You remind me of the babe!  (What babe?)
The babe with the power (What power?)
The power of winning this Jareth plush in my eBay charity auction:

It ends on February 5th! 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute!

~ 14 inches tall, poseable
~ Made with microsuede, pleather, faux fur, and other random fabrics.
~ Comes with miniature peach and three clear marbles.
~ I am currently NOT accepting commissions.


How many nights dancing in only socks and under wear, as a kid? You filled my lungs with a confidence, shaky but strong? I saw you flicker and you went and became stardust, a million voices crying out.  I can say that you filled me to the brim.  Space man, you’re dancing to and fro with the constellations for ever and my heart weeps. We lost your blood and flesh and I thought it was a bloody joke. You were supposed to outlive us all. Shine on diamond dog. The dust echo vinyl playing. 


Life on Mars? - Dresden Dolls



The Lifesize David Bowie Pillow stands 66" tall and is the ultimate gift for a David Bowie fan’s home decor.

Sit this Bowie doll onto a daybed or sofa, against a wall as a soft sculpture artwork or on the floor as a makeshift chair.

Handcrafted from high quality printed fabric that is silky soft to the touch and backed with sturdy broadcloth, this tribute to David Bowie’s famous Ziggy Stardust costume is an utterly unique addition to any Bowie fan’s home.

**I’m a body pillow…
**I’m a Big Bowie coming for youuu…
**I’m the couch invader…
**I’ll be a rockin’, rollin’ cushion for youuu…

Designed by Demi Anter, available at ProxyShop

How can I get one of your Bowie dolls?

The short answer is: unless you are David Bowie*, you can’t.

There are three main reasons I do not make custom dolls with David Bowie’s likeness for sale. Perhaps stating them here will put an end to inquiries.

1. It is unethical and may be considered illegal to use a celebrity’s likeness for mass production without proper licensing, particularly when it involves specific stage/film characters. Yes, people do it all the time, but that’s between them and their conscience (or, if you prefer, between them and the celebrity’s lawyer). The custom casting of portrait heads falls into a gray area since it’s very limited and offers only approximate likeness. My dolls, however, are very close recreations of specific characters which do not belong to me. While fanart is acceptable as a form of personal tribute, it’s illegal to commercialize.

2. I can guarantee that my own dolls, who carry the likeness of a person I greatly respect, will never be used in any degrading context, but it’s not possible to assure some fool won’t try it. I cannot allow that.

3. I’ve spent a great deal of resources creating and outfitting these dolls, most importantly, my own time. There is not enough money in the world to compensate me for that, the only thing worth it is the fruit of my labor, which I’d rather keep for my own enjoyment.

* Mr. B, your doll is all boxed up and waiting for you. ;)