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Smut Includes: Dom!Luke, light DDLG, Spanking, Tied Up, Hair Pulling


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anonymous asked:

hello! :3 may i request an update on the daddy kink tag, please? thank you so much!

Cool Dad by Camunki (complete | 4,760 | Rated M)

Derek started appearing in Stiles’ dreams after the second time he met him. He was used to it, after all, he was a teenager and his unconscious mind was just as horny as his conscious mind.

And unconsciously, he really wanted to fuck Scott’s foster dad.

Well, THAT’S embarrassing… by Lizamineliy (complete | 17,338 | Rated E)

“But what he hated the MOST about Stiles was how his cock hardened in his pants whenever Stiles called him "stupid” or “bitch” or “useless.” Derek knew this had to be fucked up. GOD it was SO fucked up, but Stiles’ words made his cock full and dripping every time.

Or the one where Stiles loves to humiliate Derek and Derek thinks Stiles doesn’t know about his humiliation kink…

Heaven’s Just a Sin Away by ChaelzChaelz (17/? | 49,450 | Rated E)

Flashback Fic: How Derek and Stiles became Dom and sub/Daddy and boy.

Cry Your Wounded Cry by Bananafofo (complete | 2,320 | Rated E)

Stiles comes back from work early to pick up a few things and finds Derek. Having Derek time.

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how about Merlin easing Eggsy into D/s lifestyle? Like he figured out what Eggsy needs, but can't say it upfront cause Eggsy is not really ready to face it, but seriously needs it to cope with all stuff that's going on? Like giving up control, firm hand, praise?

ugh YES this is awesome and exactly what i want thank you for this

i have to admit i’m not 100% thrilled with the last part of this. i’m thinking about doing a sequel later if people are interested, i’m not sure about where i ended it tbh.

It starts with a mission gone wrong. Lancelot ducked out hours ago, compromised and injured from her attempt at getting intel, leaving Bors to fake his way through a deal. She passed on the details she had been able to find, but it wasn’t much. She couldn’t even tell him everything due to the minimal contact they were allowed to have. 

Bors is smart, though, and he can read people. Lancelot doesn’t worry. She waits a couple of streets down in their getaway car, listening for his distress call but otherwise blind and deaf. 

The two hours of negotiations, stressful and long, include the following: a huge bluff, a couple hundred thousand dollars exchanging hands, and two briefcases full of scattered tech. After those two hours, Kingsman becomes the owner of the remains of Valentine’s SIM card research, which consists of a handful of prototypes, at least ten flash drives, actual paper notebooks, and an alarming amount of chemicals. 

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Goddammit, that rewarding-Derek anon gave me ALL THE FEELS! GAH! Because how long wouldn't it take Derek to learn?! I'm thinking like.... years. And one day when Stiles tells him for the umpteenth time that he's the best ever for something completely random like doing the dishes, Derek just says "thanks", and for once it's completely non-sarcastic, totally sincere, and Stiles just fucking crumbles to the floor and blows Derek until he makes claw marks in the counter-top...

As much as I love you for this (and I really, really do because yesssss), I can’t stop laughing because all I can picture is that scene going something like:

Stiles: You precious butter bean, you always make the dishes gleam, Derek!

Derek: Thank you.

Stiles: Wait.

Stiles: …

Derek: What?

Stiles: …

Derek: Stiles, what? (Because Derek, precious snowflake doesn’t even realise he just accepted praise.)

Stiles: DUDE. Bedroom. Now.

Derek: I’m a good boy, I’m a good boy, I’m a good- oh my fucking god!


You and harry have some amazing chemistry as best friends.

Requested by: beside-calum

Warnings: | language | smut |

Part two maybe??- message me what youd want it or if you’d want one.

“HARRY MOOOOOVVEE!” I yelled laughing at his dumb behavior. I was trying to bring popcorn to the coffee table so that harry and I could eat something but the moron kept getting in my way. He started moving side to side and eventually bumped into me making me drop all the popcorn and the bowl on the floor.

“ HARRY!"I yelled again. He looked at the floor and then back up at me.


"Awe, its on mine too.” He said smirking.

“Pick. It. ALL. Up.” I said laughing and walking away.

· · · · · ·

“ I need a towel.” Harry said. I was looking down at my phone.

“Im wet from the shower.” He said, me still staring at my phone until i decided to look up seeing something that ive seen many times… just not that close.

Harry was soaking wet, naked in front of me. My eyes widened and i quickly threw him a pillow and got up to get a towel.

“HARRY WHAT THE HELL DUDE, SEEING YOUR DICK WAS NOT ON MY TO-DO LIST!” I yelled shocked. He shook his head while wrapping the white towel around his waist still showing is tatted torso I grew to love.

“But im sure you have no real problem with it.” He said making me roll my eyes.

As the movie went on, the characters started to have a bit of, fun. The scene had my mouth open and foot tapping.

“Fuck, right there.” The girl in the movie moaned. I quickly looked at Harry who seemed to be studying my expression and laughed.

“Come here.” He said.

“No, you have no shirt on.” I said laughing. He rolled his eyes and pushed his body onto me.

“Stopp.” I said.

“I can feel your pewie wood on my hip.” I said laughing.

He pulled back with an appalled expression.

“Pewie??” He said shocked.

“Come on (y/n), you’ve seen my cock and its not rightful of the name ‘pewie’.” He said onto my neck.

“Harry, move. Stop playing around.” I said.

“Im not,” he said rubbing my leg. “But I’ll stop if you want me to.” He whispered. I shook my head and grabbed his hands putting them on my core.

He rubbed harshly as i ground my hips onto his fingers. He kissed my neck and used his other hand to take off the towel. I pulled down my sweats and got on top Harry’s lap grinding on his erection. His eyes directed to my black undies.

Harry’s P.O.V

Ive been waiting for this moment for years. I looked down to see her grinding in me, her brown eyes looking into mines. I put my hands into he thick curly hair and kissed her lips now moving her panties over and putting a finger deep into her.

“Fuckk haaary please.” She moaned softly into my ear.

“What do you want me to do (y/n)? Hmm?” I asked, fingers speeding in and out of her as i licked her neck.

“Please fuck me. Please.” She asked desperately. I snatched off her underwear and lifted her up smiling.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, please.” She said looking into my eyes. I nodded and sunk her on my hard cock gasping as her walls squeezed around me. Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth fell open. She sat down and sat there until she moved. I put my hand under her arms making her move and laugh.

“Fuck, dont move like that.” I said.

“Ahaaah Harry, you’re tickling me.” She said putting her head on my shoulder.

I went to kiss her head but she moved it first and we bumped them together.

“Oh my gosh."she said laughing with me.

"Can i move now?” I asked rubbing my head. She nodded, still laughing until i grasped her hips putting mine up and hers down.

“Oo-ooh” she gasped. I smirked and started moving a bit faster. She felt so good, she looked so good. I pulled her closer to me by the small of her back.

She started to bounce on me and roll her hips marking me closer then I was before. I reached down to rub her clit and she moaned louder.

“You feel so amazing. ” I whispered in her ear. After a while, she stopped. I looked at her in confusion.

“Are you okay?” I asked moving her small black headband back to see her forehead better.

“Yeah,” she said laughing. “Im tired.” I grasped her hips and turned her over on her back and thrusted hard into her. I pinched her nipples and looked down at where we met. She tapped my legs and looked at me.

“Im close…” she whispered. I smiled and started going faster until she arched her back and closed her eyes coming, my orgasm coming a bit later hitting like a bus as i softened slowly into her. I grabbed her sweaty back,

Your P.O.V:

He pulled me off of the couch and made us fall on the floor.

“Harryyyyy, ouch.” I said laughing as he showed his deep dimples.

“That was great.” He said sprinkling many kissed on my cheek, lips, and eyes. I laughed at him and pulled him close.

“You are an amazing friend.” Harry spoke softly , smiling at me.

Heyyyyy. I loved this one so much that im willing to do a part two? Message me if you want one cause i will love to write another one. xx

In Control

In Control


Word Count: 5.1K

TW: underage sex, underage drinking, swearing, kinks, stuff like that, kinda sad fwb

Summary: Dan gets drunk and confesses some embarrassing things to Phil, which results in things developing between them.

A/N: This was supposed to be something quick and easy but it became a monster like Black Eyes I’m sORRY anyways no I’m not back but I’m procrastinating pbb so here!


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any fics with platonic papa(protective)!geoff over gavin or any of the lads??

Here are our older Protective!Geoff fics here, here, here.


Stupid Boy by Sparxflame

Summary: “So,” says Gavin, already on his fourth beer since Ryan slid into the booth opposite him, pink-cheeked and a little glassy-eyed, “you kill people for a living, right? You’re- the Mad King. Ryan.”

WC: 3094