bowie sort of i guess

If you wanna be my lover 🎶

You just gotta compete with:

  • Ziggy Stardust
  • Aladdin Sane
  • Halloween Jack
  • Thomas Jerome Newton
  • The Thin White Duke
  • The Berliner
  • Paul Ambrosius von Przygodski
  • Jack Celliers
  • Some Serious Moonlight
  • Jareth
  • a Glass Spider
  • a Machine, which is made of Tin
  • a Black Tie
  • some White Noise
  • The Outsider
  • The Earthling
  • The Heathen
  • The Elder Statesman
  • Blackstar

Actually just be David Bowie. :)

Centuries ago I made this thing out of an old chisel. It was one of my later, better attempts at forging the bevel super-close to shape to minimize stock reduction, but it’s hard to see that when the picture’s so awful. When I was done it still seemed too plain, so I… stuck Hello Kitty stickers on it?

I am a fan of only the cheapest visual ironies.

When I posted it on the knife-making board I frequented at the time, few of the other members appreciated the joke. Some seemed  off put to a comical degree. Stickers peel off, dudes.

Oh well.