bow to them

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paladins in bows! bc thats cute! 

also the draws are available as stickers on redbubble!! 

summer hinoka and takumi doodle~


“What? Is the bow that lame?” 

Friend’s tell you when u got a googly eye on ur face. BFFs just wait to see how long it takes until you notice. it took an hour

Invisibility is Not a Privilege.

Invisibility means every person you come out to requires a vocabulary lesson.

Invisibility means the very nature of your identity is up for debate.

Invisibility means years feeling alone, broken, and unnatural.

Invisibility means you might not even consider the possibility that you’re anything but what society says you can be.

Invisibility means you have to find out about your own identity from strangers in small, distant corners of the internet.

Invisibility means being taught in school that your orientation makes you inhuman.

Invisibility means being told by educated professionals that your orientation is pathological, a mental illness, and Must Be Fixed.

Invisibility means taking an extra year to convince yourself that your orientation could even exist before you even beginning to accept yourself as what you are.

Invisibility means coming up with an arsenal of excuses for your lack of Normality, an army of justifications for living a life that makes you just a little more comfortable.

Invisibility means “acceptance” comes at the price of breaking up and stuffing away the things that make you you, and struggling to force yourself into a hole that doesn’t fit.

Invisibility means forcing yourself into relationships and acts that you don’t want because the alternative is taboo.

Invisibility means you can never really tell them who you are.

Invisibility means you can’t even feel pride in your community half the time, because the world is intent on destroying what little of a community there is.

Invisibility means facing a world of people who would have you bow your head and let them rewrite your identity for you; who demand your complacence while they redefine the things that make you who you are.

Invisibility means your suffering doesn’t even matter to those supposedly fighting to End All Suffering.

Invisibility means shame.

Invisibility means denial.

Invisibility means loneliness.

Invisibility is not a privilege.

BTS WINGS Concert - Chicago

i personally took this picture at the concert but wanted to share it with you all. it’s currently my lockscreen hehe <3 feel free to use this as well if you’d like!

Send me the emoticon and my muse will react to your muse:

(or the other way around - tell me!)

✘ = hugging them .
Δ = playing with their hair .
❤ = kissing them .
₪ = asking them out for dinner .
☀ = giving them a gift of ___ ( asker’s choice ) .
♘ = stabbing them .
♕ = bowing down before them .
♒ = lying to them .
✿ = buying them flowers .
☾ = being found shirtless .
♢ = reading them a story .
☂ = giving them their jumper to keep warm .
✎ = speaking in a different language .
✏ = teaching them a different language .
▄ = telling them a joke .
♬ = singing to them .
☹ = insulting a loved one .
ஐ = slapping them .
✂ = threatening them .
❃ = dancing with them .
▤ = falling asleep on them .
☮ = waking them up after a nightmare .
♣ = discovering them crying .
回 = patching a wound .
✮ = stargazing .
▓ = caught stealing their belongings .
☽ = wandering alone at night .
♡ = complimenting them .
≡ = offering a place to stay overnight .

I live for the concept of McCree wearing those Southern Girl shirts as a joke. You know the ones, with fifty different fonts in five different colors that say things like “Texas Princess” or “American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God” or “Relax, Cowboy, I was looking at your gun”. He wears them all as a joke cuz way back in the Blackwatch days, Gabe saw one and commented on how it fit McCree’s ugly ass cowboy aesthetic, and he bought them out of spite. And then it just carried on over the years so now people always try to find the ugliest ones they can to give him for his birthday or at Christmas. Hanzo hates them at first but gets used to it, because it’s funny as fuck and stupid and he’ll be damned if Jesse doesn’t actually fit them in a terrible way. Eventually Jesse buys him one (its a tank top that says “I don’t wear bows, I shoot them” and Hanzo hates it but loves it at the same time and wears it to bed each night.