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Fishblr please help

I am so tired of the “fish are products” mentality that corporate pet stores have. Employees cannot refuse to sell fish, even if someone wants to put a goddamn koi in a bowl.

I just had a customer get pissed at me because I told him that keeping two goldfish in a ten is akin to keeping a dog in a closet, and it’s literally animal abuse and they’ll spend maybe two years in massive amounts of pain. He got pissed, made the manager do it, and got mad when I said we can’t replace the fish if it dies.

Literally RIGHT AFTER HIM is a lady with a ten gallon, a pleco, and four goldfish, getting a fifth goldfish. “But it’s okay because they’re babies.”

They didn’t care. I told them that all of our fish have minimum space requirements and that goldfish (per policy) need 30. They went and got the manager and made him do it when I told them all it’s animal abuse.

Fish are living, breathing, feeling creatures. They can feel pain, loneliness, hunger, cold. If someone told me they wanted me to sell them a canary for a mason jar, a chameleon for a critter keeper, a rabbit for a cat carrier, I could refuse every single one. Because a mason jar, a critter keeper, a cat carrier are not proper habitats for those animals, and they will spend their lives in abusive conditions. If you go to a shelter and try to adopt a dog because “I want him to live in his crate and make the room look pretty,” people would riot.

Please. Please help me stop committing disgusting abuse at my store. Help other employees stop committing abuse at their stores. Customers do not listen to us. If you overhear an interaction like the ones I had today, step in and tell that person the truth. That what they’re doing is animal abuse. Back up everything the employee says, if the employee knows their shit or educate them if they are clueless. You’re right, many pet store employees know jack shit about animals. But some of us care, some of us spend hours outside of work researching animals to give customers the best information possible, some of us are passionate about those often neglected and abused pets (hamsters, fish, any reptile) and risk being fired if we don’t do what the customer wants. Sell this fish into an environment that will 100% murder it or you’re fired. How fucked up is that?

Please. Call your local pet stores. The lfs mom and pop shop, Pet’s Plus, Fins Feathers. PLEASE call your PetSmarts and your Petcos and ask to speak to a manager. Tell them that their store policy dictates that fish are allowed to be sold into abusive conditions and employees have no way to stop it. PLEASE call the actual corporate numbers and file a complaint. File so many complaints. Please. I love my job and I love animals and most customers are normal human beings who care about animals but every so often I get people like this and it crushes me.

One of my managers has gone to battle against corporate four times for the right to refuse fish to improper homes. He has lost four times. He is only one person and he works for the company. Maybe if the CUSTOMERS, the source of our money, start complaining, corporate will take things seriously. Maybe then we’ll stop having to sell shitty 0.8 gallon tanks for goldfish and giving fucking plecos to 5g tanks. Maybe if this changes, we can get fish bowls banned. Maybe if this changes, we can work on improper care for other animals.

Please help.
Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban
She appears to have been confused about arrests of two Iraqi men in Bowling Green, Ky., in 2013 for plotting to ship money and weapons for terrorism in Iraq.

The bigger the lie, or pack of lies, the more people will believe it!

JeanMarco and Eremin AU where all four are flatmates

(This is what happens when jessalynny and I get bored)

- Jean and Eren fight over the TV remote every damn day

- Marco and Armin like watching Food Network (and Jean and Eren always giver the remote over to them cause they can never say no to those faces; Marco and Armin know this fact and abuse it…freely)

- Eren cries at Disney movies (and without discretion, despite his best efforts)

- Jean and Eren secretly like romcoms and will actually watch them together civilly (their faves are Moulin Rouge and Love Actually)

- Marco has major trouble staying quiet during sex, and Jean does nothing but encourage it. Jean gets multiple slaps from Eren the mornings after while Armin passive aggressively puts tobasco sauce in Jean’s coffee for ruining his beauty sleep. Jean remains nothing but insanely pleased with himself.   

- Jean takes the longest showers. They try sending Marco in to get Jean to hurry up; it only makes them take even longer.

- Armin and Jean make godly crepes. 

- Eren makes a mean bowl of cereal (he’s banned from using the oven, stove, and microwave)

- Marco makes the best coffee. Their coffee machine misbehaves for everyone else. Only Marco can use it because he talks to the coffee machine and treats her like the lady she is, cause chivalry is not dead in that fine boy. 

- Armin steals Jean’s ice cream and shamelessly accuses Eren. Jean falls for it every time. 

- Marco gives amazing massages. Jean tries to selfishly keep Marco’s amazing massages all to himself, only conceding to Armin when the boy uses his shameless puppy eyes. During those rare occasions, Eren and Jean pretend not to hear/glance over to Armin’s borderline orgasmic moans when Marco rubs his shoulders on the couch.

- Armin brings home a stray kitten. Eren and the kitten argue every night about who gets to sleep next to Armin. Eren loses more often than he’d like. (Armin makes it up to him by wearing cat ears while he sucks him off)

- Marco has a hamster. Jean dotes on it in secret (but of course Marco knows). Jean always brings home new hamster toys, and when Marco asks where they came from Jean just replies “the hamster fairy.” (His beet red face gives him away)

- Since Eren’s ears turn red when he lies, Jean always stares pointedly at Eren’s ears when obnoxiously asking him questions and pisses Eren off. 

- Jean has a pressure point on his shoulder that makes him squeal like a girl, a fact that Eren uses to his advantage and amusement.

- Marco is obscenely ticklish. He has since developed very violent reflexes to attempts to tickle him. He has given Jean multiple black eyes because of this. Jean never learns from these mistakes. 

- Eren laughs hysterically at Jean’s black eyes…until Jean reminds Eren of all the times Eren tries to sneak up on Armin only to recieve a fierce kick to the gut that brings Eren to his knees (Armin claims this is nothing more than a reaction of pure instinct… it is not) 

- Armin has mad self defense skills and has proven this by flipping Jean over his shoulder when Jean tried to sneak up on him after getting back from class early.  

- Marco and Armin like cuddling when their boyfriends are unavailable. They also do this when they are mad at Jean and Eren, and will happily flaunt their cuddles while eating Jean’s ice cream and using Eren’s favorite blanket. 

- The only time Jean and Eren can successfully work together is when they are trying to placate their upset boyfriends. They are shockingly good at coming up with new, romantic ways to apologize…Marco and Armin milk this for all it’s worth.

- Armin and Eren constantly get in trouble for not keeping their sexcapades to their room. Marco and Jean have hidden spray bottles all over the flat for these exact situations; there is always one within arms reach.

- The above problem leads Eren and Jean into creating a competition to see who can do it on every surface of the flat first. Things get serious until Marco and Armin get fed up with their overly competitive boyfriends and lock them in the “Get Along Closet”

- Yes, they have a “Get Along Closet” for Eren and Jean. The two usually come out coughing and covered in some surface cleaning spray. Neither get laid those nights cause they smell like ‘the power of Pine-Sol, baby’.

tsuki-no-miyako  asked:

If fish do not belong in fish bowls then where should they live if you buy them? (I had a goldfish when i was younger and we always kept her in a fish bowl and cleaned it regularly)

Goldfish should be kept in a tank with a powerful enough filter, plus APPROPRIATE substrate!  Either bare bottom or sand!

General rule of thumb for goldfish is 2 gallons of water per inch of ADULT -SIZED fish.  So if you have a fancy goldfish, they get about 8 inches large, meaning 16 gallons per fancy goldfish.

Comet goldfish (or “feeder” goldifsh— you know, the kind you win at carnivals?) get anywhere between 18-20 inches long, meaning about 36-40 gallons for a comet to live happily.  ( i prefer to leave comets for ponds as they THRIVE in pond space!  So much room for them to be happy and swim free!  My grandmother has 4-5 comets that she’s had for over 15 years and they’re all about 20 inches long.  They have babies almost every spring and she places the babies in a separate pond)

And the myth about goldfish only growing to the size of the container it’s kept in?  Just that: a myth.  Goldfish will end up with physical deformities and possibly die of organ failure because of the conditions they are left in.

Plus, what would YOU rather live in?  A small studio apartment where everything is in the same room INCLUDING the toilet/sink/shower, or a space where you could stretch out a bit, maybe have a roommate you get along with house with you with plenty of room so you don’t feel trapped in your own living space?

It’s the same as asking whether you think a living creature would enjoy something like this:

External image

External image

Or something like this:

External image

External image

These fish can live between 25-40 years with optimal conditions!

Most fish who are thrown in bowls don’t live past a year or two maximum— bowls do not provide enough oxygen or clean water for any fish to thrive in it.  The shape of the bowl itself isn’t even conducive to producing oxygen, since the surface area of the exposed water is so much less than the diameter of the bowl.

Not only that, but for a goldfish, the water in a 1 gallon bowl will hit toxic levels of ammonia from its own waste within 12 hours.  That means to have the SAFE levels of ammonia you would need to change the water out at least 4 times daily for a 1.5-inch goldfish.

Goldfish are NOT beginner fish.  GOLDFISH ARE NOT BEGINNER FISH!!  I would label them as intermediate because of the amount of maintenance required to have one live its full life span!

And for any of you who read this and say “Why is this so important??  It’s just a fish!”, you can easily ask the same question of any animal.  ”Why is this so important?? It’s just a dog!”.  ”Why is this so important?? It’s just a horse!”.  

No matter the animal, it should still be treated with respect.

If you ignore its needs on purpose, not out of ignorance or miseducation, that is animal abuse.  Never buy an animal on a whim or just because it’s cute or because you want it to fill a space in your house for decoration.  ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE PURCHASING AN ANIMAL.  And cross-reference your sources!  Never just rely on one person’s word.

Tl;dr or if you’re still curious as to why bowls are bad for fish, I suggest these links for more information:

Finatics: Why Fish Bowls are Bad

Aquaridise: Why Goldfish Bowls Should be Banned

Goldfish Care Guide: Five Reasons not to use Goldfish bowls

Aquarium Life: Myths About Goldfish

Animal Freedom: The Goldfish Bowl: Decoration and Torture Instrument

Say no to bowl culture and tell others the same!

If there was a way to be a fish advocate in my current situation I'd fucking do it

We seriously need to reconsider the way we do fish husbandry. Fish fighting must become illegal and more information on fish must become available. Betta fish in particular are treated poorly because the lay person doesn’t know anything about how to take care of them. Myths need to be dispelled. This is one of my dreams: to make sure fish are recognized as having emotions and intelligence. To make sure that people are educated before they buy a fish. To help encourage people not to impulse buy a fish. To show people they aren’t decorations but living fucking beings who need love and respect.

I also want to ban fish bowls from the market. And the idea that bettas can live in a fucking vase. Because they most certainly fucking can’t.

Story time: I work for a holistic dog and cat food brand as a demo representative. So I am one of those people you see set up with a table in pet stores giving out free samples and trying to convince people to stop feeding their pets garbage.

Yesterday I was stationed at a Pet Supplies Plus and saw that their end cap with all of their betta fish was dismal. Their water was tinged brown, had chunks of food and poop floating everywhere, and the fish all looked to be on their way out.

I grabbed the fish two-by-two and hauled them all back to their stock room and did 100% water changes on all of them in their sketchy employee bathroom and the fish immediately perked up.

The manager walked in on me doing it and I awkwardly stuttered, “They looked like they were on their way out.” To which he replied, “Probably were. Probably won’t get cleaned again until you come back,” laughed, and walked out. I was mortified, but… At least now they are suffering less for a day or two.

Are there any tumblr feminists (or non feminists) who are kinda pissed the Super Bowl banned women from performing for eight years (silence broken by fergie with the BEP but officially silenced by Madonna) because of the Janet Jackson scandal but said NOTHING about justin Timberlake ripping her shirt off in the first place? It was HIS song! HIS lyric that said “I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song” the act insulated by HIS song!! I love justin but now I’m older and understand how fucked up this whole situation is.

They banned women for performing the halftime how for EIGHT . YEARS.

Banned. Women. For. Eight. Years.

Nothing on male participation. I’m speechless.

Thoughts? #yesallwomen

anonymous asked:

Daisy and Lincoln making food in the kitchen and then Lincoln picks her up and sets her on the counter and start to have an intense make out session when Joey walks in and calmly gets a soda out of the fridge

(A little over 12 sent, sorry! But I adored this prompt, we actually used it on AOI as well ;) check it out here and here)

So far, they have successfully Not Burned exactly one of the Christmas cookies they have spent all evening mixing and scooping and sticking in the oven – which is impressive in and of itself, because Daisy can confirm that at least 50% of the dough they mixed didn’t make it past the spoon that circuited directly between the bowl and their mouths.

He bans her from oven duty after the third tray she forgets to set a timer for, and since she has already had the spoon confiscated (flying dough) and been removed from sheeting duty (”What do you mean I can’t put it all on in one piece? Lincoln – One. Giant. Cookie.”) – he points to the mess of ingredients still cluttering the counter and directs her to start putting things away.

Except when she tucks the flour bag closed, she isn’t exactly gentle – and white powder puffs up into her face.

She coughs, moving away from the bag as she tries to find clear air.

“Daisy, what the hell.”

“It knows what I did to it’s children.”

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Penn State's punishment: What the NCAA took away from the school
  • 5 years of probation handed down by NCAA to Penn State’s program
  • 14 number of years of wins the school must vacate — basically every victory since Paterno was aware of the first allegation
  • $60M the amount the school will be sanctioned by the NCAA; the funds will go towards programs to prevent child abuse
  • four years of bowl bans for the school; they will lose 20 scholarships over four years, and students can transfer source

» No longer the winningest: As a result of the vacated seasons, Paterno will no longer be the NCAA’s winningest football coach, which means that Florida State’s Bobby Bowden is now the winningest coach in NCAA history — and a statistic that once meant everything means nothing.

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