bowie 2013


It’s Valentine’s Day! This song isn’t about the holiday, though

Midnight in the Village
Seeger lights the candles
From Bitter End to Gaslight
Baez leaves the stage
Ochs takes notes
When the black girl and guitar
Burn together hot in rage
You’ve got what it takes
You say too much
Oh you will set the world babe
You will set the world on fire

267. (YOU WILL) SET THE WORLD ON FIRE - Album: The Next Day, 2013

Christmas Message 2013
David Bowie
Christmas Message 2013

The best thing about this is neither the Elvis impersonation or that it’s the newest recording of David Bowie speaking, it’s the insanely funny fact that you can hear the soft “plop, plop, plopplop” of the Mac towards the end which regulates the volume of the background song (and the click at the beginning which starts it).

This man does records for a living. He could’ve just… edited it in. And, you know, make a fade out. Probably would’ve been a lot easier to time, too. But no.

Bless David Bowie, honestly, and bless you. Have a happy, happy holiday time.