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Sorry I'm on mobile but do you have anything on Apollo and Artemis?

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This is what I have on Apollo for you, I’ve already written up Artemis here [x]

Associated colours (candles, altar decorations are encouraged to be these colours): Gold, white and orange.
Symbols: Lyre, silver bow and laurel tree.
Sacred animals: Dolphin, crow and fawn.
Stones/metals: Azurite, gold, topaz, yellow diamond, yellow jacinth, chrysolite, goldstone, zircon and pyrite.
Plants: Laurel, cypress, hyacinthus and frankincense.
Food/drinks: Apples and golden cakes.
Perfumes/incenses: Apple, chamomile, marigold, frankincense and bay.

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I can’t understand why it’s so difficult to find videos of mostly extinct ancient bowed lyres on Youtube! ^_~  However, I have scored in the talharpa deparment.  This is great.  

“The talharpa is a four-stringed bowed lyre from northern Europe. It was formerly widespread in Scandinavia, but is today played mainly in Estonia, particularly among that nation’s Swedish community. It is similar to the Finnish jouhikko and the Welsh crwth, but without a fingerboard.” (Wikipedia)


Let me present -> Finnish folk music

Pekko Käppi & Jouhiorkesteri

This instrument comes from Finland and Karelia. So cool!


Trying to find a video of a chrotta, another bowed lyre.  This claims to be one but it’s not being bowed.  It is very nice music anyway.  Great name (The Short Tailed Snails).  I will have to post more of them later.