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He smirked menacingly and uttered, “claiming you.” Before kissing her roughly.

Feels her eyes widened at the kiss because she’s shocked he’s kissing her so roughly before relaxing herself, wrapping her arms around him, kissing him back. She pulled away from him after a few seconds, “Claiming me?” She blinked in surprise.

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Hi! Can u recommend some 'girl' thriller novels like gone girl, the girl on the train etc

Hey there!

Sure, based on the titles you mentioned, these may interest you:

* These are both YA, though. If you’re looking for something else, you could also check out the lists here and here, which feature books that readers have enjoyed based on the titles you mentioned. Most of the time these kinds of lists feature books with similar elements in one way or another.

Even though this isn’t much, we hope this helps. Happy reading!

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