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An ENFP's way to seducing an INTJ
  • ENFP: People like INTJs in netflix series, right? But only ENFPs are crazy enough to chase an INTJ in real life. I'd be like: “Do you see that bitch? Yeah, the project executive who just fired that guy because he wasn’t working hard enough and kicked him out of the office because he started crying? Im going to ask her if she likes bowling :). Maybe we can even go bowling as a corporate event :D!”
  • ENFP: Yeaah! I would get her a drink: "The dry red wine was sold out, so I got you this cocktail with a small umbrella! It is red as well and much more fun! :D"
Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei to Serve as Celebrity Ambassador for Stars & Strikes Charity Bowling Event
The event, which is in its 11th year and benefits LA-based charity A Place Called Home, will be held at PINZ Bowling and Entertainment Center in Studio City, Calif., on March 9, with Kordei leading the festivities as host.

Looks like another member of Fifth Harmony is expanding outside the group – but don’t worry, Harmonizers, this solo project doesn’t involve music. Normani Kordei signed on to be the celebrity ambassador for the Stars & Strikes Celebrity Bowling Event & Tournament, hosted by Los Angeles charity A Place Called Home, in March.

The event, which is in its 11th year, will be held at PINZ Bowling and Entertainment Center in Studio City, Calif., on March 9, with Kordei leading the festivities as host. According to a press release, “During the event, APCH members and attendees will have the opportunity to bowl with some of today’s biggest names – while raising funds and awareness for APCH’s free programs in education, the arts, athletics and vocational preparation for youth in South Central Los Angeles.”

“I am so honored to be working with A Place Called Home as their ambassador to bring awareness to the incredible services and programs which benefits kids in the Los Angeles community,“ Kordei said in a statement to Billboard. "It is a great day anytime I can bring a smile to a girl or boy, knowing that I am helping to inspire them to always dream big.”

Past APCH celebrity supporters include Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Hailee Steinfeld, Jason Derulo, Keke Palmer, Nick Cannon and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. For more information on the Stars & Strikes tournament, you can visit the event’s official website.

Watching ASoUE as a superfan like

“Omg he mentioned the sugar bowl”

“Omg Very Fresh Dill”

“Omg Memento Morris”

“Omg the mention of an incredibly deadly fungus”

“Omg my favorite quote- ‘if one is allergic to something it is best not to put that thing in one’s mouth, especially if that thing is cats’”

but also


bigboldbears  asked:

Hey SnicketSleuth! I really enjoy your work here. I just saw your recent post about one of the theories on the contents of the sugar bowl and was wondering if you had plans to address any other theories. Daniel Handler's recent comments on the matter have a lot of us wondering, and your analysis is always brilliantly constructed.

You mean other sugar bowl theories? The microphone and horseradish theories are the main ones. The fandom had other ones but they never gained as much popularity as these two… I suppose that I could analyze the idea that the sugar bowl is just a macguffin, but Handler’s comments seem to indicate it wasn’t just a macguffin after all.

The idea that it contains the Bombinating Beast has gained a lot of traction these last few years. My only issue with it is that the mystery can’t be solved using “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” alone. It feels kind of a cheat from Handler to reveal all about the sugar bowl in a completely different material more than six years after “The End”. But otherwise, yeah, linking the sugar bowl with the Great Unknown or Bombinating Beast would solve of lot of problems. I should probably write an article about that one of these days.

There’s also a significant portion of the fandom who believes the sugar bowl contains something magical/supernatural, but I’m not sure it’s Handler’s style. What baffles me is that a lot of people still believe it contains the Snicket file… even though the villains burned the Snicket file in “The Slippery Slope”.

“The Snicket file!” he said, in a hushed whisper.
“It’s all here,” the woman said. “Every chart, every map and every photograph from the only file that could put us all in jail.”
“It’s complete except for page thirteen, of course,” the man said. “We understand that the Baudelaires managed to steal that page from Heimlich Hospital.”

[The Slippery Slope, Chapter Six]

Unlike other events this weekend, there is no streaming or live broadcast of this special, its invitation only. Clips of the event will be available for her fans to watch exclusively after the show on her new channel that the company launched last December.
—  An AT&T spokesman to FOX Business on whether Taylor Swift’s Houston performance would be live streamed

Revisiting some older characters of mine and drastically updating them, my Jersey Devil fella Taft and Big Foot dude, Ricky! I’m updating their story as well, these two go on a cross country road trip to compete in a yearly bowling event called the Monster Bash! On the way the two run into a few cryptic creatures that need a lift to the event. Gonna attempt to create a short comic for this, something fun and silly! Also the first pic is featuring @paperboxhouse