bowie styles


“So what was so cool about Marc Bolan?
He was cool because he defied the butch oppression of London’s East End by wearing fluffy sweaters and paillettes. He and his co-conspirator David Bowie developed their unique style while rummaging together through the trash cans of discards on Carnaby Street. (FYI, that’s Marc playing guitar on The Prettiest Star and yodeling back-up on “Heroes.)
Marc was cool because his poetic lyrics were insane and wildly imaginative:
I got a powder keg leg
And my wig’s all pooped… for you.
With my hat in my hand
I’m a hungry man… for you
I got stars in my beard
And I feel real weird…. for you. - Mambo Sun

He was cool because he never straightened his hair. His iconic look—corkscrew curls, top hat, boa, and glittery cheeks—continues to inspire generations of performers, from Slash to Stevie Nicks, from Cher to Twisted Sister, and now Ke$ha.” - Simon Doonan

David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed by Mick Rock, 1972