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#64: Season 2, Episode 22 - “Gutter Queen”

I don’t even know what to say about this one. Louis is my favorite character, so I’m usually not too crazy about certain Ren-centric plots. Sometimes, Louis’ subplot will be enough to save the episode… But, unfortunately, neither plot does enough for me here. This episode is just kinda… There. Not to mention, somewhat forgettable.

Ren organizes a one-time, “Mother/Daughter Bowl-O-Rama fundraiser” to raise money for the school. After participating in it with her mom, Ren becomes embarrassed because Eileen was slightly obnoxious and bowled straight gutter balls all night. But Eileen had a blast and thought they were a big hit.. So she signs her and Ren up for a weekly Mother/Daughter bowling league. Ren’s not too happy. So.. What’s Louis’ subplot, you ask? He hires a butler named Chives for a week, with money he won from a stinky feet competition. Yeah.

“Master Stevens is present” Chives says in a posh British accent during roll call while he makes Louis a frappé and the fancy, rich sounding stock music the show always uses starts playing. I can’t. 

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