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On Hot Pepper Gaming

Hot Pepper Gaming had its last episode today and I wanted to write something personal about it. I had this joke that I would always say when somebody talked to me about the channel - that it was sort of silly how the most successful thing I’ve ever done was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had. Classic self-deprecation, but the more I said it the more I realized just how important this dumb idea was to me.

Myself, Erin, and Jared started HPG half as a joke and half as a creative outlet to sort of prove that we knew what we were talking about. When we began, we were all lower-rung creatives working predominantly at Maker Studios - a YouTube multi-channel network. My only claim-to-fame at that point in my creative career was that I had something small to do with the Harlem Shake becoming a thing, and I really, REALLY didn’t want that to be the only accomplishment I had in my life.

I approached Erin about the idea, who called up Jared to join up with us. With a borrowed camera, $20 worth of craft supplies, and a weekend of work, we had shot the first three episodes of Hot Pepper Gaming. We planned to post weekly for a couple months regardless of if it gained traction or not, but on the first episode we were already growing faster than we could follow.

It’s sort of a funny thing how collaboration works. I remember being completely fine with filming Hot Pepper Gaming on a white background, but Erin’s simple suggestion that we use a yellow backdrop meant so much to the branding and style of the channel that I don’t think we would have succeeded without it. Erin, Jared and I all had something to contribute to the project, all of which combined together to create something much bigger than the sum of our parts. And because of this we were able to travel around the world, interact with fans, and sit in rooms with people we respected not only as their creative equals, but later on as their dear friends.

There’s so many great stories that I’ll post whenever I get nostalgic about Hot Pepper Gaming, but for now I just wanted to say something small that I think might describe my feelings better than me droning on about this will. We used to film Hot Pepper Gaming out of Erin’s old apartment, and after the first shoot we decided to grab dinner at a bar next door. I remember us all sitting at the bar, eating pub burgers and toasting to whatever the hell we just did, in our post-pepper andrenaline-rushed euphoria. I remember one of us asking hey, what if this actually does well, and then us all shrugging and laughing.

I’m currently on a flight back from Montreal, Canada, where Jared and I participated in Square Bowl, a yearly charity event that this year supported Doctors Without Borders. We were sitting on a balcony of an apartment in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, watching the sun set over a park that was freshly-covered with snow. He and I talked for a while about how we were raising money for an important charity with a group of friends and creative collaborators we loved; and how so many of them we knew, specifically, because we had hurt them with hot peppers.

I don’t know what I would say to 24-year-old, fighting-tooth-and-nail-to-create-stuff-and-have-people-care-about-them Vernon if I had the chance, but to think about myself then and see myself now is surreal. I owe so much to this dumb little project, and I’ll never forget it.


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Next year when I live in my own apartment I’m going to buy a really ornate sugar bowl and keep it somewhere where everyone who walks in can see it and I’ll never touch it, never look at it, never say anything about it, but if anyone reaches for it I’ll slap their hand away and say “NO YOU CAN’T HAVE THE SUGAR BOWL IT’S MINE, DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO FIND THIS THING?????” 

“I want a little sugar in my bowl”: narrative deconstruction in “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

Earlier this year (Link), we presented the first half of our takedown on the sugar bowl mystery. Now that we’ve gotten all the plot elements out of the way, it’s time to approach the solution in on a literary level. If there is, indeed, a solution to the sugar bowl mystery, what kind of solution a writer such as Daniel Handler would choose? Studying the series on a more thematical level gives very interesting results. If there’s one thing “A Series Of Unfortunate” does well, it’s making sure that the narrative fits the narration, that the plot fits the style (and vice-versa). Lemony Snicket uses absurdist humor, and his characters live in an absurd world.

We can’t prove that the sugar bowl really is empty, of course. What we can prove, however, is that an empty sugar bowl wonderfully suits the hallmarks that made  “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” such a literary sensation.

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Inktober number 2: Divided.
I got inspired by The Schism that caused the division of the VFD and lead to the events in A Series of Unfortunate Events. And the sugar bowl.
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  • Noah Schnapp as young Lemony Snicket 

You know what the real mystery of ASOUE is? It’s the fact that, no matter how many bookstores i go to, i have never (i repeat, never) seen the physical book ‘The Wide Window’. No hardback version, no paperback version, no penny dreadful version (i actually found the penny dreadful version of the first 2 books too). Nothing. At this point i’m convinced that it’s one big conspiracy, but honestly the fact that i’ve never been able to find it in any bookstore i’ve been to has been bugging me for the past 8 years.

bigpoppajunior  asked:

Do you think the sugar bowl contains the bombinating beast?

Hello, @bigpoppajunior!

This theory is very popular because it fits into the timeline neatly (the first sugar bowl mentions crop up after the events of “All The Wrong Questions”, not before) and provides valid reasons for both sides of the Schism to seize the contents of the sugar bowl. When “All The Wrong Questions” came out, Daniel Handler really made it seem as if he were developing the lore of the Bombinating Beast as a way to tie in the loose ends of the sugar bowl mystery.

There are two big objections to this theory, however:

  1. Throughout “All The Wrong Questions”, we see that the volunteers and Lemony’s friends are desperatly looking for a precious, small object that’s kept hidden in a museum and tied to the V.F.D mystery. That suspiciously sounds like the sugar bowl but can’t be the Bombinating Beast because they had never heard of the statue at this point. Besides, the precious object is in the city, while the Bombinating Beast is in Stain’d-by-the-way. So if the sugar bowl contains the Bombinating Beast, we end up with an entirely new unresolved mystery, this time about the precious object… And that would be hugely unstatisfying narratively.
  2. Daniel Handler recently said in an interview that the entire sugar bowl mystery was supposed to be solvable, and that one person, every year, gets it right. So if this mystery was always supposed to be solvable, that means that Daniel Handler thought it was solvable when “The End” was published, back in 2006. But the Bombinating Beast first appeared in 2012 with the first “All the Wrong Questions” book. No one could have guessed something that hadn’t been introduced yet. Furthermore, Handler’s comment about only 1 person a year guessing it right suggests that the most popular theories are wrong. And the idea that the sugar bowl contains the Bombinating Beast is VERY popular.

I’ve written 3 theories so far (Link) (Link). The one I currently suspect to be correct is this one: (Link).

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