I love bikes! It’s something that I now know more than ever after battling it out this past summer on the streets of a city where car lovers now believe those of us not motoring mindlessly around in two-ton vehicles are somehow at war with them. It’s a sentiment that rides all the way up to the primary seat of power in my fair city, that of the mayor who himself believes that even buses and streetcars need to learn their proper place in the hierarchy of citizens for whom our supposedly public roadways should exclusively reserved - private motorists.

So it is against this mindset that I venture out everyday on two wheels, weaving around the clumsy, distracted, absent-minded, or just plain spiteful, ice cold glares and a string of piercing vulgarities forever at the ready as I attempt to make it from A to B without ending up a crumpled mess at the side of the road.

I’ve heard many comment this past year that it’s not worth the stress or the danger. But the satisfaction of propelling myself around this town on the strength of my own two legs is something I don’t plan on giving up any time soon (though the chilled month of December and its equally frigid cohorts may have something to say about that).

The bike in the photo isn’t mine, but my roommate’s, taken coincidentally before I knew she would become my roommate. Shouts to Bowery Lane Bicycles - looks like you’ve got something interesting going on there.