Step on a crack, acres of pets.

Can’t trust toucans

400 popes applause 2004

Obama’s Bowl-o-Rama

Bush’s hubbub burst a shrub

Sobbin’ man? Osama bin Laden

Booth room

A boa’s smooth move in bathroom

Zack Sultan says yes to nasty juice sacks

A robot’s racecar rumbles a rack of ribs ⤴ a spare ought to rip privy Tebow’s rug

Blame it on Tim Malb

Give us more, Kirk. Crikey, enormous vag

Bob’s lob o’ bowl'n bowl wobble

Peter Vidani invades a teepee

A rat’s tattoo of Tara’s tar

Dom Butchello orchestrated butt mob

Tailored Twitter can accrue a witty laid rat

Yeah, Doug does sod hay

[with apologies to Real Palindromes]