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Warnings: Swearing, and tell me if I missed anything!


Anxiety could only take so much of Roman’s shit.

He was just sitting on the kitchen counter with his bowl of coffee filled cereal when Prince strutted in, the brightness of his attitude blinding at this time of day.

Prince was insufferable. Mostly all the time but any time before noon was when it was the worst.

“Heya short stack~“Prince teased, grabbing his own box of cereal and the jug of milk, spinning over to an empty counter space and making his bowl.

Anxiety said nothing, gazing over at the still half-full coffee pot and wondering if he could get away with bringing it to his room.


It was early. Way too early if you asked Anxiety. Of course, it was five thirty so anyone would have said it was early but that was beyond the point.

He walked past Prince’s room, cringing when the loud Mary Poppins music forcefully slapped his ears.

He turned, putting his hands together and giving Prince’s door a swift "Boi” motion.

The next song to play while Anxiety was contemplating his will to live was “Love is an Open Door.” To which Anxiety responded with by slamming his head against Prince’s door.

The music abruptly stopped and the door was flung open. Prince with wide eyes stared at Anxiety before he relaxed staring at the hoodie clad man in front of him.

A daring smile graced Prince’s face and he ruffled Anxiety’s hair. “Greetings small fry~ What can I do for you?”

Prince tripped back, all the air flooding out of his lungs as Anxiety reached out and punched him in the stomach. “Turn your damn music down.” The darker trait mumbled, shuffling to the stairs.

Prince laughed breathlessly.“I’m surprised you could reach my stomach!”


It was when they were all helping Thomas that Anxiety finally snapped.

He had just sprung up and when Prince gave him a fully powered, shit-eating grin and chuckled. “How’s the weather down there?"He asked jauntily.

Anxiety’s eye twitched and he grabbed his back, the room echoing a loud cracking noise.

The two had everyone’s full attention as Prince stared at Anxiety, wondering what he was doing and Anxiety, with his dead-inside-im-done-with-your-shit face on full blast.

Anxiety looked Prince in the eyes and stood up straight, raising his eyebrow when he saw Prince’s face, which was becoming increasingly red and his eyes widening.

Prince had to look up to see Anxiety.

He had to

look up.

Anxiety had taken to standing up straight, if only to see the outraged look on Prince’s face each time.

He knew Prince would do something about it. Of course he would.

Anxiety just didn’t expect him to do something so…extra.

He nearly burst out laughing when he saw Prince.

The fanciful side was in normal attire, all except for his shoes. In replacement of normal black boots were…..


They were white with red bows on the toe and on the sides going all the way up with little golden chains in little loops on the front. The shoes themselves went up to Prince’s thighs.

He strutted around in them like he was made for heels. (in reality Prince was awake all night perfecting his im-taller-than-Anxiety walk).

When Prince saw him, he lifted one leg and slammed it into the wall, throwing his head back dramatically.

"As you can see, I am the tallest no- where are you going??” Prince had spent an hour perfecting his victory speech and Anxiety was just walking away!

Anxiety kept himself from running back to his room, ideas flying through his head at a mile per minute.

He had heels to buy.


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Your bare feet crashed against the frozen ground. You ignored the way your toes felt like they would snap off with every step. The sound of an explosion echoed off the trees surrounding you and you forced yourself not to turn around, forced yourself to keep moving. If you looked back, you would slow down, and you couldn’t risk getting caught.

“(Y/N)!” Somebody called from directly above you.

Your eyes grew wide with panic, heart rate accelerating to an unhealthy rhythm.

And suddenly, arms were wrapping around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

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i know it’s long but i promise it’s worth the read <3

“someone once told me, your poem doesn’t start until you start telling the truth. so i call this my first poem”.

let me tell you what i learnt about people.  no, not people in general, but the hard ones.  i don’t mean complicated or troubled, but hard as in tough, in all the wrong places.

when they flash you with a smile like the sun that creeps through your window when you just wake up, you know you should look away because it hurts your eyes, but you look anyways.  it shines, in all the rooms in your body that are lacking light.

so when they see you smiling back, they will string a constellation of pretty words along your spine, making you feel like they are the reason you are standing so bright,

and when you put a welcome sign in front of your heart,

that’s when they jaywalk through your chest

even though they have no intentions of staying

yet they will stay long enough for you to hand over your heart, like a piece of gold you’ve been treasuring your whole life,

and carelessly they take it because you are the type of gold they need to experience having-

so even though they know they will hurt you, they place you between their dirty fingers and

tell you something along the lines: “I’ve never felt so rich, like i have everything right here”.

and you want to say

“baby, you have everything, everything i am, right there, in that palm, please be careful”

but instead you kiss them and they kiss you back

and their hands start wandering the map of your body and all you could think of is

travelling never felt so cheap

but you let them,

And their mouth starts eating you up like you are every craving needed to satisfy their taste buds

and you let them,

because this is how you make a man happy. this is how you make a man love you.

and that’s when everything changes.

when they feel every edge that you handed over, when they touch every inch you offered humbly, when they get a good look at everything, your skin and bones and pulse and dust, when they realize how much this is,

how much of an earthquake and storm and tragedy you are,

it shakes them with the realization that the sun sets, and the shine isn’t permanent;

that’s when everything changes.  

that is when the pretty words start unraveling like the peal of a tangerine and the void of what they have to offer you back

hits your spine so hard you become one with the pavement and you wonder if you could ever get back up.

and when you realize they have no strength to help you back on your feet, when the fight and courage you thought they had isn’t there, they will leave you after saying something like “i can’t make you happy” and “you will find better than me”.

you will lie there, naked and cold and empty, and cry so hard your eyesight will be so blurry like your windshields don’t work and it’s raining so much but you keep going,

hoping the storm in your eyes would convince them to

come back. come back because if not, i don’t want this storm to ever end, i don’t want to see if you aren’t there to be seen.

you will ask why they did it. why did they come back, begging your love when they had no intention of loving you back.  no intention of keeping your gold heart safe,


after using it up, they throw it out like an old pair of jeans, although once a favourite,

and they will say,

“it just didn’t fit anymore”

like that makes all the sense in the world

and they won’t even look you in the eyes,

instead they will get angry that you are hurting.

they will try to settle the aches by telling you how much you meant to them, and how they had to give it another try just because

"it’s you. and it’s you and me”.

they will tell you something along the lines that

it’s not your fault, they just can’t love you, like their heart isn’t capable

and you just want to scream because you can’t understand

how a person can be so selfish that they had to manipulate you into loving them, only so they can experience a person with a heart likes yours, loving them.  how they admired your gold so much, they risked shattering it by taking it out of the safest place it can be placed in, knowing their body is a war zone. How their curiosity was more important than your togetherness. You wonder how selfish and hard a person must be to drink you from a shot glass they know they can’t handle, and when they throw you up the day after, how they just walk away without cleaning up the mess,

you wonder how a single moment like this can make you question the significance of your existence.

and that’s when everything changes.

they warn you

“i never lose”

and you realize it was always a game to them.  

how they watched you sacrifice and sacrifice and

give and give. how they just watched.

one minute they are holding you in their arms, as the beauty of the moon and the wishes of the stars melt onto their chest, and they are promising you mountains and oceans,

and the next they have you bowing to their toes, as they make you into nothing but the dirt that dirties their bare feet.

that’s when they walk away by walking over you like you are nothing but a spec of their past, something not worthy to be moved forward with.  one moment, they want to spend the rest of their life with you, but then, the moment they feel a little bit of fear and insecurity tingling in their throat, they pretend you are choking them and run away. without even having the decency or respect to let you go with kindness. gentleness. dignity.

and this is what i learnt when i learned about people like this:

after all this. after all the pulling and pushing. the grabbing and letting go.  the playing and carelessness.  The apathy. the taking and taking and taking .

This is what I learnt:

you are not a man because you claim to be one.


when you do not know or recognize the value of a human heart, you should not be going around collecting them, to make up for the lack of yours.

they are not prized possessions.

when you cannot take responsibility for the scars you left on the body you undressed, played with, and then abandoned,

when you constantly look for fault in others to keep your ego untouched,

when your pretty words are nothing but pretty words, keep them.  stop spreading them around, making hearts believe you mean them, when the coward in you won’t make actions out of them.

this is what you taught me:

it is easier to spread my legs open with your bare hands, than to spread my skin open with your bare heart.  

strength is defined by pride and how many calls you can ignore and how many messages you can dismiss,

instead of picking up that phone, being the first call, the first message to say


i’m sorry.

to the love that comes back after it was once lost-

this time, her pieces aren’t being picked up. they aren’t being put back together into human form so you can return back to again when it’s convenient for you.

this time, she’s letting her pieces spread like dandelion seeds from wishes she now knows won’t come true but it’s okay-

this time,

she’s flying.

and this, is how you lose her.

||Focus|| Joker X Reader

Joker X Reader

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you have ADD
these shouldn’t be surprising anymore, it’s J for cryin’ out loud!

Attention Deficit Disorder, a biologically based condition causing a persistent pattern of difficulties resulting in one or more of the the following behaviors:




To shorten it up, ADD.

J knew you had it the moment he met you. He watched as you stared in amazement at his club, your eyes darting to anything that glittered. The criminal snickered as you began to pickpocket people, stuffing whatever you grabbed into your bag. Your eyes met J’s and for once, you didn’t look away after you looked into them. His blue eyes were captivating. While you two stared at each other, your hands impulsively reached for something to steal but your wrist was roughly grabbed. You squeaked and dragged your eyes away from those gorgeous blue ones, to the face of the man who snatched your arm.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing bitch?!” A blonde haired fellow screamed at you. You looked down and noticed you were holding a watch. ‘Probably his,’ you thought. Thinking you could lie your way out of this, you began to speak with an innocent tone, “I’m so sorry, I thought-”

“Bitch, I don’t care what you thought! This is an $800 watch, worth way more then you!” He snarled. Your (e/c) eyes darkened, you should have kept your mouth shut but you wouldn’t take that awful comment.
“Did your mother ever teach you manners? I’m not a bitch. The only dog I see here is YOU” You growled. Snatching your hand back with more force, you threw his watch on the ground, it shattering to pieces immediately. You knew in the middle of your sentence that you had fucked up but you were in too deep now. The man raised his hand, now into a fist but you didn’t flinch. Your eyes lit up when you saw a pale, tattooed hand covered with rings grasp the man’s shoulder.
“Now, now..” His voice. You noticeably shivered which caused him to smirk. Your eyes couldn’t stop observing him. The hair, the tattoos, the jewelry, the outfit- HIM! He was simply overwhelming but your eyes trailed back to his. You were suddenly at peace.

Now here you were, watching your boyfriend as he barked orders. He was the only thing that could hold your attention for hours. Then behind him, four henchman carried a rather large machine gun. You began to get distracted as you looked around at all the henchman.

There was a heist today?

Why hadn’t J told you!

You stuck out your tongue in annoyance. Honestly, J probably had told you but you forgot. You slid off the counter you sat at and poured your boyfriend a cup of hot coffee with Jack Daniels and extra hazelnut creamer. You brought the mug over to the table your beloved psycho now sat at. J was rubbing his temples and growling as you set it down. You slid your warm hands down his neck and under his shirt, rubbing his shoulders. You felt him relax immediately at your touch and the growling quieted.

“What’s eatin’ you?” You asked as you massaged his shoulders, “Is it the heist?”

J’s muscles tensed at the word. Then there was no response which worried you. Normally he would at least give you a grunt or some sort of noise for an answer. J’s hands gently took yours away from his shoulders, guiding you to be next to him. You sat and look at J with a tilted head, remaining silent.

“Babygirl, we gotta talk.” He said simply. J was never a man of many words. Still, you remained quiet until he spoke again. “You know I like bringing you with me, right?”

You nodded.

“Well I have to leave you home, tonight..” J grumbled. Your eyes widened slightly.
“But.. J, I-” You tried to interject but were cut off immediately.
“No. (Name). You’re staying home.”
“Cause I said so, damnit!” J growled.
“Give me a REAL reason!” You stood and slammed your hands on the table.
“You want a reason? Fine. For starters, you can’t compete a single fucking mission because you can’t fucking focus!” J shouted, slamming his hands down as well, “Your fucking ADHD gets in the way of the simplest of tasks! You’ve ruined all our past heists because. Of. YOU!”

Your eyes widened at his words. Deep down, you knew this would happen eventually. During a serious heist, you would get lost because you saw something shine in the opposite direction or would stare into space while J was talking. Those slip ups can’t happen in big jobs like this. At first J didn’t mind, he brought you along because he thought you were a spaz and your impulsive actions made him laugh. Then when it came to serious missions, it only annoyed him. The smile on your face when you tumbled out of a burning building though, he couldn’t help but smile too as he flicked your forehead. However now was the time to get serious. If J brought you to an important heist, he couldn’t babysit you and he didn’t want to think about what would happen if something went wrong with you there.

“Don’t say that.. Not you…” You whispered. J noticed tears welling up in your eyes. He sighed and stood up, “I’m not just gonna let you get yourself killed, (Name).”

The words meant to comfort you, came out harshly. You flinched as J said your name with guilt. Thoughts flooded into your head, swirling around and creating a headache.

You heard J say your name.

J.. If you couldn’t go with J, you were useless to him! He would spend less and less time with you. Soon he would forget you were even at the mansion, waiting for him to come back.

J said your name again.

Your thoughts became irrational and random but you couldn’t stop them! J would come home with some slut from his club and take them to the room you used to share. You would just sit in the living room as he walked right by-

“(NAME)!” J shouted, shaking your shoulders.

“SHUT UP A MINUTE AND LET ME THINK!” You screamed. The room went silent and eyes were on you. J’s blue ones were filled with nothing but concern. You had never snapped like that before. Or ever, to be exact.
Realizing you were about to cry, you turned on your heal and walked as fast as you could to your shared bedroom. As you quickened your pace to avoid being seen, though it was a little too late for that, you wiped your tears and replaced your sadness with anger. J knew how badly those words hurt you. Everyone used to tell you that; you fucked it all up. They all gave up on you! You though J was different. Ha! How stupid of you. You clenched your fist and sighed as you released it.

You would show them.

You would show J.

Damnit, he would not replace you with some bimbo!

Apparently while you put your plan into action, the men were still getting ready for their mission. It wasn’t a regular client, robbery or heist. It was personal this time. J had gotten word of a little mob that was staring up on his territory of Gotham. Everyone knew it was his, there was no mistake. The mob was given one chance to move locations but they returned the gesture by starting up an underground club. It was named the “Frown and Scowl”, two streets away from J’s very own “Smile and Grin” club. The clown immediately had the club burned, along with anyone inside of it.
Now, they were going to battle for J’s portion of Gotham City. Jonny had informed J that the mob they would be battling, didn’t know that they were after ‘The Joker’s’ territory. So J was confident that by just walking up on the scene would win him the battle. Little did he know you had a little plan of your own to win this victory for him!

J saw you walking down the stairs wearing a dark green button up, sleeves rolled to your elbows and black, high waisted, latex pants. You had mascara on your curled lashes, a little brown eyeshadow over your eyelids and a somewhat dark gloss coating your plump lips. The makeup went perfect with your (s/k) skin! Needless to say, you were proud of your appearance for such short time. You held your shoes and purse in one hand as you took your last step down the stairs. J tilted his head at you, clearly confused and slightly irritated, but looked you up and down.
“Don’t worry, I know I’m not coming with you.” You said, slipping on your black flats with a little green bow on the toes.
“Then where, my dear, are you going looking so delicious..?” J purred, circling you with a playful smile.
“Well I heard you were going to take your party to the docs,” You explained with your head down to fix your shoes, so he couldn’t see your lying eyes, “So~ I was gonna go to the club, y'know, make sure everything is smooth there for when you come back!”
You smiled innocently at J as you stood back up to look at him. He knew this was your was of asking for permission to go to the club. Instead of answering, J pulled you into a hug. You hugged him tightly, sliding your hands inside his purple, crocodile coat. It wasn’t often you would get hugs before he left so you wanted to make it last as long as possible.
“I do like taking you, doll-” He tried to explain himself but you put a finger gently to his lips.
“I’m sorry I yelled, J… Maybe trip someone, it’ll be like I’m there.” You joked half-heartedly. J kissed your lips to silence you this time.

“I’ll meet you at the club.” J instructed, holding your face in his hand. His blue eyes looked over every feature of your face in adoration. You gave a true smile and kissed J once more, letting him slap your butt as he walked away.

“Can I take the lambo!?” You shouted as he walked into the garage. You picked up your purse and smirked as you pulled J’s phone from your pocket. You had slipped from his back pocket while he hugged you. You prided yourself when it came to pick pocketing, no one in Gotham could be better then you!

“Absolutely not!” J shouted back at you, laughing as if it was a hilarious joke you had told him. J would be in the vans with his men but he still would never let you drive that beautiful, purple car.

“Ooookay!” You yelled back as you plucked the Lamborghini keys from the rack of other assorted keys. If you were going to disobey J, you might as well go all out. You popped open a new bottle of wine and drank it while the vans drove off.
The only tricky part of your plan would be to find a gun of some sort. J would never admit it but his plans were extremely strategical. He probably packed every single gun and ammo in this mansion to make sure there was 5 bullets for each opposing mob member. You remembered you had your guns J gave you for Christmas one year!
Once more glance at the text you sent and you quickly went to retrieve the twin revolvers.

'The Bat is out. Meet at Gotham Park in 20 instead unless you want to go to jail and leave me MY territory. - J’

'Go to hell. We’ll see you at the park. - Chris’


The clock is ticking. J’s patience is gone now, he’s about ready to go to their front door and throw a grenade inside. As the clown is there gritting his teeth, Jonny Frost runs to his side.

“Boss, someone changed the plans.” Frost explained.

J growled and went to grab his phone but his hand came to contact with nothing but the fabric of his pant’s pocket. His eyes widened in realization.

“Frost, track (Name)’s phone and then mine.”

J’s heart beat widely as he waited for the results. Johnny Frost showed the criminal his iPad, revealing the two phones were in the same place. His suspicions were confirmed. That sexy, deceiving little imp (Name) took his phone and was attempting to do this on her own. J had to admit he was almost proud she pulled it off. However rage consumed the pride for his girlfriend. That little shit was going to be in big trouble-

Suddenly J threw the iPad on the ground. Johnny simply pulled out a spare, this was clearly not unusual for him.

“Boss?” Frost asked, wanting to give an order.

“That.. little.. DEVIL!” J shouted, running to the drivers seat of the nearest van, “SHE TOOK MY LABO!”

Frost immediately shouted for everyone to get their asses to Gotham Park.


Chris was tapping his foot, looking around for the opposing mob. Suddenly, an eery voice echoed around them.

“Do you know who’s territory you’re in?”

“It don’t matter to me. I started here and I’ll finish here!” Chris shouted, his mob members joining in the cheers.

You smirked and giggled, the creepy laugh sending shivers down their spines. “Are you stupid?” You asked innocently and watched as they tried to locate where you were hiding, “You should do your research next time.”

You began to shoot, closing one eye and making sure not to miss. You hit 5 men, them falling to the ground immediately. One by one that’s how it went, they all dropped dead with shots in the head. You giggled at that rhyme you made up. Finally you came out of your hiding spot when Chris was alone. You made sure to save him for last.

“T-This is J-J-Jokers territory.” Chris realized, eyes wide.

“Mhm! You wanna know what that makes me!?” You asked all-too cheerfully. You held up your guns, words clearly engraved with your favorite colors and your favorite animal somewhere on each. Your smile darkened as you showed him your twin revolvers, “Property. Of. Joker.”

“(Name)!” A familiar voice comes closer.

“J!” You smile, turning to see your boyfriend. Unfortunately, he looks anything but happy to see you.

“What the hell are you doing?” J growls, glaring at Chris and then at you.

You gawk at him. “Excuse me? I just proved you wrong by completing and entire mission by myself! For you, by the way, and I don’t get a fucking thank you?!”


“Ow!” You screeched as your hand went to your stomach, blood quickly escaping. Chris had shot you in the back and it went straight through you, just missing J. Your knees felt weak but J caught you before you could fall. Johnny growled and shot Chris in the stomach, other henchman surrounding him and awaiting their boss’s orders.

“Make sure he dies painfully, drag it out as long as possible.” J says while glaring at Chris, his eyes as merciless as his words.
Johnny calls J’s regular doctor and they already know the drill. Frost drives as recklessly as his boss would in that cursed, purple car. The clown is in the passenger seat, paying to attention to his right hand man’s driving. The only thing he can do is look at you and whisper sweet nothings. At last he whispers as he looks in your (e/c) eyes,
“Don’t die on me, (Name)…”
You can hear him but the words don’t exactly register. You’re looking into his eyes and blocking everything out. He has a different emotion in his eyes, one you’ve never seen. Perking up at a thought you just had, you try to smile despite the pain, “I can focus.. I can focus on you, J…”
The criminal just grit his teeth and looked away from you. You frowned at this, it wasn’t the reaction you were hoping for. Your failed attempt to make him smile made you think more. You hated when J didn’t smile.






Or thinking. Those are when people tend not to smile, right? Your process of elimination was quick. J wasn’t angry or sad, he would be acting entirely different if he was. The pale man also wasn’t yelling at anyone so he probably wasn’t frustrated. That left worried and scared. Boy would that be a laugh! The most feared man in Gotham City, scared!
You looked up at J again. He was looking out the window, definitely in thought. So he couldn’t be scared.. right? J wouldn’t need to be worried about losing you. You exhaled a little sigh. The though saddened you. If you did die, J would move on. He could find someone to do heists with him. You closed your eyes and tried to ignore the pain in your stomach and your heart.
Suddenly you began to cough, warm blood oozing out of the bullet holes in your soft skin. J ripped his clothes off and tried to stop the bleeding, yelling at Frost to drive faster. There was that look in his eyes again as he frantically tied his shirt around you, putting pressure on the wounds to make the bleeding stop. You winced and let out a whimper of pain, gritting your teeth. This did not go unnoticed. J quickly sat you in a different position and started to kiss your neck. “I’m sorry it hurts, baby, I’m so sorry…” J whispered next to your ear. You kept your eyes closed but smiled. The fact that J said sorry completely slipped your mind. The criminal continued to whisper sweet nothings to you until you passed out.

You woke up to a loud snore beside you. At first you thought it would be J but it was only one of J’s men. He sat on a chair, obviously passed out. 'Oh, right, J never snores.’ You thought to yourself with an eye roll. If your boyfriend caught this man asleep on the job, he’d be put into a permanent rest!



Where was J?

You started to get up but yelped in pain, clutching your side and falling off the bed. The door to your bedroom was kicked in, an angry boyfriend storming inside. The man guarding you jumped at the sound of the door flying off its hinges. You realized you were partially naked except for the bandage wrapped around your stomach and one of J’s button up shirts.. that was unbuttoned. You immediately covered yourself, blushing in embarrassment.
J’s anger only increased at the man who was supposed to be guarding his princess. Obviously sleeping instead of doing his damn job and now staring at HIS girl. J growled and snapped his fingers. Two men behind the clown darted to get the henchman, dragging him out of the room. Your messy, (h/c) hair covered your face so J knew you wouldn’t see the blood that was about to be splattered. The pale man frowned at the henchman being held in place by two others. A soft whimper made J turn towards you, attempting to climb back into bed. Every bone in J’s body told him to go to you but the anger screamed for him to gouge the man’s eyes out for staring at his queen! “Remove his eyes and toss him on the highway.” J told the two with a smirk. That would be funny to watch on the news tonight. The two henchmen holding the pathetic man gave a 'yes, sir’ and took him away. J picked up the door he kicked down and rested it against the frame it used to sit in.

Good enough.

Once they had a bit of privacy, J ran to your side. He picked you up and rested you in his lap, pulling the sheets on top of you both.

“How do you feel?” J asked you, brushing your hair with his fingers.

“Like shit..” You whispered, hoarsely.

“You look like it too.” He joked. You weakly slapped his chest in response which made him chuckle.

“J?” The way you said his name always made him feel like a scolded child, no matter how gentle you would speak. The pale man kissed your forehead and made a grunting sound. You took that as a yes and continued, “Were you scared?”

“I don’t get scared.” J said simply, grateful you couldn’t see his smile fade. However you felt his body tense up at your question. You remained silent for a long time, not knowing whether or not to press the matter.
J growled, thinking you had spaced out like you always did. He flipped you onto your back as careful as he could but you still cried out in pain. He ignored you, resting both of his hands on either side of your head and looked into your eyes, knowing you would never look away.

“Tell me every single thought going on in that mess of a mind you have.” J demanded.

“I love you…” You blurted out, (e/c) eyes wide and watery. That emotion you saw last night returned.


“You do get scared. You’re scared of me loving you and you’re scared of losing me.” You said, neither of you breaking eye contact. J grit his teeth and was prepared to lash out.
Then you looked away from those piercing blue eyes, “It’s ok, J. I know you won’t love me…” You moved your head to the side.
J was shocked, his heart beating faster then ever before. You had never been able to look away from his eyes before, it was the one thing that could hold your attention for hours. J held himself up with one hand and used to other to grip your chin and force you to face him.

You were crying.

“Why are you crying now?!” J growled, sounding irritated. He didn’t understand what was going on which only frustrated him. His head was flooded with thoughts and his heart was heavy with worry.

“I can be better..” You whispered, “I can focus more so maybe.. maybe you would..”

You didn’t need to finish the sentence for J to catch on. If you could focus, maybe he would love you. J closed his eyes and sighed. When he opened them again, you were looking up at him with worry. Those soft, (e/c) eyes were still letting tears fall, makeup from yesterday’s adventure was smudged. J released your chin and gently wiped your tears away. You closed your eyes as J pressed his lips to you. He was being surprisingly gentle, which must have been hard for him, so you enjoyed the tender moment.

“I already do.” J whispered after he pulled away. You tilted your head in confusion then blushed, eyes wide. That was as close as you would ever get to an “I love you.” and yet you were completely satisfied. J nipped at your neck, letting you process his words. Suddenly you pulled his face towards you, crashing your lips onto his.
You kissed him hungrily, biting his lip gently every now and then. J growled slipped his tongue in your mouth, battling for dominance. His hands gripped your hips harshly and you yelped in pain. J immediately recoiled, looking over you and sighed at the sight of your bloody bandage.

“Doctor said no sex 'till your stitches heal.” J grumbled, moving off the bed to get you fresh gauze.

“Oh no!” You cried dramatically, “Whatever shall we do in the mean time?”

J rolled his eyes but you saw him smirk. He sat you up as you started to list of relaxing activities for you two to do. While you went off on a mindless rant of ideas, J gently cleaned around the stitches and rewrapped your stomach with a clean bandage.

“..Or we could-” You were still talking when J completed his task so he loosely gripped your throat.

“The doctor didn’t say anything about fucking that pretty mouth of yours to shut you up, though.” J smirked teasingly. He chuckled at your blushing face and kissed your forehead.

“Cuddles?” You asked while your boyfriend grabbed the remote to the tv. He flopped onto the bed as he looked for something to watch

“Cuddles will do.” J replied, opening his arms and pulling you close. You both smiled happily as you watched the news.

J started cracking up as the news anchors told a gruesome story of a blind man who was hit by cars on the freeway! You would think he had a sick sense of humor until he explained the story of the ex-henchman. As J told his story, you watched his every move and couldn’t help smiling at him. You weren’t paying attention to the words he was saying but you could listen to the man all day.
So maybe focusing wasn’t your strong suit, that’s ok, your attention would always be on the man you loved.

You could definitely focus on J.

Birthday [Jumin x MC]

“Juuuuumiiiiiin~!♡” You muse as you skip into his office happily.

The raven-haired man hears your voice, but he continues typing.

“Ah. It’s you, (Y/n). Good afternoon.” He greets you, a calmness in his ocean deep voice.

“Oí, Look at me~!” You pout.

“Hm? What is i–”

He pauses as his eyes look over to you. He sees the adorable outfit you chose to wear: a short, lacy midnight purple lolita dress decorated with white ribbon and black wedge heels with violet bows above the toe. His cheeks slightly tinge into a pink hue and he finds himself inaudibly gasping in awe.

“Wow… Is that all for me?”

“Hehe, yes!” You chirp.

“It suits you well.” He says with a little smile. “What’s the occasion?”

You gasp.

“You mean you don’t know?! Are you really that forgetful???”

“Forgetful about what?” He inquires, raising an eyebrow. “What’s today?”

“Oh, let’s just say it’s a special day. For a special someone~?”

“Oh?” He frowns. “And who is that ‘special someone’? Is he better than me?”

You mentally facepalm.

“No, silly! It’s YOUR special day! Jumin… Today’s your birthday!!”

Jumin blinks incredulously.

“Is it?”

“Yes! ☆▽☆”


He just nods and goes back to typing up the documents.

“Eh? Don’t you wanna celebrate?” You question wonderously.

“I don’t see the point. It’s just like any normal day.”


“Let’s not discuss this any further.”

He prints the documents and puts them in a folder.

“I have an important meeting to go to, so have Assistant Kang escort you out. I’ll see you at home.”

He leaves the office, just like that.


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Jaehee is about to enter the office, but sees you’re there.

“(Y/n)? What are you doing here?”

“Jaehee… I came to see Jumin for his birthday, but he doesn’t wanna celebrate it! I just don’t understand…”

Jaehee nods and pushes up her spectacles.

“I think I see what the issue is.” She speaks. “You see, Mr. Han has had a history of birthdays not worth commemorating. The Chairman was either never around to celebrate or too caught up with women to acknowledge it…”


“So it’s understandable if he’s being rather cold about it.”

You suddenly get an idea.

“I got it!” You exclaim, pumping your fist and startling Jaehee.

“G-Got what?”

“I’ll just have to make this the best birthday he’s had yet! Jaehee, send a message to the others and have them meet at my place in an hour.”

“An hour?” She asks incredulously, putting emphasis on ‘hour’. “I’m not sure if they’ll respond right away, but I’ll try.”

“Great! See you there~!”

You hum happily on your way to devise your plan to make his day. After all, you are the RFA party host.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

At night fall, Jumin dismisses himself from the office and has Driver Kim take him home in the limousine. He looks at the time on his expensive watch: 11:27 pm

I suppose (Y/n) is asleep by now. It is kind of late. I wonder… what she was up to this whole time.

“We’re here, sir.” Driver Kim says.


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Yoosung hears the sound of tires rolling across fresh gravel. He peeks out the window to see Jumin getting out of the limo.

“He’s here!” Yoosung announces.

“Really?!” You shout, your heart skipping a beat. “Places, everyone! Seven, kill the lights!”

“With pleasure~”

Seven picks up Elizabeth 3rd and scampers to turn off the lights.

“AAAA-CHOO! Seven! I told you to put that damn cat down!” Zen shrieked, sniffling.

“Shh! Hide!”

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Jumin unlocks the door with the spare key in his pocket. He opens the door.

“I’m home, (Y/n). Elizabeth 3rd.” He calls out. “Are you awake?”

He can’t see anything in the pitch dark. He tries to squint for the light switch.

He flicks on the light, and….


*noise makers* *poppers*

Jumin blinks, his eyes wide.

“Wha…. What’s all this?”

Balloons and confetti are everywhere, There’s a triple-decker fondant cake in the middle, and all of the RFA members are present.

You jump from where you are into Jumin’s arms and embrace him.

“Happy Birthday, Jumin~!”

He feels his heart flutter.

“(Y/n).” He tries to be stern, placing his hands on your shoulders. “I told you I didn’t want to make a big deal out of today.”

“But I did!” You retort, biting the inside of your cheek.

“We all did! ^^” Yoosung agrees.

“C'mon, Mr. GrumpyPants. Join the party~” Zen chuckles.

“Look, I–”

“It’s alright, Mr. Han.” Jaehee assures. “We wanted to do this for you.”

“Assistant Kang. You were in on this, too?”

“Of course. But (Y/n) planned all of this. We joined in because we want you to have a great birthday.”

He looks at you.


“You deserve the best, Jumin.” You say with a smile. “Because we care about you. RFA loves you. I love you.”

“… No homo from me.” Zen whispers, followed by Yoosung elbowing his arm.

Jumin’s eyes become glassy and a small smile forms on his face. He embraces you and kisses your lips.

“(Y/n)… Thank you.”

He looks at the other smiling members.

“… Thank you all.”

Jaehee blinks and looks around.

“Hm? Where did Luciel go?”

“Yeah…” Yoosung says. “Seven was just here…”

“DA DADADA DA DA DA DAAAAAA!!” Seven makes an imaginary fanfare with his voice. “Introducing the Guest of Honor… Elizabeth Nyan~!

He appears from the other room with Elizabeth 3rd in his arms. She seems to be wearing a Nyan Cat cosplay costume, and the look on her furry face is not pleased.

You facepalm.

Oh dear…

“What have you done to my Elizabeth?” Jumin inquires, his tone laced in venom. “And why is she wearing a ridiculous PopTart costume?”

“Hehe, isn’t Elly cute~?”

Jumin lunges forward and Seven screams, making a run for it with the now frightened cat in his arms.


“When I’m through with you I’m filing a restraining order!”

After Jumin kicks Seven’s ass, you all enjoy the party and everyone, including Jumin, has a great time.

♡ Happy Birthday, Jumin. ♡

If He Looks At Your Lips

Composing a Master Post of all my Miraculous Ladybug-related fanfiction, so I’ll be posting some of the one-shots I have uploaded in various places but not on tumblr. First up is a one-shot based on a concert a friend of mine went on a date to, and it rained so hard that the concert was cancelled for about 45 minutes. I took some liberties. ;)

Talk To Me coming soon!

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Adrinette
Words: 3K
Summary: Their gazes locked on one another, very aware of their sudden close proximity. In a car alone together, the faint drumming of rain outside in tandem with their pounding hearts.
Tags: Fluff, Adrinette, Car Kisses

The rain began slowly at first. The throngs of people paid it no mind and only drew their rain slickers closer to their bodies as they chatted excitedly. The venue was a huge outdoor stage, the front sections covered by a tall awning and leaving the remaining seats open to the darkening sky, but no one seemed to mind. Teenage couples lounged on towels in the grass, and older groups of friends milled about with beers while waiting for the concert to start.

Marinette wasn’t quite what to do, so she let her eyes scan across the crowed of concertgoers as they made their way to the front entrance, excitement building in her chest. When Adrien had told her he had an extra ticket to the Jagged Stone concert and wanted to give it to her, she had about fainted right there. Her crush had mentioned that he’d asked Nino and Alya, but both had curiously declined the invitation (an opportunity Alya had thrust in Marinette’s direction… what did she do to deserve such a friend?)

So now here she was with Adrien, who stood a few paces behind her as he locked his car door. He’d picked her up that afternoon; none the wiser to the hours Marinette and Alya had spent in the raven-haired girl’s room going through her closet to decide what would be appropriate for a concert date. They’d eventually decided on a dark purple sleeveless button-up over dark jeans and mid-calf black boots, comfortable and stylish. She let her hair fall into its normal pigtails, playing with her bangs until they fell over her blue eyes just right, only to go back and fix them again five minutes later.

It was almost like a dream as she glided into the passenger seat of Adrien’s Bugatti. Part of her was curious how much convincing it took for Adrien to forgo a chauffeur and get his own car, but another part just simply marveled at the expensive vehicle. They’d chatted aimlessly during the twenty-minute drive, and Marinette was about to burst from nervousness.

Keep reading

8,994 miles was nothing.
The seas between us created nothing
but a vast canvas to float in as we wrote our stories to one another.
We found each others hands through a puzzle of time zones and connections as intricate and deep as the cracks in the palm of my hand.

With arms stretched wide through debris
Our collision sparked nothing but stars for us to look out for when your night ended and mine began.
Quickly our secrets became grounded in numbers when we began counting down the feet from when our feet would be touching.

I met you at the airport.
And when you arrived, you met me with a bowed head and toe
offering the honor of dancing for the rest of our lives.

So we waltzed.
A summer filled with blurred lines and locked doors,
always afraid of losing pages,
so we wrote all of our stories in notes.

We passed and sent them through bed sheets and songs.
You named a note after me, and I for you.
And Instead of speaking we just sang,
in hopes for the truth to be less damned if it floated in our ears as calmly as songs.

Maybe, if we didn’t realize when we started,
we would never feel the need to change the song.

It wasn’t until you laid your head on my heart that you caught onto a beat.
The ambiguity we both would be drowning in became a sinister rhythm that stuck in both of our heads.
It refused to be silenced.
Shook our thoughts to float every fear that we had to the surface
So when we stared for too long we saw the color drain from our eyes.

We often moved in darkness.
Keeping our glances limited and embraces in a dream.
Too afraid of the fire that would start from the friction in our fingers if we ever let them touch, 
so we mimed words through infinity,
keeping only our eyelashes in time so even in darkness we’re together.

Before I left,
our feet met on the floor of the same airport as you embraced me.
With every inch of your being
begging to be sucked into my pours.
You prayed for a way you wouldn’t have to let go.

The fear held in my eyes dove to my neck as I pulled back for survival.
unbeknownst to how long this goodbye would last for.

A pseudo relationship sacrificed for the survival of a new.
With two hands on one month of a trigger,
she sent winds over countries to drown me silence.

Half finished thoughts started with a tongue unfamiliar to my taste.
I could smell someone on the words as they were sent to me in a time we were unfamiliar with.

There was a night,
when I curled again into the dream that you would meet me in
but when I arrived there it was dark. A hold. 
A place mark of you and if I was willing to wait you’d return.

With shaking hands I woke to a nightmare written for masochists.
I first prayed for the burning in my tears to subside,
then clung to the white walls of a bed that was soon to absorb every part of my being.

I wept you into the streets of Berlin.
Carved your name into the hard rock of Iceland.
Spent a month with my head to the ground listening for the echoes of a voice that refused to speak anymore.
I needed a sign you were alive,
and at times I heard your heartbeat.

And even my knees prayed to send you back a beat.
Screamed my name into every H dug deep enough to reach you.
I prepared for our sound to fade out like any true symphony.
Beautiful, and with an ending as faint as the start. 

So sleep to beats spread as far apart as every mile that has ever been between us,
And I’ll meet you in a high, 
elevated from the mundane,
where our realities may be strong enough to line up with dreams.

—  A Reply. ( whenthefuturearrives )
What are you so afraid of?

Was it the way his skin glistened that pissed you off?
The way his hair curled that made your skin crawl?
Was it the way he smiled, with his eyes and all as if he wasnt being persecuted in a land that wasnt his nor yours either?
Was it the way he ran? So quickly and swiftly you’d think he had escaped all of his problems whilst you couldnt finish the first hurdle
Was it his sons face? The way it resembled his father and reminded you their blood was too strong and needed to be exterminated
Or wait was it  the way he still managed to make something of the nothing you gave him? The way he was still able to get an education whilst you couldnt be asked to so opted for an easier root
Was it maybe the way you looked in the reflection of his big black eyes that made you look like the devil
Perhaps it was the fact that he didnt bow down and kiss your toes,
Didnt plead for mercy
Didnt beg you to stop
Maybe you thought his blood would look nice splattered on the ground as a warning for the rest of them who wouldnt put up with your bullshit
Maybe you were afraid of him reaching into his pocket and bringing you proof of his innocence, maybe you were afraid of him pulling out the freedom he thought he earned back in the day
Maybe you feared that he would someday learn to break free of his chains
And walk as a free man
And that you would never again get to hear the sweet lullaby of him screaming along with the rest of them scattered around the world
And their chains dragging across the floor as they hung their heads in defeat
And mothers feverently pleading and praying to God for the safety of their sons, husbands, brothers,cousins,uncles,fathers, nephews,grandfathers,sisters,daughters,aunties,mothers, grandmothers, nieces and selves “Please let them be careful please let them come home”
i suppose its because they are starting
Starting to come together even if it is in
Protest on streets
Even if it is through tears and fears
Even if it is through blood
And they are starting to realise that the dream Mr king had
Should have been, by now
A reality
And that police brutality
Is a fatality
That their children might be forced to face very soon


Screen Style: Gossip Girl

Your one and only source for Gossip Girl’s wardrobe

The hit series Gossip Girl may have ended but the fashion statements from this show are ones to last forever. They say in fashion one day you’re in and the next you’re out. This rule however is an exception for Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. Their iconic wardrobes are ones that will feel like a breath of fresh air time and time again. Serena’s preppy, flawless looks and Blair’s lady-like princess style are every girl’s dream.

Serena Van Der Woodsen

Mink Pink The Shining Sequin Jacket

Splendid Cabrillo Stripe Tank

Old Navy Drapey Cropped Pants

Pelle Moda Gleam Pump

Her highness, the Queen B- Blair Waldorf


Catherine Malandrino Printed Pleated A-Line Skirt

Armani Collezioni Pussy Bow Blouse

Qupid Bow-Topped Peep toe Platform Pumps

Who says you can’t dress up like S or B? The styles and options are right there for you! Whose ensembles do you like better? Let us know!

Stay stylish, lovelies! XOXO