Lunch at Pure Kitchen

I’m far from being anything close to a vegetarian (let alone a vegan), yet I was very curious to try one of Ottawa’s vegan hot spots, Pure Kitchen. Now with two locations in the city (one on Richard Road and one on Elgin Street), you can get your vegetarian and vegan fare fix even more easily!

The menu is a lot larger than I expected, with lots of different options ranging from salads, wraps and sandwiches to burgers (veggie course!) and delicious hot bowls. There is even a large selection of appetizers if you’re feeling more like a simple snack. And don’t forget dessert!

I needed an extra caffeine kick that day, so I ordered a flat white to accompany the mystical bowl. This bowl comes with a brown rice base topped with lime-jalapeno tofu steaks, a black bean and sweet potato mixture, pico de gallo, avocado, all topped off with a chipotle avocado sauce. For an extra $5, I added three dumplings (stuffed with shiitake mushrooms, tofu, scallions and dynamite sauce) to my order.

I was hooked after the first bite! There was so much flavour, and I even really liked the tofu, which is not something I ever normally eat. The dumplings were my favourite part - the filling was delicious!

Although I haven’t yet had a chance to return, I will definitely not hesitate to get my veggie on at Pure Kitchen again soon!

important question

so im just wondering, why are fishblr people so against buying “unethical” fish? (fancy tailed and dragon scaled bettas, parrotfish, fancy goldfish to name a few) like??? these fish are still gonna exist and people are still gonna buy them, and chances are if educated aquarists dont someone who has no idea what theyre doing is gonna buy them. why leave these already struggling fish to people who will most likely stick em in a bowl and let them suffer?


“Emergency: my bowl is empty.”

cute animal vines?