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     “Loki? What’re you doing he–” Tony’s sentence dies on his lips when he notes that look in Loki’s eye, and his lips remain parted a moment as he almost says something else, until Loki’s fingers push through his hair and clutch tight at the back of his head. Before Tony can react lips are pressing firmly against his own, and he finds himself melting into it without a second thought, his fingers curling into the God’s suit lapels to draw him in just a little closer.


      They don’t bother asking about whether or not Tony’s free before they let Christine come into his office these days, so when the door swings open he looks up from his computer to spot her stepping over the threshold. She’s wearing a trench coat and some mind blowing heels, and Tony grins as he pushes himself up to his feet, quickly wracking his brain to make sure they haven’t made plans for a date.

     “Hey, baby,” He beams, stepping around his desk as she pushes the door closed, and he eases a hand through his hair as he flicks his eyes over her features for a moment. “You look great, by the way. How was your shift?” He waits until she’s close enough and leans forward so that he can drop a soft, lingering kiss to her lips.

      She leans back, though, and the grin on her lips is something that he recognizes instantly. His brows lift as she reaches for the belt of her trench coat, and his eyes drag away from her face to watch with rapt interest as she opens the coat and lets it slide from her shoulders. Tony groans instantly, pupils dilating as he drinks in the sight of her in all that lace, and instantly he’s reaching out for her hips. “Nng… What’s the occasion?” He purrs, leaning forward to kiss across her shoulder.


“You broke his nose because he called me a bitch. Are you serious.”

“It’s 3 am why are you at my house and how drunk are you?“

Bow chika wow wow. This is a fun story. FUN FUN FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. And probably how I would react, not gonna lie. So. Yes. Yup.

Warnings: uhhh… Mentions of violence? (But it’s wrestler fic so… Whaddya expect?) Mentions of alcohol and? They do the do. They do the do harrrdddd. And? It’s a lil bloody?? Not for the reason you’re thinking. So. Um? Cussing also. Is a thing. In this. So? NSFW? I’m in a weird mood today idk. BTW BTW LOOK AT MY LIL SKULLS wow so cute. Also the drunk texts. Don’t tell me it’s unrealistic. BC THAT IS HOW I TEXT WHEN HIGHLY INTOXICATED AND ONE TIME I CONFESSED MY UNDYING LOVE TO SOMEONE WHILE DRUNK (It was in Paris, it was a bad time. Bad time. We don’t NEED TO GO INTO DETAILS.) *accidentally makes it extra angsty* soN OF A BTICH.

This is dirty lmao I SIN.

Tags: @redalternativefirefly and @writergrrrl29 I MASHED YOUR IDEAS TOGETHER I HOPE THAT IS OKAY. Yes. Also @hardcorewwetrash bc she my bae, my queen, I LOVE HER okay. AND @fuckyeahbulletclub bc she my boo boo forever and I love her and yes I tag her in everything bc MY LOVE. 

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5 Things I Lurve
  • When I am with Mrs N and the boy and we’re all reading quietly
  • When Mrs N reads something I’m working on and she says, “It’s really good” and I can tell she’s not just being nice
  • That moment when you just finish exercising and you’re like, “Okay, I did something good today.”
  • Makin’ love (bow chika wow wow)
  • Vodka

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my moms been saying bow chika wow wow whenever she thinks of disco music (a lot) and its been going on for two years how can i tell her it makes people uncomfortable to hear her sing bow chika wow wow under her breath

You just know that if Gwaine had been a knight before Morgana turned evil that he would have scammed on her so hard.

And Morgana would have been absolutely repulsed by his advances (though secretly his smile made her weak in the knees) and call him a “petulant drunk and shameless flirt” and he’d call her a “stuck up princess” who wears too much lipstick (“but it’s okay, m'lady, I can help you take it off”)

And they’d bicker all the time.

And Merlin and Gwen would fangirl about it together and come up with a plan to get those two together once and for all.

And Arthur would give Gwaine the big-brother threat.

And Gwaine would kiss Morgana during a particular heated argument (bow chika wow-wow).

And Arthur would punch Gwaine in the jaw for it.

And the love affair would begin and it would be so heartbreaking for them both when Morgana turned evil and betrayed them all and

Wow I didn’t realize how much I wanted this until now.

sexuality & love headcanons

☆Allura: as first in line for the altean throne, she kept a vow of chastity to please her father but her first crushes were on the female head of security, when she was in her preteens, and various diplomats and scholars. warriors with intelligence were admittedly her favorite eye candy but growing up she realized trivial crushes and relationships were for when the galaxy was at peace; and she was too busy protecting her country. like altean society, her sexuality is fluid and she sees no need to label it.

☆Shiro: forever confused about if he views someone as a role model or a crush, and hence remains extremely respectful and polite; never crossing the boundary. compliments from those figures make him blush, but nothing has ever pushed beyond a crush for him. he’s always been too focused on his talents as an exploration pilot, and also too earnest and sincere to go against the Garrison Academy’s rules (which prohibit dating and fornication). pansexual and realized this very early on. 

☆Keith: gay as the moon shines white and the sun shines yellow, but rarely talks about it. like Shiro, was too focused on becoming a pilot to pursue relationships. he had a few romps with a fellow classmate or too who liked the whole ‘bad boy’ persona they projected on him, but nothing escalated and nor did Keith want it to. growing up as a young teen, Shiro might’ve been the spark that helped him realize he was gay, but hell if he’d tell anyone that.

☆Lance: he’s scored only a few times and lost a ton. flirtation worked him into a couple girls’ pants, and he’s had a couple or so relationships but nothing stuck. usually, surprisingly, he was the one to propose breaking up more often than not. (it might be underlying trust and love issues but he’ll never tell) though he’s as bisexual as anyone will ever get, his experience with men is slim to none. he flaunts his bisexuality like he’s waving the bi flag on a pole wherever he goes. though he flirted with Allura in the beginning, and claims Shiro is the hottest man he’s ever seen, (all before they became certified Space Mom and Space Dad), Keith gives him heart palpitations. 

☆Hunk: never really been one to take the first move, and instead always the one who gets flirted with, Hunk is all about romance with a dwindling interest in what Lance likes to call; “bow-chika-wow-wow”. he’s questioning his sexuality in terms of sexual attraction, but labels escape him so he decides on the asexuality spectrum. girls at the Garrison loved his humble and caring nature, even if he was on a less popular team and a little shy. as far as relationships go, he’s not ready for one

☆Pidge: they’re fourteen, they couldn’t care less about relationships at this time. sexuality is a mystery but so was gender; until Pidge figured that out so they assume figuring out their sexuality will just come out further down the road. for now, it’s advancing technology and saving the world and their family that is on their mind, and they’d like to keep it that way. 

This is 💯% me when my BF be on some shit 🌝
  • Guy: You look so beautiful tonight.
  • Girl: Do I?
  • Guy: Yes, you look perfect.
  • Girl: Do you mean it?
  • Guy: Absolutely. You're my best friend, and my inspiration. You're a shining light in the dark abyss that is life. You're-
  • Other Girl: *crawls out of the bushes* Hey guys.
  • Guy: Who are you?
  • Other Girl: *shrugs* I just woke up in the bushes. Are you guys here to see the super ultra moon?
  • Girl: Excuse me, but we came here to have a private moment. No offense, but you're kind of ruining it.
  • Other Girl: Oh, sorry! Haha, I'm such a goober. I'll leave you two to your business. Bow-chika-wow-wow. *winks and runs to a tree across from them where she stares at them with a smile on her face*
  • Guy: I think we should go, honey.
  • Girl: I agree.
  • *the guy and the girl wander through the park seemingly unable to find their way out*
  • Guy: Something is seriously wrong. The park was never this big.
  • Girl: I'm sure we're just a bit lost, hon.
  • Guy: How the hell can we be lost? It's just the park. We've been walking in the same direction for so long. We can see buildings across the street right there, but we just don't get any closer to them.
  • Other Girl: *jumps out of nearby bushes* HEY GUYS!
  • Guy: You startled my girlfriend, you idiot.
  • Other Girl: Hehe, sorry! I was just excited to see you two again.
  • Girl: Maybe you can help us. We can't seem to find our way out of the park. Perhaps you'll be able to give us some directions.
  • Other Girl: Oh, you can't leave. Not while that big gay moon is up in the sky. You're stuck here for good.
  • Guy: You're just messing with us.
  • Other Girl: Nope. I've been here for... *counts her fingers* three-hundred years maybe.
  • Girl: If you were stuck here for three-hundred years, then why are you wearing modern clothes?
  • Other Girl: The moon doesn't run on human time, you goober. In the real world, I've probably been gone for like a year tops maybe. But here, time passes much slower and you never age. So it has probably been like three-hundred years.
  • Guy: That's is just a bunch of nonsense. Leave us alone, you freak.
  • Other Girl: Hey, I'm just trying to help out, macho dude. *tosses a sharp rock at the guy* You guys are lucky, though. I heard a rumor that if two lovers enters the moon's gaze, they can escape. One lover just has to kill the other.
  • Girl: *gasps* Are you actually suggesting that we try to kill one another?
  • Other Girl: Hey, I'm not suggesting anything. I'm just telling you what I heard. I could care less about what you goobers get up too. I'm outtie! *runs off*
  • Guy: She's totally full of shit.
  • Girl: You think so?
  • Guy: I know so. Freaks like her are the worst. Come on, honey. We'll be fine.
  • *twenty long moon years later*
  • Girl: *crawls into tiny tree bark fort* I'm home with dinner, hon.
  • Guy: *stops playing with his leaf dolls* Dinner, yes! What'd you get?
  • Girl: Crab apples and pine cones.
  • Guy: But, I hate crab apples and pine cones. We eat them every day.
  • Girl: Well, that's all there is to eat.
  • Guy: What about the berries? I liked the berries.
  • Girl: I couldn't find any berries.
  • Guy: You found some berries just a few days ago.
  • Girl: That was like six years ago!
  • Guy: Sorry, I haven't been keeping track of the time. Every single day here is exactly the same. Couldn't you just go the extra mile and find some berries for me?
  • Girl: Listen, I had to bust my ass just to find these apples and pine cones. Beggars can't be choosers. Be grateful that I found anything.
  • Guy: Beggar? I'm not a beggar, I'm your husband!
  • Girl: Whoa! When did you become my husband?
  • Guy: We've been together for so many years!
  • Girl: And in that time, we've never gotten married. We haven't taken any vows.
  • Guy: Listen, after being together for so long, we're basically married.
  • Girl: Maybe I'd consider us a married couple if you ever pulled your own weight. You don't do anything! I find the food, I repair the fort, I do everything important!
  • Guy: You're being unfair. I've done things. I came up with the idea for the fort.
  • Girl: Yeah, twenty years ago, and guess who actually built the thing? Me! All you do is play with your stupid dolls!
  • Guy: *gasps* They are not stupid! You're horrible!
  • Girl: Oh, I can't stand you! *grabs the sharp rock and bashes the guy over his head*
  • Guy: Stop! You're hurting me!
  • Girl: *bashes the guy until he stops moving*
  • Girl: *drags the guy's dead body out into the moonlight* I killed him! I did it, see! Now let me go, you stupid moon!
  • Moon: *remains large, gay, and silent*
  • Girl: Come on! Do something!
  • Other Girl: *jumps out of the bushes* Yo, long time no see- HOLY SHIT! You killed that guy!
  • Girl: Yes. He was unbearable. I did it so I can escape. Why isn't it working?
  • Other Girl: Huh?
  • Girl: You told us way back when that if you kill your lover, you can escape the park.
  • Other Girl: Oh, that? I was fucking with you. The moon never lets anyone go. You're here forever.
  • Girl: You were lying!? B-But why would even lie about something like that...
  • Other Girl: Hey, sorry. Being stuck in this place for years on end makes you kind of apathetic about everything. But hey, life goes on, hehe, forever! Unless someone bashes your head in with a rock, I guess. See ya, you dumb goober! *runs off*
  • Girl: *shakes the guy's corpse* Hey, please wake up. I don't want to be here all alone. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it. Please just wake up... please...

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esses meninos do magcon… nem sei quem são eles 

you gotta a bae? or nah?

esses gays do vine 

bota pra quebrar matt 

vem que tem dallas (pula ni mim)

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