I’m really proud of the little bitty Bowies I recently made.  They’re the same design as my lifesize Bowie doll but a more affordable, storable option :]]  I sent my first medium doll to England a couple weeks ago and I just sold my first Lil Bowie on my Etsy shop this week! ^ ^

Medium Bowie Pillow/Doll by Proxy Shop on Etsy [Demi Anter].

Lil Bowie Doll by Proxy Shop on Etsy [Demi Anter].

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Soooooo huggable.


They have Jareth Funko dolls! Omg, look at them, how cute they are! I already pre-ordered the first one on Amazon, and I bought the second one on! The second one should be arriving soon!

If anyone wants to pre-order the first one, you can do that on Amazon HERE. But please note! I have been keeping an eye on the first one, and people had been trying to overcharge for him. The price should not go above $13, but I had seen some people charging as much as $27. If you see the price going up and up, don’t get suckered in. I waited a few days, keeping and eye on the price, and Amazon does officially sell it themselves for $10.99 (which is the price I got when you pre-order). It’s just that people had been going a little crazy and Amazon sells out, but then they would order more, I guess, to fulfill more pre-orders, so just wait for it. If you don’t manage to get the pre-order price, than the price should be around $12.50 when it is released, which is still a lot less than $27.

The second Jareth is a Hot Topic exclusive, you can order it right now HERE. They are selling it for the market price of $12.50 (but they will charge $4.99 extra for shipping).

purrjury  asked:

Is there any possibility that you would publish a pattern of your David Bowie doll? My mom is such a die hard fan and would love to be able to make her one

I hadn’t planned on it, and because I didn’t have plans for a pattern in mind, my notes for him are not very accurate. And there’s no good way I can describe the process of his hair, but I’ll look over the notes I wrote down and see if there’s enough there.

…Because every Bowie fan needs their own tiny Bowie to cuddle.


Thanks to the wonderful inspiration of the Paper Doll DoA contest, I made this paper doll of my Blue Pierrot (David Bowie MNM on Dollshe Pure). Since I get a constant stream of requests for my Bowie-character dolls - which are absolutely not for sale - I think I’ll make a line of articulated paper dolls available for purchase on Etsy, sparkly brads included. A doll of a doll of a character is transformative enough for me not to be guilty of infringing on Mr. B’s personality rights.

How can I get one of your Bowie dolls?

The short answer is: unless you are David Bowie*, you can’t.

There are three main reasons I do not make custom dolls with David Bowie’s likeness for sale. Perhaps stating them here will put an end to inquiries.

1. It is unethical and may be considered illegal to use a celebrity’s likeness for mass production without proper licensing, particularly when it involves specific stage/film characters. Yes, people do it all the time, but that’s between them and their conscience (or, if you prefer, between them and the celebrity’s lawyer). The custom casting of portrait heads falls into a gray area since it’s very limited and offers only approximate likeness. My dolls, however, are very close recreations of specific characters which do not belong to me. While fanart is acceptable as a form of personal tribute, it’s illegal to commercialize.

2. I can guarantee that my own dolls, who carry the likeness of a person I greatly respect, will never be used in any degrading context, but it’s not possible to assure some fool won’t try it. I cannot allow that.

3. I’ve spent a great deal of resources creating and outfitting these dolls, most importantly, my own time. There is not enough money in the world to compensate me for that, the only thing worth it is the fruit of my labor, which I’d rather keep for my own enjoyment.

* Mr. B, your doll is all boxed up and waiting for you. ;)