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By request, I’ve finished and uploaded Cooper’s Bar & Bowling Alley (also known as my “seedy bar”). Activities include bowling, foosball, an arcade game, bubble blower, and the usual bar stuff. There’s also a bedroom for when your Sims get tired or just want some privacy, and a back room for the owner’s files and inventory. (Not that you can own a bar - at least not without mods - but you could pretend. :)

There are more pics in the Bar & Bowling Alley tag.

  • CC-free
  • Lot size: 30x20
  • Cost: §134,679
  • Lot Location: “Garliclauter Place” in Forgotten Hollow
  • Required Packs:
    • EPs - Get to Work, Get Together, City Living
    • GPs - Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out, Vampires, Parenthood
    • SPs - Luxury Party, Spooky Stuff, Movie Hangout, Backyard Stuff, Romantic Garden, Kids Room, Bowling Night
  • To install, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 7 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder. 


**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse.

Credit: Most of the Sims in the preview shots are by @jools-simming.


Male Skinny Jeans by Julie J

You need the new Bowling Night EP for this to show in your game

These are textures I converted from Sims 2 and Sims 3

Content used in pics by Anto, Luumia, karzalee, dreamteamsims, necrodog, soloriya, Orangemittens, Mathcope




The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff Pack 

“Your Sims will soon be able to take to the lanes and level up their new bowling skill with the all new Bowling Lane object! Accompanied with a slew of retro vibe objects, including new seating, lighting, and even bowling ball racks, builders out there will be able to really deck out their venues. Whether customizing your local bar to include a nice bowling space, or turning your nightclub into a sweet local hangout spot where your Sims can dance the night away, Sims can also enjoy a bit of Moonlight Bowling to really set the vibe.

And objects aren’t the only new addition to this pack, we’ve got a slew of new clothing items that will make your Sim the envy of their friends with some swanky retro hairstyles and clothes to match! Now you can have your Sims bowling team dress up in matching outfits (with corresponding bowling shoes!) so the locals know that you mean busy.”

We all know that I hate bowling (there was a childhood incident, don’t ask) but I just watched the trailer like three times and I’m suddenly obsessed. Especially with the new CAS stuff. I’m such a fan.


I knew Jeff hated the Pats! 😂


Surprise! At 3pm ET tomorrow I’ll be posting a current household update where Minti and the gang go bowling! I figured this was a better way to use my early access to the Bowling Night Stuff Pack.

Instead of a boring (no offense) overview video I showed off some CAS/build items but mostly focused on my own Sims and the gameplay.

I’ll post a link on here when the video go live, friends. You’ll also be seeing screenshots all day. 

Reminder: the pack doesn’t release until Wednesday, but the embargo for people with early access to post content from the pack ends tomorrow.


                          The Night After / He Was Gone

I wasn’t expecting to be woken up this way. This rude ass made and her loud ass vacuum cleaner mixed with the hooting cars on the busy New York Street was aggravating. I couldn’t even think. All I knew is….he was gone. Ahmed wasn’t next to me.

I was seriously about to pop off on this damn maid. She was giving me attitude and I couldn’t even hear what she was ranting on about. With all the loud commotion, Ahmed being gone and her yelling at me wasn’t making my mood any better.

Once I signaled for her to get the hell out, I noticed a breakfast tray and an envelope beside me.

I knew it!!! He fucked me, and was probably leaving me money for a 2hour drive home. This was it. I ruined this whole damn arrangement and he couldn’t even face me. Id be honest, I was scared to read the note. I didn’t want Latoya to be right about this whole arrangement. I knew she wouldn’t ever let me live it down.

Fuck it. Here goes. I read it….

The note said (Taking care of business. The conference is tonight. Be ready by 8o'clock. - Ahmed) It was short and blunt. I didn’t know how to feel about this note. I was relieved to know that it wasn’t about ending the arrangement but he also didn’t mention the sex either.

I can’t complain, I’m not his girl. I have to remember to sit pretty, be good companionship, make that money and allow him to have his space. Hes not my man hes my sugar daddy, but I damn sure know I won’t be sitting in this condo all day until 8pm for him to return.

Time to explore NYC by myself until tonight.