bowie and iman

“bowie adorava iman. durante un tour in giappone con i tin machine nel 1992, raccontato tony sales, suo compagno nella band, si era fatto tatuare sul polpaccio un ritratto di iman a cavallo di un delfino, con la preghiera della serenità scritta sotto, un'immagine che aveva disegnato lui stesso.”

(brian hiatt, rolling stone)

bowie era sempre due passi avanti. sacrificare il proprio corpo per anticipare di vent'anni le tamarrate dei quarantenni su facebook.

che coraggio. che artista. che buongiornissimo.

useless fact about David Bowie
  • he had Celiac’s disease
  • u know the thing where you get tummy ache after eating gluten-containing flours etc.
  • good
  • it gets better
  • because he knew that it hurt him and Iman kept an eye on him so he would not eat stuff with it
  • and everytime Iman would go away or something David STRAIGHT UP went to their chef and said “pls make normal brownies” because, I quote, the pain would be “worth it”
  • he’s a grown ass man and his wife tries so hard to keep his diet in line (bless her)
  • but he is simultaneously 69 and, like, NINE and wants real brownies
  • can u imagine, maybe he got a really bad stomach ache this time and does not recover in time so he lies on the couch when Iman returns and she’s like oh bby and makes him a hot-water bottle
  • and she sits by him and lets him whine a bit and strokes his hair and then says very stern “DAVID I TOLD U”
  • bless this child