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Queen Elizabeth II Alphabet

C is for Royal Christenings 


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There are countless stories, all substantiated, of the scamps the young Elizabeth and David were. “At Glamis, they smoked on the stairs and, from a turret accessed by a 143-step spiral staircase, they poured cold water over the heads of well-dressed, unsuspecting guests…” pretending it was hot oil. “They also once painted the lower rungs of a ladder with white paint, unbeknown to the painter standing several rungs above. Much to their pleasure his white footprints covered the whole of the lawn.” On another occassion, Elizabeth cut up a new set of sheets which had been put on her bed. When the plainly-astonished adult enquired of the naughty child what her mother would say when she found out, she replied jautily, “Oh, Elizabeth!”, which turned out to be the case. Elizabeth was even allowed to bring her Shetland pony, Bobs, into the house, and once even took it upstairs to her bedroom. 

The Queen Mother: The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon by Lady Colin Campbell  


♕  My Favourite Tiaras The Strathmore Rose Tiara

The Strathmore Rose Tiara was a wedding gift to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the future Queen Elizabeth) from her father, the Earl of Strathmore. The five roses can be used as brooches and it has two different frames, so it can be worn; across the forehead or on the top of the head. Queen Elizabeth used it, mostly, in her early years as a royal. It was inherited by Queen Elizabeth II at the death of her mother.


Queen Elizabeth II Alphabet

F is for Funerals 

1952 King George VI

1965 Winston Churchill

1972 Duke of Windsor

1979 Earl Mountbatten

1983 Duchess of Windsor

1993 King Baudouin of Belgium (yes, Philip is wearing the wrong sash. The story goes his valet packed him the Order of the Leopard instead of Belgium’s plum colored Order of Leopold)

1997 Diana, Princess of Wales

2002 Princess Margaret

2002 Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

2004 Sir Angus Ogilvy