Shoot your self with a bow and arrow
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 Whenever I read Lord of the Rings the elves always seemed so untouchable and alien, almost out of place in their own world. In comparison, the other races seemed much more approachable; more human if you will.

So, when thinking about what influences I wanted in the design for elves, I wanted something that would set them completely apart from every other character. I thought insects fitted perfectly; considering the animals I was using for the other races.

Mirkwood elves are moths without a doubt.

Say hello to Tauriel, Captain of the Mirkwood Guard. Gosh, she has become one of my favourite characters; almost caught me by surprise. We know so little about her. How did she become Captain? Why did she start fighting? Why did she seem so alone? What did she do after the Battle of Five Armies? I want a novel