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I'm curious what kind of statement you think he's making with his concert clothes. I think in particular you noticed something about his sheer white rose shirt and red patterned suit from Iheart @ Vegas? What are your thoughts on how this aligns with his rainbow flag moments in SF and LA. I was at the SF show, and the pride flag happened so organically... it was beautiful. So many unexpected moments at that 1st show! The flag, his merch (kindness), WMYB, his suit & hair, the pink curtain... 1/2

Anonymous said: Even if he never is publicly out, he has fostered so much inclusion & raised awareness for LBTQ+. 2/2

You know what’s funny? I was a fashion designer for more than 10 years, and then a stylist for another 5 and when I “retired” I was so sick of clothes and so tired of the shallowness of the industry that I couldn’t have given less fucks about what people wore if I tried. But I swear Harry has reawakened my love for the art of fashion and the incredible way clothing plays a role in self-expression. 

My guess is that most of what Harry is doing with his wardrobe choices is having fun. I also think he’s very aware of his “brand” and knows that taking such fashion risks is going to get him noticed. But under all of that, I think he’s also playing with the idea of being a flamboyant and androgynous rockstar - it allows him to not only indulge in incredibly creative clothing, but also display his love of feminine touches (florals, bows, ruffles, pink…). Many people shrug it off because he’s European or a musician or….Harry. But there’s a lot of subversion there as well - wearing a women’s suit in his album’s art work is not what you’d expect from “womanizer” Harry Styles. Wearing a sheer burnout blouse with a giant pussy bow under a head to toe harlequin print suit not only makes him look like Liberace, but also calls to mind Freddie Mercury’s fabulous harlequin unitard (thank you @iampackratseemehoard for reminding me of that). 

The flag moments were incredible (I was at the SF and LA shows) - the one in SF was amazing because it was the first time he’d draped it over his mic stand and left it there for multiple songs and the one in LA was particularly so because he very purposely asked for it during WMYB. To me, the reworked song sounded like more of an anthem about loving yourself and being true to who you are - and when he twirled the pride flag while singing it, my heart grew about 374876243 sizes bigger. That boy knows what he’s doing. Always. 

I agree with you completely - regardless of whether he ever comes out publicly, he’s been incredibly inspirational to so many. And he’s used his wardrobe to make a statement about not subscribing to the theory that boys wear “boy’s clothes” and girls wear “girl’s clothes”…Harry shows us all that we can wear what we want if we feel good in it, we shouldn’t care what other people think, and we should be kind to each other while doing it. In doing that, he gives us all license to just be ourselves…whatever that might look like. And my guess is, for anyone who’s ever felt “other” or marginalized in some way, that feeling of inclusion goes beyond fashion choices…and I think Harry is very aware of that.

Yet another reason I am so proud to be his fan.   

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The way careless breeders have bred those poor pigeons makes me think of how 'designer' pitbulls are a thing. The most popular ones are inbred descendants of a pitbull named The Notorious Juan Gotty, and honestly they look awful. They've been bred to be low and stocky, and usually have legs that bow outwards and splayed toes, along with little stub snouts that don't let them breathe properly. They're prone to hip and shoulder dislocation and typically have a life span of three years. :c

Good god Damn!

Pits are such good dogs.

DOGS are such good dogs!

Why the hell do people keep…

We are drawn to novelty and will pay handsomely for it, that’s why.

There was less money in raising Garden Fantails than the more extreme American, so Garden Fantails have been allowed to basically die out in the US.

We don’t even show them.

And they are the least embellished, most healthily balanced of all the fantail breeds.

Height Games

@prinxietys once again,i found inspiration from your blog!!

Warnings: Swearing, and tell me if I missed anything!


Anxiety could only take so much of Roman’s shit.

He was just sitting on the kitchen counter with his bowl of coffee filled cereal when Prince strutted in, the brightness of his attitude blinding at this time of day.

Prince was insufferable. Mostly all the time but any time before noon was when it was the worst.

“Heya short stack~“Prince teased, grabbing his own box of cereal and the jug of milk, spinning over to an empty counter space and making his bowl.

Anxiety said nothing, gazing over at the still half-full coffee pot and wondering if he could get away with bringing it to his room.


It was early. Way too early if you asked Anxiety. Of course, it was five thirty so anyone would have said it was early but that was beyond the point.

He walked past Prince’s room, cringing when the loud Mary Poppins music forcefully slapped his ears.

He turned, putting his hands together and giving Prince’s door a swift "Boi” motion.

The next song to play while Anxiety was contemplating his will to live was “Love is an Open Door.” To which Anxiety responded with by slamming his head against Prince’s door.

The music abruptly stopped and the door was flung open. Prince with wide eyes stared at Anxiety before he relaxed staring at the hoodie clad man in front of him.

A daring smile graced Prince’s face and he ruffled Anxiety’s hair. “Greetings small fry~ What can I do for you?”

Prince tripped back, all the air flooding out of his lungs as Anxiety reached out and punched him in the stomach. “Turn your damn music down.” The darker trait mumbled, shuffling to the stairs.

Prince laughed breathlessly.“I’m surprised you could reach my stomach!”


It was when they were all helping Thomas that Anxiety finally snapped.

He had just sprung up and when Prince gave him a fully powered, shit-eating grin and chuckled. “How’s the weather down there?"He asked jauntily.

Anxiety’s eye twitched and he grabbed his back, the room echoing a loud cracking noise.

The two had everyone’s full attention as Prince stared at Anxiety, wondering what he was doing and Anxiety, with his dead-inside-im-done-with-your-shit face on full blast.

Anxiety looked Prince in the eyes and stood up straight, raising his eyebrow when he saw Prince’s face, which was becoming increasingly red and his eyes widening.

Prince had to look up to see Anxiety.

He had to

look up.

Anxiety had taken to standing up straight, if only to see the outraged look on Prince’s face each time.

He knew Prince would do something about it. Of course he would.

Anxiety just didn’t expect him to do something so…extra.

He nearly burst out laughing when he saw Prince.

The fanciful side was in normal attire, all except for his shoes. In replacement of normal black boots were…..


They were white with red bows on the toe and on the sides going all the way up with little golden chains in little loops on the front. The shoes themselves went up to Prince’s thighs.

He strutted around in them like he was made for heels. (in reality Prince was awake all night perfecting his im-taller-than-Anxiety walk).

When Prince saw him, he lifted one leg and slammed it into the wall, throwing his head back dramatically.

"As you can see, I am the tallest no- where are you going??” Prince had spent an hour perfecting his victory speech and Anxiety was just walking away!

Anxiety kept himself from running back to his room, ideas flying through his head at a mile per minute.

He had heels to buy.

The Glow of a New Sun: Part IV


The cool water was a balm from the midday sun of early summer. Cassian was tempted to take his clothes off and fully submerge himself. But decided that the day had too many scenes and at the moment did not want to add “public nudity” to the list.

“How’s your back? I know heat can make it-”

“It’s fine, Cassian.” Nesta mumbled, toying with the coarse twine bow and allowing her toes to graze the surface of the river. Her burns were the last thing she cared about.

He watched intently as she placed the gift in the small space between their legs. Closing her eyes, she dipped her feet in and gasped at the soothing temperature.

“That never ceases to amaze me, you know.” Cassian picked up the gift, but did not take his eyes from her. “I think sometimes you forget how strong you are. How much you’ve overcome.”

Her jaw flexed at his words. Without long hair to hide behind, he could see her every expression- could see the subtle shine of the burn just above her jawline. There was an exact twin of it on the other side of her face, though barely noticeable because time and friends were kind enough to heal her. If you knew where to look and what to look for, you could see them in certain lighting.

“Into the pond. Alone. Every day, twice a day. Until I no longer ran away screaming.” She splashed a foot down. “I don’t know how Helion could stand to have me as a guest.”

“I don’t know where to begin with that.” Cassian splashed his foot down. “Either, ‘Helion ought to be used to people running away screaming,’ or, ‘I’ve heard that Helion likes screamers.’”

Nesta grunted at the poor attempt of a joke, pointed her feet in his direction, and splashed so that his entire front became soaked. That was a sight she appreciated. A distraction she welcomed.

Cassian- her mate whose scent she carried and who carried her own- her mate who was the most beautiful man she would ever know- her mate who loved her in ways that melted her ice… Her mate who wore a white shirt that was now soaked.

Cassian- her mate who was shaking his head at her. “You’re everywhere, Nes. Don’t tell me it’s the hormones because I can feel the difference. I don’t have to be daemati to know what Rhys knew as well.” He held out his arms. “Come here. We’ll sit together. Close your eyes and focus.”

He was gorgeous and he was right. And she knew there was no fooling him. She wouldn’t risk bursting. Not with the risks that would pose… So she allowed Cassian to wrap himself around her despite the heat. His legs on either side of her’s. His hands overlapping her own that rested on the growing belly.


“Tell me. Talk to me.” He pleaded softly. They had done this enough times through the years that no audience formed at the sight. “Close your eyes and tell me everything.”

“I’m so happy.” She stroked his thumbs with her own, attempting to reassure. “I feel crazy, though. Right now I feel like I’m in the skies. But I can feel you with me.”

Kissing the back of her curly head, he began the routine they hadn’t done in quite a while. He hoped it wouldn’t end the way it usually did. “You’re not crazy. You’re not in the skies. We’re on the ground. We’re with family. We’re together. You’re going to have a baby, Nesta. You’re going to have our baby.”

Nesta’s body quaked as she sobbed. “I can feel him! He’s here, too.”

“In the skies?”

“And over the hills. And far away.” Her hands moved and clenched his thighs as though she was physically anchoring herself.

“That was a long time ago, sweetheart. A long time.” He continued his kisses to trail down her neck and along her shoulders. Reminding her where she was and that she was loved. And that she needed to come back.

From a distance, Rhys and Feyre kept their eyes, both physical and mental, focused on Cassian and Nesta. They where there when it happened.

“I’m having a baby. I’m going to protect it.” Nesta laughed as she cried. Cassian knew that voice. The voice that meant she was talking to Him.

“You are having a baby. And it’s strong and it’s healthy and you love it so much already. You can’t wait to meet them.“ He cleared his throat and spoke clearly into her ear. “You’re on the ground. You’re by the river near your home. You’re with me- with Cassian. And you want to be here with me.”

“But I-” Her body convulsed.

“Come back to me. You want to come back to me now.” She always left her gates open too long for Him. As though she was going to rip him from memory take Him back with her.

No response. Rhys and Feyre moved in. Prepared for anything.

In a voice as low as a whisper but rang as loud as thunder, Cassian promised, “I’ll tell you the story if that’s what it takes to bring you back.“


Nesta’s eyes widened. The promise that he never had to cash in- and hoped he would never have to- always brought her from the past.

Swallowing sobs, she leaned her body into her mate’s and tried to match his steady breathing. He held her close and guided her hands with his own to feel her belly to remind her that they were in one of their, “next lives.” That she was safe, he was safe, and their future was safe.

After minutes of silence- other than the sound of Cassian’s lips tenderly making contact with her skin- she choked, “I think- I think I want to open the present now. It’s time.”

“If that’s what you want.” Cassian fought back his own tears. He would be strong for her. “We’ll do it together.”

“And then I want to talk about him.”

Cassian shivered at the thought, but repeated himself. “If that’s what you want. We’ll do it together.”


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Okay, first chapter! Tell me what you think!!! Thank you all so much for your help and your love! 

Tags: @serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes @winter–plum @life-is-fuucked @poe-also-bucky @i-love-bucky-barnes @nopevilleluas @whatsbetterthanfantasy

Your bare feet crashed against the frozen ground. You ignored the way your toes felt like they would snap off with every step. The sound of an explosion echoed off the trees surrounding you and you forced yourself not to turn around, forced yourself to keep moving. If you looked back, you would slow down, and you couldn’t risk getting caught.

“(Y/N)!” Somebody called from directly above you.

Your eyes grew wide with panic, heart rate accelerating to an unhealthy rhythm.

And suddenly, arms were wrapping around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

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Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon Week 2: Damn Eye Contact

Okay so here it is…per @diggo26 and @green-arrows-of-karamel this is worth reading so let’s hope they’re right! Warning I truly just went down the smut path with this one so yes it’s explicit for me…

Enjoy and you can read it here or on AO3!

Damn Eye Contact

Blue, textured with flecks of green, aqua, turquoise and, even sometimes a splash of tormented gray. That’s what she saw when she opened her own endless blue depths after the explosion on Lian Yu…that’s what she saw every time she even dared to close her tired eyes.

She’d begun to think of his eyes like they were an endless dream of hopes and, unexplored possibilities; and that was beginning to become a very distracting problem. Felicity growled internally with a confusing mixture of longing, annoyance and, pent up frustration. She stared out along the seemingly endless bank of windows that let the lights from the city below flow along the dark spaces of the wide open room. Her fingers danced along the black mug while the contents within grew tempered from the cold, recycled air that floated around her stately. She rolled her head until her chin was hovering above the half empty mug. Her eyes rolled until her lids shut, her back bowed and her toes curled along the stainless steel rod of the kitchen stool.

She sighed as her shoulders slumped and, her heart thudded quietly as she slowly filled with unexpressed disappointment. Her stomach curled when her tortured mind begun filling her heart with endless images of his grief stricken eyes…

She whimpered almost inaudibly as the images shifted; the way the blue hues of his pupils changed as his emotions rolled over them both in waves left her ruined in her stunned, wrecked heart. She would have gone on this way for hours had it not been for the innocent sound of lightly drumming knuckles upon her partially closed door. She breathed out in tortured defeat, “I can’t live like this Oliver…” she heard him softly close the door as she muttered, “I can’t live with endless regrets…”

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Additional observations that weren’t mentioned in the style guide, concert outfit and additional details version. 

  • Iris: Loose socks, bows on shoes/peep toe, one shoulder (non-asymmetrical) strap dresses, design on thigh
  • Auriana: Exposed mid-drift, one arm covered and the other is bare, band on skirt hem, ankle strap shoes
  • Talia: Halter top, decoration at the neck, band on top of bust, exposed back, arm bands
Kate Bishop in the MCU

This is just going to be a small thing because I had thoughts while rewatching Civil War and it’s late and I have school in the morning. (Go into this knowing that I have only seen the trash fire known as AOU once and I have since tried to purge it from my brain.) When Ultron came out, there was hullabaloo first about Clint having a farm and how funny that could be if it was in character for comics Clint Barton. Then there was the realization that that farm came with a wife, kids, the whole domestic shebang. And that caused a different kind of uproar. This was out of left field both for movie-goers (even though Clint’s characterization had mostly been “wet paper bag with bow and arrow” before this in the MCU) and comic-readers alike. However, this domestic life makes a little more sense if you consider the possibility that Clint hasn’t been THE Hawkeye for a while (a couple years at least).
Thus enters Kate Bishop. When Clint met Kate, he was still a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and not much else, going on missions and hanging out with Nat to hide his lack of personal life from himself. He’s well on his way to secret agent-ing himself into an early grave before he meets this girl who really is WAY too young to be vigilante-ing and way too posh to be stealing his shtick.
Whatever, yada yada, there’s a begrudging mentorship, a training montage (because however good Kate is with a bow, she still can’t go toe to toe with Black Widow hand to hand), and eventually a mission that Clint goes on where he gets decommissioned and in the heat of the battle, Kate picks up his bow and his comm, introduces herself as Hawkeye and saves the day. (I’m imagining this as like…. an early 2000s period piece movie??)
And a few months down the road, with some pressure taken off him, Clint has gone from vaguely suicidal murder machine to something more closely resembling a human being. And at the farmer’s market (“You can’t live off of coffee and ramen, Clint,” inform Kate and Nat) he bumps into a beautiful woman with a baby in a sling that introduces herself as Laura.
Thus we could get a Fraction based Hawkeye movie, an explanation for the current state of affairs, and Kate Bishop in the MCU.

Secrets - SoA: Chapter 7

Summary: Reader has lived in a life full of secrets. When her father dies unexpectedly and sends her on a trip all over the country, she finds out just how much like her father she really is. The end of her trip brings her to Charming, CA where she finally gets some big pieces of her family puzzle put back in place and form new relationships with the people there.
Chapter 7: Party time! Will anyone show up to ruin the fun?
Warnings: language, smut(ish?), brawl (wouldn’t be a SAMCRO party without one!)
A/N: If it wasn’t clear before, this takes place after the events of the final episode, SPOILERS
Word Count: a bunch
Tags: @telford-ortiz-teller ​  @sam-samcro​  @tstieff​  @yourcroweater​  @kacilove26​  @hiddlelove​  @evilsorceress​  @reallynigga21​  @suz-123

Secrets Masterlist

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The Bet - Suho Scenario

*tip toes in* creeping creeping creeping ~ heya! I wanna request for a one shot where Suho’s girlfriend lost a bet against Sehun and her punishment is to act distant and a little cold towards Suho. And Sehun being the cheeky one, starts being closer to her and having more physical contact like hanging his arm around her shoulder just to make Suho jealous. Thanks! *bows and tip toes out*

Here you are love!! Hope you like it! -T
“Alright. Today is the day! Time to own up to your bet!” Sehun was pushing me toward the door of the dorms.

“Ugh. I. Don’t. Want. To.” I emphasized every word as I leaned my body weight against his hands.

“I can’t believe that girl actually gave you her number. You’re a butt.” I muttered when we arrived at the entry way.

“Did… did you just call me a butt,” Sehun laughed, “and, of course she did. Have you seen me?” He stuck his arms out and spun around.

I rolled my eyes and asked, “have you even actually called her?”

He stopped and let his arms fall, “um, I mean… no. She was just, ah, really pretty and… I don’t know what to say,” he blushed and then said, “but that’s not the point! The point is that you lost the bet! Time to pay up!”

He opened the front door and pretended to bow as though he was being a gentleman.

I groaned.

I had bet Sehun that the girl at the boba place would refuse to share her phone number with him, and I had lost. Miserably. Embarrassingly. She wrote her number down so quickly for him that I was almost surprised that she did not have it ready to go immediately.

If I had won, he would have had to have bought my boba tea. That was it. A simple request.

His offer was more sinister. He offered up that if he had won, I had to go one afternoon being a bit cold to my boyfriend, Junmyeon. The only reason I had agreed was because I did not think Sehun had it in him to even talk to the girl. He was generally so shy and I had seen him back off countless times. I was shocked when he actually approached her this time around.

I stomped through the hallway and went straight to the kitchen, completely ignoring Junmyeon on the couch.

“Hey beautif…” he stopped when he felt my cold shoulder breeze by the room.

I heard him ask Sehun what was wrong as I was opening the fridge. I grabbed the milk and poured a glass. I headed to the pantry and grabbed a box of cookies. If my mouth was full, I couldn’t talk. That meant that I could avoid being rude to Junmyeon and still fulfill my bet by not speaking to him.

I walked down the hallway and heard Sehun say, “I dunno, hyung. She was totally fine with me all afternoon.”

I rolled my eyes. Naturally, Sehun was going to milk this for all that it was worth.

I turned into Junmyeon’s room, which, unfortunately today, he shared with Sehun. I knew that I had to commit or else Sehun was going to make this worse, so when I walked in the room, I went and flopped on Sehun’s bed.

It would look suspicious, and I could get crumbs on his bed. Win-win, I guess.

Junmyeon walked in, and abruptly stopped in the door frame. He was caught off guard at seeing me in Sehun’s bed. It broke my heart a little bit to see that he was starting to get upset.

“Baby, that’s, uh, thats’s the wrong side of the room,” he said, and I watched his face fall as I looked around as though I didn’t know, and then shrugged. I shoved another cookie in my mouth and turned to my phone.

I scrolled through my texts and sent Sehun one saying, “god I fucking hate you for this. 😒 How much longer? I don’t like the look on his face. ☹️”

Sehun popped up behind Junmyeon in the door frame before sliding past him and throwing himself on the bed beside me. He splashed a little bit of the milk on his blankets and I was secretly satisfied at the wet puddle on his sheets.

This seemed to be the breaking point for Junmyeon. He walked in the room and hovered over the bed.

“I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I’m not okay with this.”

His eyes were filled to the brim with a mix of anger and sadness. I had never seen him look this heartbroken before.

“Babe? He looked at me anxiously. He kept nibbling nervously on his bottom lip as he held my eye contact. I had half of a cookie sticking out of my mouth and a furrowed brow as I turned to look back at Sehun.

He laughed and said, "okay. Okay. I’ll tell him,” and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Y/N and I are in love. We are now together,” he said as he snaked a hand across my waist.

Mouth still full, all I could do was let out a shriek.

“Okay,” I saw Junmyeon’s face immediately change. The tension left it and I panicked for a moment, thinking that he was going to be done with me. His “okay” was so final.

He then burst out laughing.

“Okay. Now I KNOW something is going on, but it’s nothing to actually be worried about.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and slapped Sehun’s hand off of my waist.

I jumped up and wrapped my arms around Junmyeon’s neck.


Junmyeon kissed my cheek.

“It’s okay, jagi. I’m just glad you’re not actually upset with me.” He cupped my face and kissed me gently.

“Ugh. Y'all are gross.” Sehun rolled his eyes and got up to leave the room.

“Shut the door behind you,” Junmyeon called after him, “if you thought that was gross, you’re gonna really hate what’s coming next.”