okay…”

As soon as you make your next turn, Chanyeol stills suddenly, his hands tightening around the underside of your thighs.

“What’s wrong?” you ask him and try to make out what he’s so focused at. In the distance, you spot two guys, walking hand in hand and laughing.

“KRIS!” Chanyeol hollers and the other stops abruptly.

“…Chanyeol!” Kris exclaims. The two finally step under a streetlight and you identify the other guy with Kris.


“(y/n)!” he blubbers after spotting you on Chanyeol’s back.


“…It’s a long story. I’ll explain later,” Chanyeol sighs, huffing through his nose.


“…what’s happening?” you whisper into Chanyeol’s ear and he shrugs. You both give each other a look and burst into laughter, with Kris and Suho arguing in the background. Kris and Suho look at both of you incredulously.

The night finishes peacefully, and by peaceful, it ends with you at home safely, with Yixing screaming at you through the phone and your mother and Suho treating your wounds. Chanyeol goes back home, his ear clutched in Kris’s long ass fingers. You probe Suho and make him spill the dating story. Kris and Suho have been dating for the last 4 years. Relationships between EXO-M and EXO-K students weren’t forbidden, but it was definitely frowned upon if many people came to know about it. And therefore, Suho and Kris had vowed to keep it a secret.





“Hahaha he’s so dumb, hnnn?”


“What?! Can’t someone text in peace?!” you ask as the three of you are walking back from school.

“…who are you texting?” Suho asks while Yixing resorts to pouting and staring at you.

“Nobody you should know of,” you scoot away from both of them.

“SHE’S TEXTING CHANYEOL-GE!” Yixing yells, breaking into a fit of giggles.

“STOP LOOKING INTO MY PHONE, HEATHEN!” you smack the back of Yixing’s head with the device and he whimpers.

“Why are you texting him?” Suho questions. The last text Chanyeol sends before putting his phone off for a bit is a picture of Kris looking at a clipboard, captioned “bb captain needs more “balls” literally and figuratively.”

“I don’t know, he gave me his number sometime after I got better. Chanyeol is…”

“Cute? Fun? Adorable?” Suho presses, plucking a water bottle from his bag.

“Leader is falling in love! This is forbidden!” Yixing coos.

“He’s…interesting and dumb.”

“…which means, at one point of your covert sexting, you thought of dating him?” Suho asks before gulping down his water.

“What?! No!” you vehemently deny.

“Lies,” Yixing mutters.

“Have fun sexting him!~ I’m off to Jongdae’s,” Yixing follows with a goodbye before turning off into another street.

“What does he do with Jongdae?” you ask Suho who just shrugs.

“I’m going to the basketball court,” you tell Suho, pointing to another road.

“Another fight?” Suho asks, eyebrows raised in mock interest.

“I promised Chanyeol that I’d play him one on one, since he was going on about being amazing at it.”

“So…It’s a date?!” his nose quivers, indicating that he’s trying to suppress laughter.

“…I hate you.” You pout at Suho.

“On a serious note. How are you going to keep this going, you’re both supposed to be sworn enemies?” Suho turns pensive.

“I don’t know and I don’t want to talk about this, see you tomorrow, dad!” you flip him off, running away from him.


“You play like a castrated giraffe.”

“Say that to my face, go on,” he threatens you as you both sit on the concrete floor, the smell of cement strong on your noses from the construction work nearby.

“Pass me the water bottle, ass,” you make grabbing motions at the bottle next to him. Chanyeol picks it up and holds it as high away from you as possible.

“Fuck you, hand it over right now.”

“Make me, asswipe.”

“Fuck,” your voice is hoarse as you resort to leaning over him and trying to grab the bottle from him.

“You’re so fucking cute,” he comments.

“I’m going to send my gang to beat the shit out of you tomorrow,” you grit your teeth as you try to reach for the bottle. Your legs refuse to get up and snatch it off.

He doesn’t comment, but opts to stare at you amusedly as you struggle to atleast touch the edge of the bottle. He looks down at your lips, and in a moment of bravery, decides to peck them. You freeze and stare at him before pressing your palms to his cheeks and slotting your lips against his.

It’s weird, kissing someone you should be lighting gravestone incense for out of mock sympathy because school wars weren’t supposed to end up with both of you making out in a dirty basketball court. Chanyeol’s hand slides over your thighs and you’re gasping when you feel him pull you closer, both of your mouths slick with spit and you know that this was wrong, so wrong, but the groan Chanyeol is breathing out against your lips isn’t helping your clarity. Your school uniform is ruffled beyond repair as you both finally part ways.


“Leader! There’s a fight near the third alley and one of EXO-K is threatening Yixing with a knife!”

You look up in alarm from your physics worksheet and curse loudly before scrambling behind the boy who’s rushing through corridor after corridor and finally, you spot Yixing’s pallid face, his collar clutched by an EXO-K lackey.

“(y/n)!” he stammers out and the lackey presses the knife further into his neck, making you frown.

“Let him go, asshole,” you order, gritting your teeth loudly. Yixing having hemophilia isn’t helping the situation.

“Like hell I will, take one step and you’ll be finding him dead. What is he doing in this area anyway?”

You get tired of waiting and lunge at the lackey, pulling Yixing towards your side and pushing him far away as you can, you notice the knife plunging into the taut skin of your arm and whimper loudly, a sob tearing from your throat.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?! I SPECIFICALLY TOLD YOU TO FUCK WITH ANY SCHOOL OTHER THAN EXO-M!” you hear Chanyeol shout from somewhere and you feel soothed by his voice.


“(y/n), Are you okay?!” Yixing asks, breathing loudly and Chanyeol drags you out of Yixing’s hands before wincing.

“I’m going to p-pull it out, okay?” he stammers out.

“We’re not having sex,” you grit out laughter. Chanyeol says nothing but counts to three and yanks the knife out quickly. You muffle your scream into his uniform shirt and feel your tears seeping into the cotton. You hear him assuring Yixing that he’d take care of you and you feel him carry you off while he presses a piece of cloth against your wound.


He takes you a clinic and you’re grateful for all the attention you get from the gang, Yixing and Suho over the next week, but what you least expect is Suho rushing in one day, screaming at the top of his lungs.

“WE’RE MERGING!” he squeals.



“Why?” you ask, surprised.

“The expenses were too much to manage so Principal Soo Man wants to put everything together.”

“What’s Chanyeol doing?” you ask, with the furious need to know because Chanyeol hasn’t come by after he’d first brought you here.

“He stepped down from the leader position, there’s a rumor going around that he’s the one who pulled some strings and got the merger affirmed from Soo Man.”

“Ugh, I’m going to go back to sleep,” you make up an excuse to get Suho to leave. Things are too confusing and suspicious for you to wrap your head around.

“I’m sorry, this must come as a shock for you, I’ll see you tomorrow when you’re discharged!” he smiles and shows himself out politely.

You desperately hope that Chanyeol will visit you, atleast before you get discharged, and he does, popping into your room when you least expect it. You would’ve completely missed him since he shows up at 4am unless you’d woken up to drink some water and chew on your vitamins.

“Holy shit! Why are you sitting on the floor!?”

Chanyeol doesn’t reply, head bent over between his knees.

“I’m sorry…” he whispers.

“About the hand? That’s fine, tell me about you and this stepping down from leader thing,” you ask him, sliding down next to him.

“I don’t want to live a life of violence anymore.”

“WOW Confucius, elaborate.”

“I’ve never liked anyone so much,” he sniffles.

“Are you crying?”

“YES!” he blubbers and finally bursts into tears, snot dribbling from his nose comically.

“D-don’t cry! I really like you too!”

“B-but! We can’t be together without so much opp-ression!” he fidgets with his hands and says in a nasally voice.

“Of course we can! Suho and Kris got together! Why can’t we? Don’t you want to be with me? Besides, it’ll bring a semblance of peace if the leaders of the gangs happen to get along so well. We aren’t exactly Romeo and Juliet.”

“I do! B-but!” he blubbers yet again and you give him a look of amusement and sympathy.

“Please stop crying,” you wipe away his tears and kiss his cheek softly. That makes him stop and he gives you an incredulous look.

“You’ve got snot on your hands.”

“FUCK!” you yelp and slap him on his pants to rub off the snot from your hands.

Chanyeol picks a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes his face before facing you resolutely.

“I realllly realllly like you, and I don’t want to give up like you said…so, do you want me as your boyfriend?”

“Wow, the sky is blue, Chanyeol.”

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The Cold

Fandom: Skip Beat!

Pairing: Kyoko Mogami / Ren Tsuruga

Rating: General 

For @fromageinterrupted for the 2016 Skip Beat! Secret Santa gift exchange :)  

(Read it on AO3)

Kyoko dropped face-down onto the bed, burying her aching head in the hotel pillows. Every inch of her skin felt bruised, painful, as though hordes of tiny, angry buffalo kept running over her entire body.

The idea seemed oddly appropriate, and for a second, she distracted herself by imagining a whole prairie full of small rampaging animals, including the pack of mini vultures circling over her prone body, ready to swoop in at her last breath.  

A strong shiver shattered the fantasy, and she was back, miserable but alone.

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