bowed harp

“Just how obscure is that job crystal in lore terms?”: a heirarchy

All of the soul crystals still require from the user hard work, and experience in the discipline, to activate:

The wisdom in a soul crystal, however, is not so easily drawn forth - an untrained neophyte cannot simply pick up one of these gems and expect his mind to be flooded with the knowledge of advanced spellcraft or combat techniques. Without first attaining sufficient proficiency and tempering one’s soul to mirror the maturity of the crystal’s contributors, a prospective student will be denied even the slightest glimpse of enlightenment. Thus, as is the case with the more contemporary disciplines, the key to mastering the secrets of a soul crystal lies in diligent study and training.

Below I will attempt to detail how tough the crystals are to come by, and some of the challenges in obtaining and retaining them. I wrote it based on impressions from the lore book, and the quests up to level 40 or so.

Make sure to read the notes for corrections and expansions, as I’m sure people will have some to add!

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apparently 4.0 BRD af has bagpipes, and i for one welcome this addition to harps, bows, harp-bows, and trumpet quivers and look forward to my job’s continuing development into a weapon of mass orchestration


Slängpolska from Sörmland, bowed harp


A bowed harp / bowed lyre built and played by Swedish Lidskjalf

The “Talharpa” or “Talgharpa” is a lyre but played with a bow.

The instrument goes back to at least the 1300s in Scandinavia.

There is a player of the instrument depicted in Nidarosdomen,Trondheim, Norway proving that.

Today the instrument is more common in Estonia (especially within the Swedish community there).

Lyres where around during the viking age but it is unknown whether they where played with a bow or not.